Sustainability Management Brochure


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Energy Advantage’s Sustainability Management solutions are a structured, integrated and sustainable approach to carbon management

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Sustainability Management Brochure

  1. 1. Sustainability ™ ® Management Sustainability Management Energy Advantage’s Sustainability Management solutions are a structured, integrated and sustainable approach to carbon management With the implementation of new government This will provide your organization with an legislation, pending industry regulations end-to-end sustainability solution that aligns and a movement towards greater corporate with overall corporate objectives and oper- social responsibility, tracking and managing ates within established operational practices carbon emissions has become a high prior- specific to your organization. ity. Our Sustainability Management solutions Today, organizations are under increasing follow best practices and are design to de- pressure to demonstrate real and long-term liver efficient results to your bottom line. commitments towards sustainability, includ- ing reducing their carbon emissions. Using our structured, integrated and sus- tainable approach to carbon management Energy Advantage’s Sustainability Man- your organization will derive benefits rang- agement solutions introduce both the pro- ing from increased brand image, reduced cesses and the tools that allow you to truly energy costs and a interactive sustainability operationalize a sustainability program. We program that delivers best results. combine the best practices of our TEEM ap- proach with an online sustainability software suite that tracks and reports on key sustain- ability performance indicators. © Energy Advantage Inc. Sustainability Management
  2. 2. Sustainability Management Solutions Benefits of Sustainability Management Solutions GHG Inventory Reporting Conducting a GHG Inventory identifies and • Enhanced brand reputation; quantifies your emissions so you’re able to • Embraced corporate responsibility for monitor, analyze and track changes in emis- business activities; sions in a formal manner. Energy Advantage’s • Mitigate risks related to greenhouse process adheres to the GHG Protocol and gas emissions; allows you to maximize the benefits of emis- • Transparency in emissions reporting; sions reduction initiatives, address shareholder, • Effective and accurate data to pre- investor and public concerns and continue to pare for new regulatory announce- conduct business in an environmentally sound ments; and sustainable manner. • Innovated opportunities for potential new revenue streams; GHG Reduction Strategies • Reduced overall greenhouse gas We can help move your organization beyond emissions; and reporting to active management of your carbon • Recognized environmental leadership footprint. Our GHG management planning and in your market. reduction strategy services take your organiza- tion through a structured, data driven process that results in a GHG reduction strategy specific to your organizations needs. executive reports and tools are available for all program participants. Sustainability Plan Development Determine targets and objectives, identify Core Features Include: potential actions, and formulate the appropriate • TEEM methodology certified process; reporting and compensation strategy to ensure • Access to sustainability subject matter that your sustainability program has a high expertise; adoption rate within your employee and suppli- • Online and customizable software tools for er base. This is a facilitated process that closely tracking program initiatives, objectives, and follows our best in class TEEM methodology for performance; action plan development. • Reporting available for operational, execu- tive and public audiences that are custom- ized to your specific business objectives; Online Sustainability Program Management • Consistent with ISO14064 and GHG Proto- Hosted through Energy Advantage’s online col; and portal, a suite of software tools that tracks, • Standard and custom key performance reports, audits, and analysis your sustainability indicator (KPI) reporting on common envi- program. A full suite of operational and ronmental performance indicators. Burlington, ON Calgary, AB Vancouver, BC 5420 N. Service Road 2335, 162nd Av. SW 422 Richards St. Suite 501 Suite 1047, #327 Suite 300 Phone: (905) 319 1717 Phone: (403) 802 0951 Phone: (877) 702 3992 Montreal, QC Charlotte, NC 276 Rue Saint-Jacques 15720 John J. Delaney Dr. All rights reserved Bureau 802 Suite 300 © Energy Advantage Inc. Phone: (514) 843 4665 Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy and environmental management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them ‘best results’ in managing their risk, reducing their costs, and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Sustainability Management ® ™