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Ecovolis I-Ad eshte një inisiativë e re për të reklamuar në mënyrë ekologjike, inovative dhe me kosto të ulët. Ndryshe nga reklamat lëvizëse të vendosura në makina të mëdha, autobusa apo taksi të cilat kanë një kosto shumë herë më të madhe karburanti dhe ndotje. Ecovolis I-Ad është unike, efikase në trafik dhe në zona këmbësorësh, ekologjike, e aftë për tu afruar me audienca të veçanta, për të çuar mesazhin e saj pa zhurmë dhe pa ndotur.

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Ecovolis I-Ad - Reklama Levizese

  1. 1. Advantages of i|Ad Low cost per thousand impressions Environmentally friendly advertising Innovative and eye-catching Delivering high-impact impressions Closer to the point of sale High impact audio and visual combination Ideal for pedestrian areas All weather and season operation Can be Bluetooth and GPS tracking system enabled Riders can handout promotional material or do sampling National, regional or local campaigns
  2. 2. Mobile Advertising Efficiency According to research conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, when compared to other advertising forms such as radio, television, and newspaper, mobile billboard advertising is a more effective form in terms of cost per thousand impressions (CPM).[2] The billboard bicycles have the ability to target specific audiences.
  3. 3. Environmental ImpactThe billboard bicycleprovides a green alternativeto advertising. Billboardbicycles are human poweredthus they leave no carbonfootprint. Despite thisbenefit critics point topossible congestion andvisual pollution.
  4. 4. Advertising with i|Ad• The Ecovolis i|Ad is an attractive new platform for outdoor advertising around town. It combines the agile driving qualities of the Ecovolis cargo bikes with the opportunity to advertise and transport promotional material.
  5. 5. Advertising with i|Ad• Cities are overflowing with taxis, buses and trucks that carry advertising. These advertising platforms are not only expensive and bewildering; they are also associated with environmental pollution, noise and stress.
  6. 6. Advertising with i|Ad• In contrast, the Ecovolis advertising cargo bike present an unusual eye-catcher: light, agile and safe, it transports your message through streets and squares without disturbing the public – with the bonus of environmental friendliness. The Ecovolis Posterbike is an advertising medium destined to change the image of the city. The products and services it promotes benefit from the association with the ecological values, mobility, fun, innovation and unconventionality of the Ecovolis itself.
  7. 7. Advertising with i|Ad• designed around outdoor advertising standard 1200mm x 1800mm• light system (12V, LED) + battery (Varta, 12V 14Ah)• sound system - Amp.: 20wX2channel, 55db• lightbox backlight system (12V, LED)
  8. 8. i|Ad City MAPSheshi Skënderbej Unaza e MadheIsh-Blloku Unaza e VogëlQyteti Studenti Afër biznesitPanairi Qendra TregtareUniversitete Në rrethe
  9. 9. How much does i|Ad cost?