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Energy Procurement and Risk Management Brochure


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Energy Advantage’s Energy Procurement & Risk
Management services provide effective solutions to
manage energy procurement challenges

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Energy Procurement and Risk Management Brochure

  1. 1. Energy Procurement & ™ ® Risk Management Energy Procurement & Risk Management Energy Advantage’s Energy Procurement & Risk Management services provide effective solutions to manage energy procurement challenges Energy Advantage’s Energy Procurement Our procurement experts constantly moni- and Risk Management services will provide tor the market for buying opportunities and your organization with a comprehensive prepare customized purchasing strategies suite of solutions to effectively manage your for every customer. energy procurement challenges. Recommending credit-worthy and price- Volatility of energy prices, geopolitical is- competitive suppliers, we will assists your sues, environmental considerations as well organization with supplier contract negotia- as a constantly evolving regulatory frame- tions and execute approved purchasing work are important factors that must be con- strategies, typically through the calling of sidered when developing a energy procure- tenders. ment strategy. Energy Advantage values its approach to Energy Advantage has the knowledge and providing independent and objective advice the expertise to ensure that your organiza- to our customers. Sitting on your side of the tion has a workable energy procurement table, we provide the best procurement solu- process that is congruent with your purchas- tion to your organization’s energy procure- ing objectives and tolerance for risks. ment challenges. © Energy Advantage Inc. Energy Procurement & Risk Management
  2. 2. Energy Procurement & Risk Management Solutions Natural Gas Procurement Petroleum Fuels Energy Advantage’s Natural Gas Procurement Energy Advantage’s Petroleum Fuels solution solution includes purchasing of deregulated includes identifying local suppliers best-suited transportation (where available), optimizing to provide required products, assisting custom- delivery rates with utilities, enrolling/de-enrolling ers with preparation of tender documents with locations with utilities, monthly nominations, the objective of enhancing supplier participa- verifying suppliers’ monthly invoices, tracking tion, providing and executing (if required) hedg- natural gas consumption and deliveries and ing strategies and verifying suppliers monthly recommending volume balancing transactions, invoices. Petroleum fuels include diesel, bio- when required. diesel, gasoline and heating oil. Electricity Procurement Energy Advantage’s Electricity Procurement Why implement Energy Procurement solutions includes preparing daily/monthly Benefits of Energy Procurement & & Risk Management Solutions? Risk Management Solutions consumption load profiles, enrolling/de-enrolling locations with utilities, optimizing contracts with utilities, verifying suppliers monthly invoices • • Commodity cost predictability Cost predictability; and arranging for Retail Billing Services, where • • Enhanced budgetability Enhanced budgetability; applicable. We also advise on the procurement • • Economies of scale for economies of Opportunity to leverage large buying of green electricity. opportunities buying power; scale with large • • Risk management Minimize risks associated to procure- ment purchases; • Knowledgeable experts managing We will keep your organization informed about • Knowledgeable experts managing your procurement strategies market developments through our daily price your procurement strategies; • Minimize the impact of escalating bulletins and monthly energy procurement • Minimize the impact of escalating energy prices energy prices; reports. • • Independent, holistic energy procure- Independent, objective energy pro- curement advice ment advice; • • Reduce energy costs Reduced energy procurement expen- • Enhanced reputation in your com- ditures; and • munity Enhanced brand reputation. Burlington, ON Calgary, AB Vancouver, BC 5420 N. Service Road 2335, 162nd Av. SW 422 Richards St. Suite 501 Suite 1047, #327 Suite 300 Phone: (905) 319 1717 Phone: (403) 802 0951 Phone: (877) 702 3992 Montreal, QC Charlotte, NC 276 Rue Saint-Jacques 15720 John J. Delaney Dr. All rights reserved Bureau 802 Suite 300 © Energy Advantage Inc. Phone: (514) 843 4665 Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy and environmental management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them ‘best results’ in managing their risk, reducing their costs, and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Energy Procurement & Risk Management ® ™