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Future-ing the Discussion: Museums and Wearable Computing


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The slides from my portion of a professional forum on Google Glass, Wearable Technology and the Future of Museums with Neal Stimler, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Liz Neely, The Art Institute of Chicago; and Robert Stein, Dallas Museum of Art

This portion of the forum was designed to evoke the imagination of the audience and pose questions leading into discussion about the future of wearables in the museum context.

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Future-ing the Discussion: Museums and Wearable Computing

  1. 1. @lili_czarina #mw2014 Baltimore April 4, 2014 Future-ing the Discussion Museums & Wearable Computing
  2. 2. The #TFF Twitter DRess
  3. 3. Prototype for a hat that reads minds. 2013 Teen Workshop Art Institute of Chicago
  4. 4. Prototype for garden headware. 2013 Teen Workshop Art Institute of Chicago
  5. 5. Hand written notes from Loic Tallon of Eric Brockmeyer’s MW Keynote
  6. 6. Getting to the Magic How do we get beyond transactional thinking about wearables? What does it take to use this future to evoke emotional response and improve people’s lives?
  7. 7. Micro-contextual How do we evolve our thinking from ‘Content is King’ to micro-contextual responsive publishing?
  8. 8. Intensely Personal Even more than mobile, wearables are intensely personal interactions. Does this change the way we think about message?
  9. 9. Security and Privacy What is in our organization’s control and what is out of our hands? How do we negotiate this?
  10. 10. Goldilocks & the 3 Bears How do we find and adjust for the ‘sweet spot’ of personalized interaction with wearables.
  11. 11. Discuss! Micro-contextual Intensely Personal Security and Privacy Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Imagination Etc…