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Heal your body 1


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the first in a series of webinars, this slideshow is part of a class describing healing, the causes of disease and methods that can help resolve issues permanently

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Heal your body 1

  1. 1. Your Body & Your Mind<br />To heal you need simply change your mind<br />
  2. 2. Long held Emotions & Beliefs directly affect your body<br />
  3. 3. Sinus = Disappointment <br />Right ear= sensitive to criticism, won’t listen <br />Left ear= avoids hearing truth<br />Long sighted= looks too far ahead<br />Short sighted= unable to see ahead<br />Teeth= does not believe what one says<br />Molars= over cautious in speech<br />Gums=lack of confidence in expression<br />Jaw= enjoyment of ones journey<br />Throat= lacks of value in ones own speech<br />
  4. 4. Spine & Support<br />Upper spine<br />Doesn’t know what to do<br />Self pity<br />Hopelessness<br />Feels alone<br />Rigidity<br />Mid spine<br />No follow through<br />Lack of trust in self<br />Issues with worth of self, and productivity<br />Can’t take it any more<br />Lack of flexibility in how one supports self and their creations<br />Impatient with life<br />Feels worn down<br />Lower Spine<br />Feels unsupported<br />Lack of confidence in abilities <br />Lack of creativity<br />
  5. 5. Shoulders, Arms & Chest<br />Shoulders<br />Guilt in what we feel, (left)or what we do or don’t do (right)<br />Chest<br />how strongly we feel about things<br />Thyroid<br />Self control, self discipline<br />Living your own standards<br />Mean what you say, say what you mean<br />Forearm<br />Approach to how we do something. <br />Ability to use the best way<br />Biceps/Triceps<br />Productivity<br />Commitment to action<br />Hands<br />Dexterity<br />Grip on Reality<br />Wrists<br />Flexibility <br />Spontaneity<br />Conceptual understanding<br />Fingers<br />Attention to detail<br />
  6. 6. Lungs & Memory<br />Lungs<br />Sadness<br />Attitude to self<br />Parental love<br />Commitment to life<br />appreciation<br />Asthma/Smoking = resentment over a sense of not being loved, usually by a parent<br />Bronchitis= not accepting of self and others<br />Pneumonia= not accepting of ones life and creations feeling sorrow over this<br />Lung Cancer= seeing no value in one’s life <br />
  7. 7. The Organs<br />Heart<br />Attack= expectations from loved ones, <br />High blood pressure= emotional heat, pressure<br />Jealousy<br />Lack of love or giving love<br />Lacks understanding of love <br />Emotional distress<br />Kidneys<br />Relationship with self<br />Self evaluation<br />Running hot or cold<br />Not living ones own standards<br />procrastination<br />Liver<br />How one feels about life<br />Attitude <br />Temperament<br />Feels inferior to others or to one’s own life expectations<br />
  8. 8. Stomach/Digestion<br />Stomach<br />Ability to break things down into manageable parts<br />Good choices<br />Indigestion= overindulgence in ones own emotion, self centred<br />Colon issues= being too soft on self, lack of self discipline<br /> intestine= ability to process<br />Bladder issues= lack of flow in life, lack of life purpose<br />Bowel issues= holding things in inability to release old thoughts and feelings<br />Gall bladder= unable to process emotions, living in the past<br />
  9. 9. Sacral & Base areas<br />Ovaries, Prostate <br />Lack of creativity<br />Loss of personal pride<br />Feeling time has passed or is running out<br />Hips<br />Ability to change directions when necessary<br />Flexibility in how one supports ones own actions<br />Hip issues= refusal to acknowledge another way of going forward in life<br />Stubborn adherence to outmoded ideas and ideals<br />Endometriosis= inability to prioritize<br />Urethra infections= dissatisfaction with outflow of creative ideas<br />Prostate cancer= losing sight of future potential or feels one has exhausted potential in this life time<br />
  10. 10. The Legs<br />Thighs<br />Drive in direction<br />Commitment to a plan<br />Knees<br />Co-operation with self and others<br />Preparedness to accept change<br />Calves<br />Push and determination in direction<br />Ankles<br />Flexibility in direction<br />spontaneous<br />Feet<br />Groundedness<br />foundations<br />Toes<br />Details in direction<br />