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Masterclass in Energy Storage


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A comprehensive view of energy storage for technical and commercial professionals.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Masterclass in Energy Storage

  1. 1. About the programme This 3-day Masterclass in Energy Storage provides the participants with a clear vision on developments in the energy storage business in North West Europe, incl. electron and molecule storage, while addressing its critical bottlenecks and bringing best practices from the industry to the classroom. The integration of this large streams of renewable energy (e.g. installed wind capacity is expected to grow with about 350GW by 2045) will provide a challenge for the existing energy system. Renewable energy producers already pay balancing costs in most Member States and Transmission System Operators will have to make major investments in grid expansions. Although energy storages will become the Holy Grail for the provision of balancing and ancillary services to these energy systems in the near future, they are still lacking a solid business case. Some main questions regarding the business case of energy storages is the location and type of these facilities concerning their final demand (either electrons or molecules). Should storage facilities be located upstream (near source of production) in order to balance and optimize midstream and downstream SPECIFIC PROGRAMME MASTERCLASS IN ENERGY STORAGE Enhancing flexibility in the European energy system energy systems? And what type of storage delivers the energy system the most efficient and effective flexibility? How do storage facilities align with our future energy mix, given a probable distribution of 50% electrons and 50% molecules? Topics covered in the programme include: • Commercialisation of the existing storages: different methods to price gas storages and new business models; • Integration of renewables in the existing energy infrastructure: challenges and opportunities; • The technical and economic outlook for new storage facilities • The merit-streams, incl. balancing services and pricing arbitrage, of underground gas storages, batteries and power-to-gas facilities; • Risk management in the storage business environment; • Legal and regulatory aspects of energy storage; • Valuation of gas storages in maturing markets; • A site visit to a fast-cycle gas storage facility and to the Hystock project of EnergyStock. Founding partners
  2. 2. T +31 (0) 88 11 66 800 F +31 (0) 88 11 66 899 E I About Energy Delta Institute Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international energy business school. Through a rich variety of energy training courses and networking activities we prepare energy professionals for challenges they face in what is a dynamic environment. EDI was founded in 2002 by GasTerra B.V., N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, OAO Gazprom, Shell and the University of Groningen, later joined by EBN and Enagás. The energy community has come to appreciate EDI as a platform on which both partners and participants can exchange energy knowledge. The changing energy world is forcing companies to innovate in order to stay competitive. In addition, the energy sector faces the possibility of a growing shortage of qualified personnel over the coming decades. The sector has only one choice: to invest in knowledge. Our energy training programmes and events respond to this urgent need, focusing on the economic, management, legal and geopolitical aspects of the energy business. All dates, locations and prices may be subject to change. Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma Professor of Energy and Sustainable at the University of Groningen Lecturer of the Masterclass in Energy Storage Sharing the Energy of Knowledge. Target audience This Masterclass is highly recommended for individuals working in the energy industry: • Executives, managers and commercial representatives; • Strategic analysts and business developers within SSOs; • Energy traders and control service providers; • Transmission system operators (both gas and electric); • Business analysts and energy analysts; • Legal advisors and energy business consultants; • (Renewable) energy producers; • Government regulators for the energy sector and policy makers; Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to: • Identify the flexibility services by different storage techniques; • Assess deployment of underground gas storages in the future energy system and new business models; • Recognise the importance of location for the deployment of a storage facility • Identify multiple and divers merit-streams for underground gas storages, batteries and power-to-gas facilities; • Distinguish legal and regulatory aspects that play central role in the European energy storage business Certification Participants of the Masterclass in Energy Storage will receive a certificate on behalf of the University of Groningen. This Masterclass will contribute to your continuing professional development. Investment € 2.950,- (accommodation costs and VAT excluded) “Getting to a business case for energy storage requires more complexity than in the past, but also brings more opportunities in the current energy world in transition.”