Cleantech isnt just clean power


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Cleantech isnt just clean power

  1. 1. Cleantech…<br />…is not just clean power<br />Presentation to IIT KGP Seminar, 3 Apr 2011, Chennai<br />NarasimhanSanthanam<br />Director, EAI<br />
  2. 2. What is Cleantech?<br />Cleantech = Energy and environment related technologies developed for a more sustainable world.<br /><br />
  3. 3. Cleantech is more than clean power<br /> While clean power (renewable energy) is an important and the most visible part of cleantech, cleantech is a much wider domain<br />The Cleantech market is almost 8 times as large as renewable energy<br /><br />
  4. 4. Cleantech Drivers<br /><br />
  5. 5. Cleantech and Engineering<br />Why Should You Care?<br />What Should You Know?<br />How Can You Start?<br /><br /><br />
  6. 6. “WHYShould I Care?”<br /><br />
  7. 7. Cleantech…<br />Touches every domain<br />Is in its early days<br />Is all about engineering<br /><br />
  8. 8. Cleantech Touches Every Domain…<br />Water<br />Materials<br />Air, Environment<br />Manufacturing<br />Energy<br />Cleantech<br />Enablers<br />Agriculture<br />Transport<br />Waste<br />Lifestyle<br /><br />
  9. 9. Cleantech is in Its Early Days<br />An analogy with IT<br />1st PC appeared in 1975 (Altair)<br />100,000 computers sold in 1978<br />290 MILLION sold in 2008<br />Growth of 3000 times, or 300,000 %, in 30 years<br />Today, computers are everywhere<br /><br />
  10. 10. Cleantech is in Its Early Days<br />% share of renewables in power = about 2% (other than large hydro)<br />% share of cleantech in other domains = less than 1%<br />Over the next 10 years, cleantech will grow by over dramatically in terms of market penetration, business, jobs and career<br />In 20 years, cleantech will be everywhere<br />We are in the 1978 of cleantech.<br /><br />
  11. 11. Cleantech is about Engineering<br />The last revolution (dotcom) was all about<br />The cleantech revolution is all about<br />Programming<br />Engineering<br /><br />
  12. 12. Whatever is your specialization and whichever profession you are in… There is a good chance you could benefit from Cleantech<br /><br />
  13. 13. “WHATShould I Know?”<br /><br />
  14. 14. What Should You Know?<br />Key trends in cleantech<br />Key components of cleantech<br /><br />
  15. 15. Key Cleantech Trends<br />Cleantech ecosystem approach<br />Energy efficiency the low hanging fruit<br />Distributed energy generation<br />Government and global incentives (CDM)<br /><br />
  16. 16. Key Cleantech Components<br />Water<br />Materials<br />Air, Environment<br />Manufacturing<br />Energy<br />Cleantech<br />Enablers<br />Agriculture<br />Transport<br />Waste<br />Lifestyle<br /><br />
  17. 17. Air & Environment<br />Emissions management and control<br />Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)<br />Toxic pollutant control<br />CO2 to value<br />Fuels<br />Cement<br />Fertilizer<br />Biopolymer?...<br /><br />
  18. 18. Water<br />Water conservation<br />Water harvesting for domestic and industries (rainwater harvesting, waterless urinals, low flush t0ilets)<br />Novel engineering methods for water recycling and reuse for industries<br />Water treatment<br />Energy efficiency in water treatment and in water desalination<br />Bioremediation for wastewater treatment<br />Wastewater to value<br />Sewage to electricity<br />Biofuels from wastewater<br />Precious material recovery from wastewater<br /><br />
  19. 19. Materials<br />Less toxic…<br />Bioplastics & biopolymers<br />Ecofriendly chemicals / ingredients<br />…and more sustainable<br />Organic food and clothing<br />Sustainable wood (& forestry)<br /><br />
  20. 20. Manufacturing<br />Smart production<br />Smart materials<br />Smart processes (proximity to consumption, more efficient intra-company logistics)<br />Smart energy<br />Energy efficient production methods<br />Use of waste energy (Waste heat recovery, CHP…)<br /><br />
  21. 21. Enablers<br />Green IT<br />“Intelligent” Monitoring and Control Systems<br />Smart Grid<br />Prediction Systems<br />Green Scitech<br />Biotech<br />Materials Engineering (Nanotech)<br />Basic Sciences<br /><br />
  22. 22. Lifestyle<br />Low carbon lifestyle<br />Transportation– bicycles, car pooling, telecommuting<br />Habitat– Passive heating/lighting/cooling, LEED/GRIHA rated green buildings, LEDs, Energy Star ratings<br />Food & drink – organic food, locally grown food<br />Fashion – organic textiles, recycled materials<br />Waste management – minimization, waste to value (compost, recycling and reuse)<br /><br />
  23. 23. Waste Management<br />Waste = MSW & other domestic waste, Industrial waste & Agriwaste<br />Waste to…<br />Energy<br />Biogas, Producer gas, Syngas<br />Other hydrocarbon fuels<br />Charcoal<br />Value<br />Valuable materials & recycled products (recovery & reuse) <br />Nutrient recovery<br />Compost/fertilizer<br />Activated carbon<br /><br />
  24. 24. Transport<br />Fuels<br />Biofuels<br />Vehicles<br />Hybrid cars and motorbikes<br />The rebirth of the bicycle<br />Concepts<br />Public transportation<br />Fuel efficiency<br />Car pooling<br /><br />
  25. 25. Agriculture<br />Pre-cultivation<br />Hybrids<br />Crops that can grow in waste and marginal lands<br />Genetic engineering (OK, this is controversial)<br />Cultivation<br />Organic farming<br />Biofertilizersand biopesticides<br />Water management<br />Post cultivation<br />Coppicing<br />Processing<br />Logistics and transportation<br />Crop waste management<br /><br />
  26. 26. Energy<br />Renewable Energy Sources<br />Current<br />Solar – PV and Thermal<br />Wind<br />Biomass – biomass to power, biofuels<br />Hydro – Large and Small<br />Waste to Energy<br />Geothermal<br />Waiting in the wings – Hydrokinetic, Wave and Tidal, other Ocean Energy<br />Energy Efficiency<br />Energy saved = energy generated<br /><br />
  27. 27. Wow….this cleantechthingie looks like it’s a biggie<br /><br />
  28. 28. “How can I start?”<br /><br />
  29. 29. Starting off…<br />Act<br />Learn<br />Connect<br /><br />
  30. 30. The best time to start anything isNOW<br /><br />
  31. 31. Thanks!<br />NarasimhanSanthanam<br />Director, EAI<br /> ,<br /><br />