Problem-solving, Iteration & Creativity: What I learned while making the #TFF Twitter dress


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Problem-solving, Iteration & Creativity: What I learned while making the #TFF Twitter dress

  1. 1. Who am I?Liz Neely‘By day’ work at the Art Institute of ChicagoDirector of Digital Information and Access
  2. 2. It Begins: MCN2011
  3. 3. Loved the idea…Create a richer dialoguebetween digital andphysical experiences
  4. 4. Loved the idea…But, Clueless
  5. 5. Winter break electronicscrash course with dad
  6. 6. Diving in…Wanted to make a projectthat responded to onlinerelationshipsWould see my ‘TFFs’ in reallife at a conference in April
  7. 7. Work Streams:•  Dress Design, Fit and Sew•  Bird songs Cannibalized greeting cards•  Wings Looked at many a costume designer videos on YouTube. These wings are not be huge, just a little flutter and hopefully not costume-like•  Tweet sensor To activate the dress•  Arduino Code Pulls it all together
  8. 8. Dress
  9. 9. Dress
  10. 10. •  Test and iterate with cheap fabric •  Try it on, play with it! •  Trace what you like back to paper •  Moment of truth, cutting $ fabric This process took a long time!Dress
  11. 11. Dress
  12. 12. Bird Songs
  13. 13. Bird Songs
  14. 14. Wings
  15. 15. Wings
  16. 16. Twitter API with Processing?? Worked, using Twitter 4J. No libraries on iOS Processing! Xbee to server running API? Complicated, not very portable. Web site Twitter to serial? Output from iPhone limited Serious problem..key to whole dress!Tweet Trigger or‘Twigger’
  17. 17. ? The iPhone can be set to make a sound when tweeted through notifications…Tweet Trigger or‘Twigger’
  18. 18. Sound is electricity.. it can be harnessed!
  19. 19. But how?
  20. 20. I called my dad!
  21. 21. Enter the LM339 Voltage ComparatorTwigger
  22. 22. Video of test:
  23. 23. Connecting ElectronicsVoltage switch Attached to Arduino pin set as inputBirds and Servos Set as Arduino output pins4 AA Batteries One power source for all elements (removed batteries from Birds to simplify circuit)Arduino Code Watches the input pin and when the switch is closed, the birds sing and then the Servos turn 15 times.
  24. 24. Video of Exploded View Exploded View
  25. 25. Arduino Code
  26. 26. Arduino Code
  27. 27. Tweet:@lili_czarinaVideo
  28. 28. What I learned•  Iterate –  Dead ends mean turn around, try again•  Listen to ideas –  Collaboration makes better innovation•  Problem-solving –  Sometimes stepping back is the best way forward
  29. 29. Liz Neely@lili_czarinaInstuctables (code in txt): czarina_machina