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Editing log

  1. 1. By Endrin arifi
  2. 2. The first thing I did was choose which clips I am going to put in my trailer and make afolder where only the clips that are needed will be in the folder
  3. 3. The first clip I added on the timelinewas Arnold walking up the stairsThe affects I applied to this clip wasMotion , Opacity ,Tint , Colourise,and Luma key how I added theseeffects was basically I dragged theeffect I wanted and dragged it intothe clip I wanted.
  4. 4. The second clip I added was a close up ofme and the effects I applied on the clipwas Motion, Opacity , Sharpen, andLuma key, I also cropped a bit of the clipas some of the scene was not needed.The third clip I added was a close up ofthe mother and the stepfather and theeffects I applied on the clip whereMotion, Opacity, and Luma key.
  5. 5. The next clip I added was a mid – shot ofArnold walking towards home the effects Iapplied to the clip was Motion, Opacity , andLuma key, I also added a fade out to the clip.The next clip I added was a crane shot ofme and Arnold pushing Jordan andrunning up the stairs the effects I appliedto the clip was Motion, Opacity , andLuma key.
  6. 6. The next clip I added was a mid -shot where themother receives a letter the effects I applied inthis clip was Motion, Opacity ,Tint ,andStabilizer.The next clip I added was also a mid shotof the mother and stepfather arguing andthe effects I used was Motion , Opacity ,Sharpen ,Tint , and luma key.
  7. 7. The next clip I added was a tracking shotof me and Arnold running away fromthe estate the effects I applied to thisclip was Motion, Opacity , and Luma key.The next clip I added on the timelinewas a mid shot of four actors arguingand the stepfather being aggressive,the effects I applied to this clip wasMotion, Opacity , and Luma key.
  8. 8. I dragged the sound track from my files as a mp3 file and sent it to the time lineand then modified the volume.
  9. 9. I added a fade in and fade out to the sound trackso it can raise and decrease the volume
  10. 10. Here is my production logo and I added a lot ifthings to it like the font I used was Brich std Ialso changes the size of the text and colour.The effects I added was Motion,Opacity, Luma key , shearenergy , lightning, lightingeffect, lens flare , and non redkey.
  11. 11. Here is one of the inter title inmy thriller trailer the changes Imade to it was change the sizeof the text , font , and colour.I also added a fade out atthe end of the inter titleThe effects Iapplied on myinter title wasMotion, andOpacity.
  12. 12. I added another inter titleand changed the font sizecolour and text.The effects I applied on my inter titlewas Motion , Opacity , and three waycolour corrector.
  13. 13. I have also made the title of mytrailer and dragged in at the endof the trailer and added a shadingeffect on the font and changesthe size and colour.The effects I applied was Motionand Opacity
  14. 14. The last thing I did was how youcan support the trailer and theinformation the viewer needsabout the trailer.The effects I applied wasMotion and Opacity.