Europe shale gas market prospect


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Bharat Book Presents"Europe Shale Gas Market Prospects"The new Europe shale gas report from OGANALYSIS noted
that most oil and gas companies, investors and equipment & service providers are aiming to tap the boom in Europe shale gas.

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Europe shale gas market prospect

  1. 1. Bharat Book Bureau One-Stop Shop for Business Information Europe Shale Gas Market Prospects
  2. 2. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: The new Europe shale gas report from OGANALYSIS noted that most oil and gas companies, investors and equipment & service providers are aiming to tap the boom in Europe shale gas. The report analyzes the current status, potential and feasibility of shale development, ongoing activities, government stance and companies operating in each of the 13 shale markets. The report also provides complete analysis on reserve potential, key basins and shale plays information with details of physical characteristics, reservoir properties and resource characteristics. Feasibility of shale development coupled with details of concessions awarded, drilling success rates and operations, strategies of over 34 companies is provided.
  3. 3. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Basin wise operations are provided for all companies operating in each shale market including Royal Dutch Shell Plc, BNK Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, Exxon Mobil, ENI SpA, Total SA, 3Legs Resources, Cuadrilla Resources, Realm Energy and San Leon Energy among others are actively perusing shale gas exploitation opportunities in Europe. Driven by the success of the US shale and amidst energy security plans, ten key markets have opened up their shale plays for investment. While Poland has already awarded 111 concessions, the UK has uplifted the ban on hydraulic fracturing. Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Ukraine have awarded concessions and Turkey expects its first shale gas production in 2013.
  4. 4. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: On the other hand, Netherlands is still conducting studies on environmental impact, Lithuania is yet to announce the bid winner and Belgium is also yet to announce its stance on shale gas. Further, France and Norway are unlikely to explore their shale reserves in the near to medium term future. The report identifies the top ten trends in Europe shale market and compares the shale plays with the US shale play characteristics. Key drivers and challenges faced by countries along with feasibility of first commercial production are also discussed in detail. Further, the Europe shale gas report from OGANALYSIS discusses physical characteristics of major basins in each country along with their reservoir properties and resource characteristics.
  5. 5. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Further, shale formations and key plays in each basin are discussed in detail. Basin wise company information along with the current status of activities in permits awarded is analyzed. In addition, company wise shale activities are provided for leading ten companies. Recent shale gas developments along with their impact on companies/ markets/ alternative fuels are also provided. Scope - Current status of shale operations in 30 markets worldwide including 13 European markets - Comparison of potential investment areas in Europe based on shale reserves, exploration progress and companies
  6. 6. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: - Top ten trends in Europe shale markets - Exploration status of shale plays in 13 European markets including Poland, the UK, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, France and Norway - Government support, risked and technically recoverable shale gas reserves along with investment drivers are identified for each of the markets - Current E&P activities including Concessions awarded, confirmed availability of commercial gas volumes in shale plays and feasibility of first production from each of the basins in all markets are detailed - Identifies key basins in each country and details potential shale plays, physical characteristics, reservoir properties and resource characteristics for each basin
  7. 7. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Reasons To Purchase - The research work is a compulsory handbook for all investors, companies and strategists focusing on Europe Shale markets - It enables you to understand the investment potential of each of the shale market in Europe - Evaluate the possibility of shale gas boom in Europe similar to the US and identify best investment areas - It offers complete understanding of the basin characteristics, offered concessions and geology of all shale plays in each of the European markets - Gain up to date knowledge on current progress in exploration, government support, state/ foreign firms participation and drilling success rates
  8. 8. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: 1. Table of Contents 2. Executive Summary 3. Top 10 Trends in Europe Shale Gas 4. Current status of shale gas Exploration and Field developments in Europe 5. Poland Shale Gas Market Analysis 6. Turkey Shale Gas Market Analysis 7. Germany Shale Gas Market Analysis 8. Sweden Shale Gas Market Analysis 9. United Kingdom Shale Gas Market Analysis 10. Ukraine Shale Gas Market Analysis
  9. 9. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E:  Shale Gas & Tight Oil: Products & Services  China Natural Gas and Shale Gas Industry Report, 2012-2015  The 20 Leading Companies in Shale Gas 2013 - Competitive Landscape Analysis  Global Tight Gas Market 2013-2023 - The Underappreciated Predecessor of Shale Gas  Unconventional Gas Market For Industrial, Power Generation, Residential, Commercial And Transportation Applications - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2013 - 2019
  10. 10. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Incase the reports don’t match your requirement then we can do a Custom Research for you. Our multifarious capabilities, cross-sector expertise and detailed knowledge of various markets, put us at a unique position to take up Custom Research demands of yours. We provide the specifications of the custom research job to a dedicated team comprising of researchers, analysts and industry experts, who have close experience and understanding of global markets, competitive landscapes, various business models, market shares, drivers, restraints and benchmarks.
  11. 11. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Contact Us:- Call India: +91-22-27810772/73 Call USA/Canada (Toll Free): 1-866-279-8368 Email id :