Data Management and Reporting Brochure


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Energy Advantage’s Data Management & Reporting
provides effective solutions to track, analyze, and report on your energy and environmental data

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Data Management and Reporting Brochure

  1. 1. Data Management & ™ ® Reporting Data Management & Reporting Energy Advantage’s Data Management & Reporting provides effective solutions to track, analyze, and report on your energy and environmental data Today’s energy and environmental challeng- monitoring that provides an effective re- es have taken on a degree of complexity sponse to today’s energy challenges. and importance which impact the overall en- terprise sustainability. With looming green- Energy Advantage’s Data Management & house gas regulatory reporting requirements Reporting seamless process ensures that unfolding, it increases the need to record, your data is processed, analyzed and ready track and prove the accuracy of your energy for reporting in a timely manner. We directly data in a timely and transparent manner. receive your utility bills from local utilities and electronically or manually enter the data Energy Advantage’s energy reporting servic- into our proprietary system, eXceeds. es help organizations reduce administrative costs, improve energy management capa- Data is submitted through a four step vigor- bilities and build confidence in the accuracy ous quality assurance process and analyzed of reporting across an entire portfolio. to identify data anomalies and ensure billing accuracy. Energy Advantage hosts your Energy Advantage’s Data Management & energy data on our online portal. Our online Reporting services establishes a foundation portal allows you to access a variety of stan- for budgeting, financial planning and cost dard and custom reports across a stream of energy and environmental areas. © Energy Advantage Inc. Data Management & Reporting
  2. 2. Data Management & Reporting Solutions Data Input & Bill Validation (Advantage Reporting) Benefits of Data Management & Recording, analyzing and reporting on your Reporting Solutions energy data is essential to monitor costs, con- sumption behavior and ensure anomalies are • On-going maintenance and manage- caught. Data Input & Bill Validation services ment of utility accounts; offer a premium solution to monitor your en- • Qualified energy experts managing ergy data in a secure, reliable environment that your energy utility bills; prepares your organization for the future impor- • Prioritize energy related capital in- tance of tracking your data. vestment opportunities; • Improved budgeting for energy costs; Utility Bill Payment & Accounting (Invoice • Account/facility/region/corporate level Advantage) reporting of your energy costs and Electronic collection and processing of utility consumption; invoices to monitor and track billing anomalies • Reduced administrative costs; as they relate to energy costs, late payment • Centralized location for all your en- charges and consumption behavior. Our Utility ergy data; Bill Payment & Accounting service will reduce • Troubleshoot energy problems and your administrative costs, identify saving oppor- billing errors; and tunities and improve overall data accuracy. • Refund of identified billing anomalies. Energy & Emissions Reporting To ensure proper reporting practices it is im- portant to centralize all your energy data in one location. Tracking energy and related emission measures is essential to developing baselines, greenhouse gas inventories and reporting on scorecard of energy data and results tailored to your carbon footprint. Energy Advantage’s on- your specific internal and external reporting and line portal offers a unique tool to run standard communications needs. and user-defined reports at the click of a button. Analytics Reporting & Communications Strategy Combining a comprehensive approach with our As part of an overall energy sustainability pro- energy and environmental expertise to identify gram, which leverages web-based capabilities opportunities for cost savings, efficiencies and and energy data, provides a comprehensive alternative approaches to managing the com- plexities of your energy data. Burlington, ON Calgary, AB Vancouver, BC 5420 N. Service Road 2335, 162nd Av. SW 422 Richards St. Suite 501 Suite 1047, #327 Suite 300 Phone: (905) 319 1717 Phone: (403) 802 0951 Phone: (877) 702 3992 Montreal, QC Charlotte, NC 276 Rue Saint-Jacques 15720 John J. Delaney Dr. All rights reserved Bureau 802 Suite 300 © Energy Advantage Inc. Phone: (514) 843 4665 Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy and environmental management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them ‘best results’ in managing their risk, reducing their costs, and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Data Management & Reporting ® ™