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ADV 492

  1. 1. Social MediaMeasurement & Analysis: UrbanOutfitters Laura Ene
  2. 2. Urban Outfitters Brand Overview• Urban Outfitters was started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1970 and was originally called the“Free The People Store”. It was known for “funky fashion” and household items.• The clothing and products sold are known for being a mix of vintage, bohemian, retro, and hipster.• Its target market is men and women 18-30 years of age.
  3. 3. Urban Outfitters Social Media Presence• Urban Outfitters main social media outlets include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and Foursquare.• Twitter by far has the highest activity among all other types of social media outlets.
  4. 4. Urban Outfitters Social Media Analysis: Twitter• Urban Outfitters has a large Twitter following and it is one of the brands strongest social media outlets. – Followers: 611,882 – Following: 1,099 – Tweets: 4,008
  5. 5. Urban Twitter Outfitters• The conversation around UO via Twitter is mostly positive, with users posting links of items they like from the website, sales and deals they have found, and just their overall enjoyment of the brand.• Like all major retail brands, there is some negative feedback from customers regarding certain fashion and products.
  6. 6. Urban Twitter Outfitters• More positive feedback via Radian 6 and orginial twitter search:
  7. 7. Urban Twitter Outfitters• Some negative feedback via Radian 6 and organic Twitter search:
  8. 8. Urban Outfitters Twitter• Below is a graph via Radian 6 of the overall positive, negative, and mixed feedback of UO social media posts• Feedback is mostly positive• Looking through a real-time twitter feed of posts mentioning and tagging “Urban Outfitters” also shows much more positive than negative commentary.
  9. 9. Urban Outfitters Social Media Analysis: Facebook• Another area where UO thrives online is the brands Facebook page. Here they posts pictures, contests, and events in more detail. – Likes: 1,568,849 – Talking about: 38,720 – Were here: 36,451
  10. 10. Urban Facebook Outfitters• While conversation around UO is much less on Facebook compared to Twitter, the brand still gets mentioned by users. Most of the status posts found are positive.• Example of negative Facebook post:
  11. 11. Urban Outfitters Facebook• Graph comparing positive to negative posts, much smaller scale versus Twitter findings.
  12. 12. Urban Outfitters Social Media Analysis: Blogs• Urban Outfitters is mentioned in a variety of blogs and the brand even has its own blog connected to their website.
  13. 13. Urban Blogs Outfitters• Example of a positive blog post:• Example of a negative blog post:
  14. 14. Urban Blogs Outfitters• Graph comparing positive, negative, and mixed blog postings:
  15. 15. Urban Outfitters Social Media Analysis: Instagram• The newest form of social media that brands have been becoming a part of is Instagram. For a retail brand like Urban Outfitters, this is a great way to post pictures of new products, advertisements of sales and discounts, and any fun info relevant to products that users would be interested in. – Photos: 692 – Followers: 554k – Following: 85
  16. 16. Urban Instagram Outfitters• Usually all posts and commentary via Instagram are positive.• The most common types of Instagrams for UO are users taking pictures of their products and hashtag the brand in the caption.• The most popular tags for the brand include: – #UrbanOutfitters – #UrbanOutfittersUK – #UrbanOutfittersUSA – #UrbanOutfittersNailpolish
  17. 17. Urban Instagram Outfitters• The brand does receive some negative posts on Instagram, usually customers complain about certain products and post a picture of the product.
  18. 18. Urban Outfitters Social Media Analysis: Foursquare• Another more recent trend in social media is Foursquare. Location based services and media are becoming increasingly popular and retail brands gain a lot by putting their various locations on this type of application. Users can check in to almost any location around the country, even achieving things like being “mayor” of a certain store.
  19. 19. Urban Foursquare Outfitters• Its easy to see that most conversation around a social media site like Foursquare would be positive, since most customers who have a negative view on the brand would not likely “check in” to the location.
  20. 20. Urban YouTube Outfitters• Urban Outfitters also has a significant Youtube presence online, with users posting videos after shopping hauls, Black Friday deals, and other events. There are also parodys made regarding the brand, like “Shit Girls Say: At Urban Outfitters”
  21. 21. Urban Conversation Cloud Outfitters• Urban Outfitters Conversation Cloud via Radian 6• Date Range: 30 days• Data from: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blogs, Comments, Images, Videos
  22. 22. Urban Outfitters Conversation Trends• Graph of trend by number of posts for the month of November via Radian 6• Highest on days of sales or discounts (Nov. 17th – Online sale began on specific items, Nov. 22nd – Black Friday)
  23. 23. Urban Outfitters Brand Controversy• A topic of controversy regarding UO came up in late October regarding the brands sale of Che Guevara T-shirts.• Che Guevara is an Argentine-born guerrilla leader and thought of by many as a communist.• UO has since stopped the sale of all Guevara items.• Links to the brands website and Guevara items are no longer active and “Che Guevara” no longer produces any search results on the brands page.
  24. 24. Urban Outfitters Brand Controversy• An article headlined “Urban Outfitters Buys Yard Sale Clothes In Bulk And Resells Them To Hipsters As Vintage‘” on Business Insider also raised a lot of controversy recently. The topic was originally posted on Reddit and had a large amount of feedback.• The brand is accused of purchasing clothing items from discounted yard sales and reselling the items as “vintage”• No commentary from UO was found in the article, and the accuracy of this claim is up for debate.
  25. 25. Urban Outfitters Competitors• The brand has a wide variety of competitors, some in different price ranges and types of purchasing outlets (for example: online only).• Major competitors include: – American Apparel – Top Shop – Akira – Tobi (online) – NastyGal (online)• Other competitors in lower price ranges: – H&M – Forever 21
  26. 26. Urban Outfitters Competitors• When comparing the amount of social media conversation of what I found to be Urban Outfitters main competitors (American Apparel and Top Shop), UO had significantly higher engagement.
  27. 27. Urban Outfitters Competitors• There were also many examples of competition among Urban Outfitters and different brands on social media.
  28. 28. Urban Outfitters SWOT Analysis• Strengths – The conversation around the brand is always mostly positive, with users posting about their favorite products and deals. – A strong Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following make the brand relevant in the online community. – There is a constant mention of the brand via real-time Twitter feed. – The promotion of discounts, 20% off sales, Black Friday, contests and more are hyped up via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. • Ex: on Election day, if you brought proof that you had voted (sticker), you received 20% off your purchase. Promoted with a picture via Instagram.
  29. 29. Urban Outfitters SWOT Analysis• Weaknesses – Certain products and advertisements the store has had are criticized by consumers: • Slide 22 gives the example of the Che Guevara t-shirts and items UO once sold. The brand caused a lot of controversy by selling these items of the once communist leader. Since the controversy, the brand has taken down all products pertaining to Guevara. • Slide 17 shows an Instagram of a glass sold by UO which says “Who Cares 2012” in regards to the election. Many people found this offensive, saying that the brand was encouraging young people to not take part in the voting process. • Slide 10 shows a post by a mother on Facebook. She posts
  30. 30. Urban Outfitters SWOT Analysis• Weaknesses Cont. – Much of the negativity surrounding the brand on social media is also due to the high prices of products. Many users compare items UO sells to much cheaper products of the same quality or style. – Users taking their view to social media allows unlimited amounts of people to also view the negative feedback, and maybe change their opinion of the brand. • The person who posted the instagram of the “Who Cares 2012” cups also posted it to Twitter and tagged Urban Outfitters on Foursquare. Instead of releasing the negative commentary to one social media outlet, it went to three.
  31. 31. Urban Outfitters SWOT Analysis• Opportunities – The opportunities are endless for UO to increase customer following and positive commentary on social media. – Taking advantage of newer apps like Instagram and Foursquare will keep the brand relevant in the continuing change of social media outlets. – Monitoring negative feedback on products and advertisements is key to changing the views of people who look at the brand negatively. • Once a negative post is found, UO customer service should respond immediately, attempting to fix the damage.. • If enough negative feedback surrounds a product or advertisement, it should be taken away. – Increasing activity on blogging might be a great away to get more customer interaction, since this method of social media is now becoming increasingly popular. • The brand could monitor Twitter, Instagram, or FB users who regularly post about the brand and chose a person to become a regular blogger for
  32. 32. Urban Outfitters SWOT Analysis• Threats – One of the main threats that Urban Outfitters faces is other competitors becoming more relevant in the social media world. • Keeping up with discounts and contests online and engaging in conversation with users will help avoid this. – Not addressing negative feedback immediately could lead to many consumers noticing and changing their views on the brand. – Paying too much attention to one social media site may lead to others becoming irrelevant. • Twitter is UO’s most popular social media outlet, but not keeping up with Facebook could lead to a loss in customers that are primarily on that site.
  33. 33. Urban Recommendations Outfitters For Next Steps• The brand is mostly handling the ever-changing social media world correctly. It is engaging in conversations with users, promoting deals and discounts, and posting about new products daily.• For the next step, the brand could build up its interaction with customers to reach its full potential of social media conversation and relevance.• For example: taking full advantage of the brands Twitter following will help bring people into the store and to shop online. – A contest of some sort would be useful to hold on Twitter. That way current followers will become involved, and it may also lead to their followers engaging in the brand conversation as well.• One thing UO must change is its response to negative feedback. Taking the time to individually handle each consumers problem, if possible, will help bring the brand to achieve a higher positive following.
  34. 34. Urban Outfitters Methods• The date range used for most of the posts were from the last 30 days, (November 1st 2012 – November 30th 2012) using Radian 6.• Sites like Social Seek, Hootsuite, Social Mention, and Edgekick were used to analyze conversation.• Over the past few weeks, looking through live Twitter feeds containing the phrase “Urban Outfitters” and the hashtag #UrbanOutfitters was also used to pull Twitter examples.• The keywords and hastags used in the report included: – “Urban Outfitters” – “UrbanOutfitters” – “UO” – “UrbanOutfittersCo” – “Urban Outfitters Co” – #UrbanOutfittersCo – #UrbanOutfitters – #UO – Hipster – Trendy – Urban
  35. 35. Urban Outfitters Executive Summary• Urban Outfitters has a relevant social media presence, the brand is frequently active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and Foursquare - which are some of the top social media outlets today.• Consumers constantly post about the brand via Twitter, using #UrbanOutfitters as the main hashtag. They also comment on Facebook posts and share the brands posts on their walls. There are a large amount of Instagram posts of UO products with the caption #UrbanOutfitters. Consumers also check into different UO locations around the country via Foursquare.• Consumer feedback is mostly positive, with users posting pictures of products, commenting on styles they enjoy.• Negative feedback is small, and if handled better in the future can most likely be largely eliminated. Negative commentary is usually related to controversial products and overly priced items.• New ways of promoting the brand like contests, giveaways,