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The Endurancelife Community: Who is it for?


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A Flavour of the Endurancelife Community.

Published in: Sports
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The Endurancelife Community: Who is it for?

  1. 1. Community Who belongs in our community?
  2. 2. Roz, who has “ just got home” Solo Atlantic Crossing
  3. 3. Frank, who “ LOVED every second” of the MDS Marathon Des Sables: Sahara Desert
  4. 4. Sue and Gill, who are now “hooked”. Adventure Race: New Zealand
  5. 5. Norseman Xtreme Tri The Worlds Hardest Iroman Sven, who finished the Norseman Xtreme Tri… … and “got the black”
  6. 6. Cape Epic : South Africa Chris, who wants to know “which are the best gaiters for sand?” Ben, who wants to show you his “favourite bit” from day 7
  7. 7. 4 Deserts Race: Gobi Desert Chris, who wants some tips for “dealing with sand”
  8. 8. Best of British South Pole Team Trevor, who this time next year will be at the South Pole. Good Luck Trevor!
  9. 9. Dennis and Ingrid who need another team mate Endurancelife Coast 2 Coast
  10. 10. El Capitan: Yosemite USA Sarah, who is training for a “small climbing trip”.
  11. 11. Ultra Trail De Mont Blanc: France Phillipe, who loves to re-live the experience
  12. 12. Coastal Trail Series: South Devon UK Oliver and Dave who will “meet again” at stage 4
  13. 13. Coast 2 Coast: South West UK Patrick Who will never forget “that moment”.
  14. 14. Xterra USA Err…… Yes this chap too.
  15. 15. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.