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Bharat Book Presents"Australia Power Report". The Australia Power Report features Business Monitor International (BMI)'s market assessment and independent
forecasts covering electricity generation (coal, gas, oil, nuclear, hydro and non-hydro renewables),
electricity consumption, trade, transmission and distribution losses and electricity generating capacity.

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Australia power report

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  2. 2. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: Coal and gas underpin Australia's energy market and will continue to do so during the course of our 10-year forecast period. Domestic coal production is strong, offering plentiful natural resources, and the government is also favouring unconventional sources of gas - including controversial shale gas. This, plus a boost in liquefied natural gas projects, will help boost the contribution that thermal fuels makes to the electricity mix. But Australia also has ambitions in the renewable energy sector, with a goal of 20% of electricity being generated by renewable sources by 2020 - government publications go as far as to state that this figure will rise to 40% by 2035.
  3. 3. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: One of the ways the government hopes to achieve this is through a carbon tax, introduced in July 2012, but the accompanying increase in electricity prices has not been welcomed by the public. The government refuses to buckle under the pressure to reduce its renewable target. And in our view, this underlines the authorities' commitment to the renewable energy sector. The latest Australia Power Report from BMI forecasts that the country's power consumption will rise from an estimated 212.6 terawatt hours (TWh) in 2012 to 261.3TWh by the end of the forecast period in 2022. Thermal generation - comprising coal, gas and oil - is expected to increase by an average 1.6% per annum between 2012 and 2022, while renewable sources of energy will post the strongest gains; with average growth of 8.4% during the period.
  4. 4. P: +91-22-27810772/73| E: 1. Industry View 2. SWOT 3. Industry Forecast 4. Country Snapshot: Economic And Demographic Data 5. Country Snapshot: Power Sector 6. Australia Power Forecast Scenario 7. Electricity Generation And Power Generating Capacity 8. Australia Total Electricity Generation Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 9. Australia Total Electricity Generation Data And Long-Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 10. Australia Electricity Generating Capacity Data And Forecasts, 2011- 2016
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