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  • Energized Work is a software development lab based in London.We’re out to make people smile with software that’s actually useful – that feels good and lets them do things the way they want without technology getting in the way. We don’t mess around when it comes to software. Energized Work started because we got fed up seeing businesses let down by traditional software delivery. We want to show it’s possible to get what’s needed on time and on budget.We want to stop money being wasting on over-complicated solutions with technology that isn’t needed, features that won’t be used and software that isn’t up to scratch. In 2009, our approach won the Gordon Pask award from the Agile Alliance.
  • We don’t just create software. We‘ll help your business pursue opportunities, solve problems and deliver what users want. We focus on your business drivers so the solutions we make get the results you want.When we know what you want to achieve and why it’s valuable to your business we can be sure everything we do contributes to your success. This works best when someone from your business works with us in our lab.
  • We don’t have confusing project structures. As early adopters of Extreme Programming, we swapped process formalities for disciplined technique and common sense. Using test-driven engineering we create software that’s healthy and robust.We work fast and with purpose – there’s no nonsense, no bureaucracy and no secrets. We iterate and test assumptions to reduce uncertainty and risk. And as we hone in on what’s important we’re continuously thinking about what’s going to work best. Our software delivers benefits more valuable than the money theycost. That’s because we turn things around quickly as your business learns what’s really needed.
  • We build software to last. And we stand behind it. Experience has taught us that cutting corners comes back and hurts. We don't put things off in the rush to get software out the door because we know there’s never time later to put things right.We design solutions to run hassle free to help keep your operating costs low. They don’t need a load of people to keep things working.If something happens we step in quickly and take care of it.
  • We work with businesses who are ready to try something different to get better results from their software investment.No more poor quality, blownbudgets and late deliveries.Partnership means friendship to us. We don’t hold anything back. We put everything to work for our clients – our experience, courage and diversity. They get an experience that tells them we care, we're interested in what they say, we want to understand what they're trying to do and that we want to help.
  • Energized Work: Software that means business

    2. 2. Energized Work is a software development lab in London. We do things differently because we’re fed up of seeing companies let down by traditional software development. We make software that’s actually useful, feels good, and lets people do things the way they want without technology getting in the way. We’re taking a stand against bad software and poor delivery. ENERGIZED WORK’S APPROACH TO RAPIDLY PRODUCING QUALITY SOFTWARE IS THE BEST I'VE SEEN IN THE LAST 20 YEARS. – CIO at City Index © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK “
    3. 3. We don’t just create software. We keep a laser focus on your business drivers and work with you to create the solutions you need that deliver the results you want. We believe this works best when someone from your business is in the driver’s seat, working with us in our lab. ENERGIZED WORK REFUSED TO TAKE ON THE PROJECT UNTIL I PLACED A BUSINESS GUY IN THEIR TEAM. THESE ARE BUSINESS PEOPLES’ TECHIES. BRINGING BUSINESS AND TECH TOGETHER DELIVERED A GREAT RESULT. – CEO at BuyaPowa “ © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK
    4. 4. © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK WITH PREVIOUS PROJECTS, I WAS FRUSTRATED WITH WEEKS OF SPECIFICATION AND WAITING MONTHS FOR A FIRST GLIMPSE AT THE SOLUTION. ENERGIZED WORK WERE DEVELOPING AFTER ONE WEEK AND WE WERE PLAYING WITH A FIRST RELEASE AFTER JUST TWO. We start delivering straight away so your business benefits sooner. We release working features every week so you can test ideas with users to confirm what’s useful and make decisions based on their feedback. This way you only spend money on what’s really needed. Invest your budget a bit at a time so you can respond to change and jump at opportunities. – Editorial Director at BSkyB “
    5. 5. We move fast and keep the cost of change low because we bake quality into our software using test-driven development and continuous integration. We hate waste. Our approach is rigorous and without ceremony. If something isn’t going to deliver value to your business we don’t waste time on it. We give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. ENERGIZED WORK HAVE TECHNICAL HORSEPOWER, COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE, AND THE CONFIDENCE TO GET ON WITH THE JOB, TO START DELIVERING FAST WITHOUT THE FUSS OF A FULL FAT I.T. APPROACH. © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK – Founder at BuyaPowa “
    6. 6. Our software works. We build it fast. We build it to last. And we stand behind it. We use automated tests to create the system end to end – not just the software but also deployment and data migration, backup, failover and monitoring. We deliver solutions that run in the real world without any hassle. They scale from day one, they’re easy to use, and they’re cheap to maintain. AT FIRST I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE GENIUS OF EXECUTABLE REQUIREMENTS AND CODING IN PAIRS, BUT THEN I RECEIVED A PLATFORM THAT WORKED FIRST TIME. AND KEPT ON WORKING. NOW I'M A CONVERT. – Program Delivery Director at BSkyB “ © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK
    7. 7. Our small teams get the job done. They’re quick thinking and light on their feet, so when you change your mind they respond quickly. While everyone else is still trying to figure things out we’re already cutting code. You can leave all the tech stuff to us. If you don’t want us to look after hosting and support, we’ll ask for a couple of your techies to work in our team from the start so they can take over easily when the time comes. © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK I WAS AMAZED AT HOW MUCH ENERGIZED WORK DELIVERED IN SUCH A SHORT TIME. IT WAS REFRESHING TO WORK WITH SUCH A FOCUSED TEAM AND SEE MY PRODUCT COME TO LIFE. – Head of Proposition Development at AOL “
    8. 8. We make software for some big brands, and some small ones, too. We work with companies who are ready to try something different to get better business results from software development. Our clients stay with us because we care and we deliver! ENERGIZED WORK HAD A LASTING INFLUENCE ON OUR COMPANY. THEIR WAY OF WORKING INSPIRED MY TEAMS TO CHANGE. © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK – CTO at BSkyB “
    9. 9. Sky wanted to be the #1 place on the Web for celebrity gossip and showbiz news, deliver an exciting interactive experience around what’s on TV and complement on-air movie channels with digital media. From a standing start we built a bespoke publishing system that saw Sky Living go live in 9 weeks and officially launched after just 21 weeks. Sky TV launched 7 weeks later and Sky Movies 7 weeks after that. AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT DELIVERED EARLY THAT EXCEEDED BUSINESS GOALS BY A MILE. 4 YEARS ON, WE’RE STILL BUILDING ON THE PLATFORM EVERY WEEK. © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK 4.5 million unique visits / month 190% 8 million visitors / month 150% 190 million page views / month 400% 30% longer spent on site – Program Delivery Director at BSkyB “
    10. 10. City Index asked us to assess their software delivery capability given challenges they faced and to explore solutions to key business goals. We delivered a trading system in 12 weeks that demonstrated a rigorous, real-time accounting model. It showed cash flows at the point of trade together with core risk management, which provided a clear understanding of exposure and risk. Our work clarified a number of critical operational factors for City Index that were successfully addressed in a 90-day improvement plan. ENERGIZED WORK ARE MASTER PROBLEM SOLVERS. THEY HELPED US FIGURE OUT SCALABLE SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEX BUSINESS RULES. – CEO at FX Solutions, a subsidiary of City Index © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK “
    11. 11. AOL wanted a way to break into new geographies quickly as their European plans broadened. We created a new lightweight, internationalized portal powered by a feeds engine that served content automatically, and a publishing system that allowed editors to touch up content in-situ. ENERGIZED WORK ARE ON A MISSION TO CHANGE THE WAY SOFTWARE DELIVERS BUSINESS VALUE – THEY ACHIEVED IT AT AOL – Director of Business Expansion at AOL © 2012 ENERGIZED WORK “