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Why you should be an entreprenuer


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Benefits of a Direct Selling Business

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Why you should be an entreprenuer

  1. 1. WHY You Should Be An EntrepreneurWarning: In the next few slides, you may discoverpotentially life changing information.
  2. 2. Direct SellingThe direct selling business model can level theplaying field and close the gap between thehaves and the have-nots.Being in business for yourself but not by yourselfis attracting millions of professionals to thisindustry
  3. 3. Reasons to Consider a Direct Selling BusinessExpand your Network- direct selling introduces you tothousands of like-minded individuals who valueentrepreneurship and personal development.Be recognized and rewarded for achievement- It is noteveryday that an adult receives praise for an effort welldone, but in direct selling companies recognize andreward their independent associates throughbonuses, trips and prizes.
  4. 4. Job SecurityTwenty years ago, going into business foryourself was considered RISKY and it was betterto get an education and start your career.Now, working for a traditional corporation hasbecome the greater risk. Additional streams ofincome have become a necessity.
  5. 5. Financial SecurityDid you know that the average American is at riskfor financial hardship if faced with layoff, illness, orother unexpected situations. Most of thesesituations are out of their control.It is recommended to have a 12 month emergencyfund. Now, imagine your relief knowing that youhave monthly income being deposited into YOURchecking account from your home based business.
  6. 6. Make More MoneyA U.S. Federal Reserve survey shows the averagehousehold net worth for entrepreneurs is 5times greater than those traditionally employed.
  7. 7. Passive, Residual IncomeResidual income is the most powerful incomeyou can earn. Direct selling compensationmodel helps create a growing income beyondyour efforts by leveraging passive income.Work now get paid for years to come. When Iam asked, How much do you make? Myfavorite reply is “I don’t know I am still earningon the work I did last year.”
  8. 8. Tax DeductionsWith a home-based business, you are entitled tokeep records on your expenses that pertain to yourbusiness and deduct from them from your taxes.Cell phone, internet connection, mileage, officesupplies, computers, qualified travel and diningexpenses* Consult your tax advisors for details
  9. 9. Freedom and FlexibilityWhen you are your own boss, you get to choosewhen you work, how you work and with whomyou work. Create a lifestyle that you controlduring the hours that you are available.Start part-time with as little as 5-10 focusedhours per week
  10. 10. Personal GrowthChange the way you think and change your earnings.Mindset training has a direct correlation to our Successand How Much we EARN.Direct sales companies offer and encourage associatesto participate in this life-changing training by industryexperts.YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFEAND THE LIVES OF PEOPLE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT.
  11. 11. Turning Silver to GoldThe nation’s 78 million baby boomers are juststarting to reach retirement age, yet they arerealizing they can not afford to retire.Boomers are looking for ways to give back andredefine themselves. 50% of Americans in their50’s and 60’s want to do work that matters.
  12. 12. Are you Trading Time for Money?Is your employment impacted by the economy?Threat of layoffs can make traditional jobs more risky.Is your earned income heavily taxed or createdpassively?Passive income is taxed less than earned income.Do you determine your own income or does someoneelse?When you trade time for money, your boss determines your income, not you.Do you earn more money in order to spend moremoney?The harder you work, the less time you have to spend your hard-earned money.
  13. 13. Suggested Reading List
  14. 14. For more information, contact:Christine Martin732