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Ukraine – more a bridge, than an island


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Jozsef Balogh, Axpo Trading, Switzerland

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Ukraine – more a bridge, than an island

  1. 1. Ukraine – more a bridge, than an island • Jozsef Balogh, Axpo Trading, Switzerland • Introductory points: • Private ideas; • Do not quote, without prior, written approval; • All data from Argus Media
  2. 2. Ukraine electricity import to Hungary is important • As a main rule, roughly 10% of Hungarian electricity volume is from Ukraine; • Not marginal; o If Ukrainian import is not coming, HUPX spikes. This start a domino effect covering Czech to Bulgaria region; o On, if Ukraine exports too much to Hungary, HUPX is likely to collapse
  3. 3. In addition to export, Ukraine is also a transit route • Slovakia, Hungary and Romania inter- connected in a complex matrix; o SK to HU o SK to RO o RO to HU o HU to RO o Etc • It started as a ‘by-the-way’ activity, but might well be THE last marginal MWh setting the price in HU and/or in RO
  4. 4. But transits are random and have little correlation with market prices: and this makes HUPX even more volatile
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