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Green Energy Observer Nov2 011 issue1


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Green Energy Observer

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Green Energy Observer Nov2 011 issue1

  1. 1. THE GREEN ENERGY FA L L 2 0 1 1 • E D I T I O N 1 O B S E R V E R CHANGE IS IN THE WIND The Role of Green Energy in the New American Economy BRINGING A NEW LIGHT TO AFRICA Green Energy & Education in GhanaBroughtto you by:
  2. 2. {Welcome to the introductory edition of the Green Energy Observer} {Growing Trends} Renewable electrical output was up 25.8% in the first three months of 2011 compared to the first quarter of 2010.* The number Globally of customers choosing renewable energy independent retailers will steadily rise from 20% of will be the fastest growing residential sales in 2009 source of electricity generation to 34% in 2016.* over the next 25 years.* As a Viridian customer, you are part of a very important many opting for greener energy will drive the development of movement. By joining the millions of people who choose renewable technologies in our country and set an example of en- where their energy comes from, you’re helping to change the vironmental stewardship for the next generation. We also know2 3 way energy works in this country. And because suppliers now have to compete for your business, you can and should expect that with growth comes increased responsibility, which is why we engage on a local level with our communities on projects that Wind Energy: 1,948% increase in the past decade. * more from them. impact sustainability and promote greener living. 225,000 At Viridian, we’re proud to have created a convergence between Our commitment to sustainability extends across our borders affordability and sustainability, ultimately helping to define what with a global pledge we call “7 Continents in 7 Years.” I am WIND 150,000 has become an entirely new industry. And it’s an industry that proud of our role as global citizens. Whether it’s planting trees POWER continues to evolve—which is why we are launching the “Green in an area of the Amazon devastated by deforestation or install- Energy Observer.” This report will keep our customers and stake- ing solar panels in a remote village in Ghana, our efforts around holders posted on the latest news in both energy deregulation and the globe represent our commitment to positive social and 75,000 renewable energy development, and analyze the impact these two economic change and bringing awareness to sustainability trends are having nationwide. Plus, we’ll take a broader look at issues. You’ll learn more about these commitments later in ALL OTHER RENEWABLES global issues and how our actions have an impact both locally this report. and globally. In short, you’ll always know what’s going on in this (Per Thousand Megawatthours) 0 energy niche, and how Viridian is a part of it. But first, I’d like to personally thank each one of you for your * 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 decision to use Viridian and for the impact it has had, not only *expected While we began by providing affordable green energy to our on the environment, but on our ability as your supplier to Simply put, these growing trends in the development of renewable technology customers, our ultimate goal is that the collective impact of so provide more and do more. mean more people care about creating a cleaner future. Customers like you are {What does it mean?} a significant part of continuing to drive these trends. By demanding higher quality sources, you have the potential to increase the use of green energy in our country. With gratitude, Michael Fallquist, Viridian Energy Founder & CEO Sources: KEMA, a leading authority on energy consulting and deregulation development; U.S. Energy Information Administration, the federal * public organization devoted to collecting, analyzing and disseminating energy information to promote policymaking and market efficiency.
  3. 3. WATCH {Choices today that change tomorrow} Viridian’s mission is to infuse market innovation into the newly deregulated landscape and, as a result, increase consumer demand for renewable energy. Your simple decision to choose greener energy leads to increased production of renewable energy in the U.S. and a decrease of our dependence on foreign fuel. As the push for renewable development continues, more benefits have been realized. Reports illustrate job creation, investment in new energy technology from both the public and private sector, and, of course, positive environmental impact. From national to local publications, here’s a look at what has made headlines just this past quarter as a result of increased consumer demand for cleaner energy: ENVIRONMENT DECREASED ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT, MORE INVESTMENT & DECREASED COSTS OVERALL SMARTER CHOICES LEAD TO CLEANER AIR & MORE INNOVATION ENERGY COSTS INCREASED INCREASED The increasing awareness of deregulation has resulted in more customers choosing RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE With dwindling resources and record growth in population, now more than ever, it is critical DOLLARS RESEARCH INNOVATION $ alternative suppliers than ever before. These competitive offerings have resulted VIRIDIAN’S in measurable positive results and savings for customers, including individuals, that we become better environmental stewards of our natural resources. As more and more COLLECTIVE IMPACT customers realize this, more are demanding greener energy solutions. It’s not surprising, businesses, municipalities and schools. then, that government, both at the state and federal level, supports further development Take Pennsylvania. By August 2011, 1,327,017 customers had chosen their electric 248,626,531 LBS of alternative sources. For example, Vermont has approved a $150 million wind turbine supplier, compared to only 103,178 the previous year. But while this is a dramatic OF CARBON EMISSIONS AVOIDED. project at Lowell Mountain Ridge, Washington state has installed 149 turbines in lower For more information increase, it is easily explained: according to recent reports, before deregulation was Snake River, and Michigan has planned a $250 million wind farm with 75 turbines. Iowa and current industry news implemented, electric customers in Pennsylvania paid roughly 15 percent more4 5 2,891,669 TREES has set aside $20 million for research in renewable energy and Colorado has recently that affects you, visit: than the national average. Since deregulation was implemented, Pennsylvania (CARBON SEQUESTERED BY 10-YEAR OLD TREE SEEDLINGS) budgeted $26.5 million for wind development. customers pay 12 cents per kilowatt hour, or just about the national average. As more As for the federal government, it reaffirmed its commitment to renewable energy ENERGYNEWS.VIRIDIAN.COM and more customers experience savings, suppliers will be able to offer more options AVOIDING THE GAS EMISSIONS OF and competitive offers, compounding the positive economic impact for consumers. development when the U.S. Department of Energy announced the allocation of $81 22,113 VEHICLES million for the development of green energy. This formidable public sector investment is Updated Daily! Customer choice has also helped spur the growth of new renewable generators, augmented by the $100 million in private investments over the past two years. encouraging major private sector investments, which serve to confirm the viability As of October 1, 2011. Viridian custom- and sustainability of energy development. And it’s not just the government and big investors who are dedicated to developing ers have avoided 248,626,531 pounds renewable energy. A recent study by a market research firm in Maryland shows that in carbon emissions. That’s the equiva- Maryland customers not only favor wind development but are willing to pay for it. The JOBS lent of 2,891,669 trees or the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 22,113 poll results showed that 62 percent of Maryland residents would pay a $2 surcharge every passenger vehicles. This incredible impact month on their electric bills to fund renewable energy generated from offshore wind. is from just one company. Imagine the JOBS CONTINUE TO GROW IN THE GREEN ENERGY SECTOR In Virginia, private investors have committed up to $9 million to the state’s newest in- ripple effect as other companies and vestment in renewable energy: A wind turbine test facility that will help test and certify wind customers follow suit. While unemployment in the U.S. is at its highest levels in decades and new job turbines, greatly accelerating local renewable growth in the mid Atlantic region. Similarly, growth is stagnant, the green energy sector is seeking professionals of all kinds. in Massachusetts, research and testing has begun on the nation’s first in-water hydrokinetic From running a generation station to building wind turbines to installing solar energy production device. The system would use the power of ocean waves, tides and panels, or performing audits and other services that improve energy efficiency, currents to generate turbines. Both projects would increase the potential for locally-produced the opportunities currently offered in the green energy sector outpace not just clean energy and both have already contributed to local job growth. 1999 2011 those in the general economy, but in the fossil fuel industry as well. In fact, right now the clean economy—including the solar, wind, fuel cell, smart grid and Pennsylvania’s renewable energy industry, biofuel industries—employs more than 2.7 million Americans. Growing at a rate practically nonexistent 12 years ago, now Growing at a rate of 8.3 percent, over twice as fast as the overall economy, of 8.3 percent, over twice as fast as the overall economy, the clean energy sector employs more than 106,000 people. the clean energy sector shows no signs of stopping. shows no signs of stopping.
  4. 4. 1 in 5 people{Viridian’s Global Commitment} lack access to electricity YEAR globally * 6 YEAR 7 YEAR Over 50% of our tropical 3 rainforests have been destroyed in YEAR the past 50 years* 2 WHEN WHERE 2011 South America (Brazil) YEAR 1 2012 Africa (Ghana) 2013 Asia YEAR 2014 2015 2016 Antarctica Australia Europe 5 2017 North America YEAR 4 {Our Pledge & Mission} The development of local, renewable energy is necessary for the future of our Viridian’s pledge is simple: 7 continents in 7 years. 2011: environment. It’s necessary to ensure that our children have clean water and air. 2012: This means going to a different continent each year for 7 years, and engaging in a local project that will have sustainable social, economic and environmental benefit. The Reforestation And it’s necessary to end our dependence on foreign fuel. While it may seem obvious, we can’t assume that others are setting the example for change. We know Bringing Power point is not just to make a difference while bringing awareness to each issue, but also in the Amazon that Viridian alone cannot revolutionize the world’s sustainable economy, but we to Villages in to enable others to follow in our footsteps. In this way, our vision of collective impact is realized, one small step at a time. can spark change. And that change starts with a grand vision and is realized by doing what’s right, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Ghana YEAR 1 YEAR 2 *International Energy Agency (IEA), World Energy Outlook; United Nations (U.N.), Forest Resources Assessment
  5. 5. 2011: BRAZIL The Amazon rainforest is a living, breathing, fascinating repair some of the vast damage that had been done, ecosystem rich in nutrients and an incredible variety of focusing on five acres on Lake Tracaja, near the Mamori life, both large and small. It is also an essential part of our River. The team’s efforts are only the first step in making an global environment, producing one-fifth of the air we all impact on areas of the rainforest that have experienced breathe. Unfortunately, it is also under threat, as thousands irreversible damage. of acres are being deforested for temporary use as cattle land or other purposes. To continue what we started, Viridian launched the Viridian Foundation and then the Amazon Preservation In March 2011, Viridian embarked on our first 7 Continents Project, our pledge to continue to replant and preserve in 7 Years journey. The pioneer group of 36 Associates and the land by planting at least 5,000 trees in the Mamori corporate staff went deep into the heart of the Amazon, region. Through the Foundation, individuals can sponsor officially commencing our global sustainability initiative. parcels of land that will be cared for in their name in DESCRIBED AS THE We prepared the ground and planted trees in a region perpetuity. The Foundation will also travel back to the that had been previously burned down for cattle pasture. area with interested participants twice each year, beginning Unable to support cattle, the land laid to waste until, in November 2011 until our goal is achieved and to learn together with a local environmentalist group, the Viridian from local guides and experts about the inherent value “LUNGS OF OUR PLANET,” crew came in to replant indigenous tree species to help of the Amazon rainforest.8 Learn more about how you can help: 9 THE AMAZON RAINFOREST PRODUCES NEARLY 20% OF THE EARTH’S OXYGEN. THE OBJECTIVE THE FACTS THE FUTURE To help restore the complex Trees planted: 155 Become part of the solution and ecosystem and its associated Species: Acai, rosewood oil, help the Viridian Foundation environmental benefits rubber tree, Brazil nut plant more trees. Sponsor your destroyed by systematic Land: 5 acres on Lake Tracaja, own parcel of land at: deforestation. formed from the Mamori river. Execution: Designed and led by forestry engineer from the university in Manaus.
  6. 6. 2012: GHANA POWER TO THE PEOPLE, LITERALLY big image global access to energy Imagine living in a world with no light after the sun goes down. a nonprofit dedicated to health and education initiatives in A world where cooking and warmth require a fire and health 13 rural villages in the Ghana’s Atiwa district. Founded in 2005, care cannot rely on pharmaceuticals that require refrigeration. World Joy has constructed many local government-run schools, A world where your child cannot continue to learn past sundown health facilities and libraries and trained teachers and ad- and where you may obtain a cell phone, but you have to travel ministrators to help strengthen public health and education10 11 three, four, or more hours just to charge a device to connect you initiatives from the bottom up. With a unique collaborative to the outside world. This is a reality for more than 1.5 billion relationship with the Ghanaians, World Joy has laid the people across the globe. Electricity is a fundamental necessity foundation for a sustainable community. for any modern community or society to develop. As part of our initiative, Viridian will work with our partners In developing countries around the world, schools, hospitals, to plan and design solar panels to provide reliable and and libraries are providing a path to stronger communities. sustainable electricity to hundreds of patients, students But access to basic power is a critical component for en- and community members. In the spring of 2012, the Viridian abling residents to improve the quality of life, educate their sustainability team will travel to Ghana to install the panels, children, provide reliable health care and ultimately build a hardware for electricity storage, lighting fixtures, portable thriving economy. lighting, charging stations, refrigeration in health care fa- cilities and more, as well as provide training for ongoing use In the spring of 2012, we will embark on our second 7 Continents and maintenance. in 7 Years journey, visiting a small group of villages in rural Ghana, THE OBJECTIVE THE NEED THE PROJECT with a community of people we have already fallen in love with. Bringing light and power to these communities will have am In and around a village named Asonafo, we have identified a immeasurable impact for years to come. We look forward to Improve quality of life by 1 in 5 people live without Install solar panels on health supporting social change access to electricity globally, care, education and community growing and thriving community in need of reliable power. This seeing what these wonderful and industrious people are able in thriving and growing contributing to disease, development facilities. Ensure summer, Viridian executives traveled to Ghana to meet the to accomplish simply by having something we take for long-term viability of access villagers and to plan with our partner organization, World Joy, granted every day. rural villages in Ghana. illiteracy, difficulty accessing to power. basic communication and other conditions. Viridian will work with our partners to plan and design solar panels to provide reliable and sustainable electricity to hundreds of patients, students and community members.
  7. 7. LivingGREEN Living Green is an easily achievable way of life, through small changes in your daily routine that will have a big impact on your energy consumption, energy costs and carbon footprint. By making just a few easy adjustments in the home or office, everyone can contribute to a greener planet and a cleaner, better lifestyle for all. The following are some actions you can start with today, to help make a better tomorrow: 3 EASY THINGS YOU CAN DO Dial it down Dialing down the thermostat just one degree from your “normal” setting during the winter can result in about 1 to 3 percent less fuel use, and a similar reduction in your heating bill. Keep it cold Use cold water whenever possible when doing your wash. Analysts estimate that 80% of the energy used in washing clothes is used to heat the water.nd the ribbon Turn it up Monitor your refrigerator, as it accounts for about 20% of household electricity use. Use a thermometer and keep it as close to 37 degrees and your freezer as close to 3 degrees as possible. Sponsor & PROTECT THE rainforest in Brazil Visit to see how you can make a difference by sponsoring your own parcel of land in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. For more information about Viridian’s products or programs, please contact your local Viridian Associate. © 2011 VIRIDIAN ENERGY. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or reproduction of this product, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. GEO_Fall2011_110711.