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Consumer are and successful energy reforms


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Cathy Cottrell
First Secretary Energy Policy & Head of Commercial Section British Embassy, Kyiv

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Consumer are and successful energy reforms

  1. 1. Consumer care and successful energy reforms Cathy Cottrell First Secretary Energy Policy & Head of Commercial Section British Embassy, Kyiv 8 December 2017 OFFICIAL
  2. 2. Ofgem: independent regulator for the UK’s Gas and Electricity Markets OFFICIAL  a non-ministerial government department  independent national regulatory authority  recognised by EU directives Key objective: to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas consumers
  3. 3. Ofgem functions OFFICIAL  promotes value for money  promotes security of supply and sustainability  supervises and develops markets and competition  regulates and delivers government schemes  works with, but independently from, government, the energy industry and other stakeholders within a legal framework determined by the UK government and EU.
  4. 4. GEMA – the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (“the Authority”) OFFICIAL  determines Ofgem strategy  sets policy priorities  makes decisions on a wide range of regulatory matters including price controls and enforcement Authority members are appointed by the Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and include seven non-executive Directors
  5. 5. Ofgem legislative framework OFFICIAL  Gas Act 1986  Electricity Act 1989  Utilities Act 2000  Competition Act 1998  Enterprise Act 2002  Measures set out in a number of energy acts
  6. 6. Ofgem price controls OFFICIAL
  7. 7. Ofgem funding  annual licence fee (£49.1m in FY2015/16)  cost control regime  committed to saving 15% by FY2019-20 OFFICIAL
  8. 8. Ofgem key principles  competition  all reasonable demands for electricity must be met  licence holders must be able to finance the activities which are the subject of the obligations on them  regard for the disabled, chronically sick, pensions, those on low incomes and those living in rural areas  transparency, accountability and consistency OFFICIAL
  9. 9. Other important themes  promoting value for money  promoting security of supply  promoting sustainability  delivering government programmes OFFICIAL
  10. 10. Key considerations  are proposed regulatory requirements proportionate and necessary to protect consumers?  costs, benefits and social and environmental impacts  consumer complaints  social obligations  support for vulnerable consumers OFFICIAL
  11. 11. Consumer vulnerability strategy OFFICIAL strategy
  12. 12. Top 10 ways Ofgem made a positive difference for consumer in vulnerable situations OFFICIAL  redress  unreturned credit balances  connecting people to the gas grid  online price comparison sites  cost of calls  pre-payment meters  social tariffs  free services to customers with additional needs  support during outages  advice
  13. 13. Ofgem enforcement action OFFICIAL
  14. 14. Other activities  2016 Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report e5274a0da3000113/final-report-energy-market- investigation.pdf  smart energy systems updates/upgrading-our-energy-system-smart-systems- and-flexibility-plan OFFICIAL
  15. 15. Ofgem and Europe OFFICIAL Ofgem supports the vision of a competitive and sustainable European energy market that brings affordable and secure energy supplies to consumers European Regulators organisations: CEER and ACER
  16. 16. Thank you OFFICIAL