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Vocational scenario

  1. 1. VOCATIONAL SCENARIO Dear Thesper Thank you for choosing me to conduct research into the ways films target audiences, I will also be investigating how the poster of Attack The Block appeals to its target audience by doing a lot of research on targeting audience in films.
  2. 2. FILMS AND AUDIENCES Why is it important for films to target specific audiences? it is important for films to choose specific target audiences because advertising a film is very expensive in a variety of things such as internet, television , radio , and social media, this is why films industry's split the target audience in groups and aim for a specific audience depending on there film. What are some of the ways to classify audiences for films? One way film industry's do it, is by age , genre, and of Corse gender. So for age depending on what genre it could be could answer what are the ages of the films target audience ,and also gender plays a big role as if the film was action more men would want to watch it then women.
  3. 3. AGE U stands for Universal which means anyone would be able to see this film, this type of age rating is mainly for children because there is no violence, sexual content, strong language and drugs or use of drugs. PG stands for Parental Guidance which means children at 8 and above can watch tis film only by there parents accepting them to watch it as well because it has some content and usually for children films it sadness.
  4. 4. AGE 12A means anyone aged 12 or over can go an watch the film without someone older then them and children younger 12 may see the film if accompanied by an adult. The differences between 12 and 12A is 12 is just for videos , DVDs AND Blue-rays , and 12a Is for films in cinemas only. The symbol 15 means 15 years of age and over and can include in the films strong language ,strong violence, portrayals of sexual activity, and drug taking.
  5. 5. AGE The symbol 18 means film that are for adults from 18 and over the reason for this is because the films that have this rating tend to have very strong language, strong portrayals of sexual activity, strong horror , blood and gore. RESTRICTED18 contains very strong sexual content this content is shown in licensed cinemas or sold in licensed sex shops and is also a 18 and over age rating.
  6. 6. GENDER –FEMALE The title appeals a lot to the female audience because (Four Christmases) shows that the couples relationship has been going on for a long time and females love those types of movies because they can relate to it from there own lifestyle. The couple are tied together which symbolises there relationship is strong and also by the colour of the ribbon which is red symbolises love and passion which most women want to see in there films. As you can see how the female has stacked up some presents and stood to them to match the height of the male and this shows how the female is showing that she also is dominant and not just the male. The woman's posture by her hands on her hips symbolises that she is a dominant character in the film and that makes the female target audience want to watch the film . The woman is formally dressed showing the target audience she is most probably a hard working person which means the target audience can relate to this. Just by having a female in the film poster it will attract the female audience by them seeing the gender of the actors for example if there is a main character with a female and it’s a rom com film female target audience will want to watch the film because of the gender of the main actor/actress.
  7. 7. GENDER -MALE What they have done in this action film poster to attract the male audience is the main characters clothing as he is very smartly dresses and most males like there main character to be smartly dresses especially in suits. The way they have made the main actor/hero larger then any of the actors on the poster is a really smart move because what most males want in there action movies is fighting, pride form the hero and mainly saving there day and this images shows that the hero in this film is very powerful which can attract the male audience. One thing the male mainly looks for in a action film is missiles and explosions and that’s exactly what the film makers have done on this poster as they have explosions, missiles, and helicopters and planes and these are all the ingredients a male looks for in a action movie. One thing that attracts the target audience a lot is when they show a male and female in there films and usually the male is in no relationship but then finds this girl and falls for her and this attracts the audience a lot because the men usually have to save the girl form something evil. Another thing action film posters do is add iconic building from the city the film will take place and this attracts the target audience because they might for example want to see a movie held in los angles and the audience will also no where the film is held. Another thing that appeals to the target audience is the colour of the film poster and in this specific film poster they have added dark colours so it portrays danger, because in action movies danger is one of the main things in a action movie plot.
  8. 8. GENRE- HOW DO WAR FILMS TARGET MALES Most war film posters are aimed at males form 30 and over because either they enjoy watching war films because most war films focuses on men and there pride and also it could be that the audience have went through the war stage in there own life's and can relate to the war film there watching especially if the film is based on a true story. The narratives can also attract the male target audience because depending on the story of the film men always are going to enjoy war films mainly because of the narrative because they can possibly relate it to there own lives. Another thing that appeals to the target audience is the use of violence in war films because some men enjoy to have a lot o violence when watching there films because it makes the movie more realistic as wars tend to have lot of violence in them. The settings can also appeal to the target audience because the setting of a war film dose have to be realistic and not to over the top because the audience will not believe that that specific scenario in a war film would never happen.
  9. 9. AUDIENCE RESEARCH IN THE FILM INDUSTRY –BOX OFFICE TAKINGS Olympus has fallen • Opening weekend- $30,373,794, USA, 22 March 2013 • Gross-$98,592,657, USA, 21 June 2013 World war Z • Opening weekend- $66,411,834, USA, 21 June 2013 • Gross-$82,068,368, USA, 25 June 2013 Kidulthood • Opening weekend- £100,056 (UK) (3 March 2006) • Gross-£100,056 (UK) (3 March 2006)
  10. 10. FILM SCREENING What are test screenings? test screenings are shown in a small amount target audiences to see if the film needs more editing, reshooting or rewriting At this stage the film may be not finished yet such as missing or unfinished effects, shots or sound effects, or dialogue that hasn’t been rerecorded yet, Test audiences are made to discuss the film, Also a film may go through several test screenings just to make sure the film is perfect before it comes out. What are focus group screenings? Focus group screenings are a test screenings of a film with the audience responses. Target audience members answer questionnaires and are interviewed sometimes on video and also Group discussions with about 25-30 viewers. Focus audiences also may be required not to talk about the film. Their opinions may are recorded by pressing buttons during screening to show approval or disapproval about the film here testing. Viewers also get recorded while there watching the film. What are critic screening? Jus before the finished film goes out to the public film makers hire critics to watch there film and give there views and opinions on the film they watched and if anything needs improving in the movie the film makers get straight to it and then release there film to the public.
  11. 11. MY RESPONSE TO MY AUDIENCE The feedback I was given helped me a lot because I wanted my audience to tell me what to improve on and that's what they exactly did and for example one of my fellow students told me to change the soundtrack because it just doesn't go with the scenes in my trailer. I also got told by one of my teachers told me to make more interties so that the audience can get a hint of the narrative and plot my teacher also said I need more enigma codes for my trailer because it not enough for the audience to see.my response to all these corrections were to change all these mistakes right away because I wanted my trailer to look more like a thriller trailer and also my main thing was to make my trailer look professional.