План дій для сталого енергетичного розвитку міста Баня Лука (Боснія і Герцеговина)


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План дій для сталого енергетичного розвитку міста Баня Лука (Боснія і Герцеговина)

Любіца Мілановіч, керівник Департаменту розвитку, європейської інтеграції та інвестицій

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План дій для сталого енергетичного розвитку міста Баня Лука (Боснія і Герцеговина)

  1. 1. CERKASY, UKRAINA • 15-16 May 2012
  2. 2. North West of Bosnia and Herzegovina Center of Republic of Srpska Population: 250.000 Area: 1239 km² City of greenery, young people, sport and culture EUROPEANwww.banjaluka.rs.ba CITY
  3. 3.  2009 Covenant of Mayors 2010 Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) 2010 First Energy Days in B&H 2011 Verification from Brussels 2010/2011 Implementation 2013 First SEAP Implementation Report
  4. 4. CLIMATE CHANGE COUNSIL Sectors:  Buildings, local infrastructure (district heating, electricity distribution, street lighting, etc..), land use and spatial planning, renewable energy source, public and private transport, participation of citizens and society inclusion  Public and private sectors  76 projects, 100 million EUR
  5. 5. ENERGY AUDIT OF BANJA ENERGY AUDIT OFLUKA ADMINISTRATIVE KINDERGARTENBUILDING · Partner: Banja Luka•Potential savings for up to Faculty of Architecture26,9%, and 6 year repayment · 6 kindergartens withperiod standing alone facilities )•Measures: replacement of · Project completion:windows, lighting, Jun/July 2012introducing of system of · Main document forenergy spending rational further EE improvementcontrol
  6. 6. PEM EMIS•CBC project – total •UNDP project value 162.000 EUR •Establishing a system•Karlovc County, REGEA, of monitoring energy Center for Environment consumption, and•Increase knowledge establishing of and awareness of EE measures for improving and establishing energy efficiency systems for energy •Web application management in 15 City •Total value: 380.000 institutions EUR
  7. 7. MANVIT ICELAND LED LIGHTING•The research thermal •Gymnasium Banja Luka energy potential •Equipping of: reading•Concession room, classrooms and•Total value: 1.4 million cabinets EUR •Value: 25.000 EUR•The next phase: use of •Council for Climate thermal energy (year Change project 2015.)
  8. 8. TRACE SEA-R• WB Project • IPA Adriatic Project• Informatics tool for • NGO LIR Banja Luka energy consumption with partners form Italy management at city • Promotion of using level sunlight for energy• Instrument for the production and assessment of improvement of investment priorities knowledge about• Jun 2012 : final energy consumption presentation of results • Value: 1,9 million EUR (3/2011 – 11/2013)
  9. 9. TOPLANA BANJA LUKA BIOMAS HEATING PLANT LAUŠ• The most significant project of SEAP •PPP project• Modernization of district •Construction of power heating system plants using biomass• EIB – negotiation (10 •Current stage: study million EUR) preparation and PPP• Preparation of Feasibility documentation Study and finalization of preparation finance contract (11/2012)
  10. 10. City of Banja Luka invites allpartners: to participate in the implementation of the SEAP and are interested in projects aimed to improve the quality of life for its citizens Invitation: Energy Days Banja Luka – April 2013 www.energetskidani.org
  11. 11. Ljubica Milanovic CITY OF BANJA LUKAHead of Department for Development, European Integration and Investments ljubica.milanovic@banjaluka.rs.ba