Instrumentation In The Brewing Industry


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Brochure describing brewing process and suggested use of instrumentation. Wort and extract measurements. Brew kettle, Lauter tun level.

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Instrumentation In The Brewing Industry

  1. 1. Instrumentation in the brewing industryAutomation of the brewing process
  2. 2. The art of BrewingBrewing beer means to deal with natural Supporting the cleaning process is agrown products changing from year-to-year, basic requirement to save time and energy.harvest-to-harvest. The brewer needs to All shown sensors are developed to workreact on these changes to prepare a stable in hygienic processes. They follow thequality of beer, and even more, it must taste guidelines of FDA, -A and EHEDG.the same all year, each and every year, tofulfill the expectation of the customer. Tofollow this moving target, a lot of experienceis necessary. It is the art of brewing. Reliable measurement supplies the necessaryEndress+Hauser is here to help you run data for the ideal process, and supports suitableyour process consistently on a high quality solutions for tracking and tracing the beer.level every day and night. Throughout thisdocument you will find how state of theart sensor technology supports the brewingprocess. Rising accuracy of process sensory,along with high repeatability enables theuser to run a process in the most efficientmanner. Optimized raw material use,energy conservance and best availabilityof the plant is the target of automation.Instrumentation for:• Malting• Malt and grain storage• Brewhouse• Fermentation• Filtration• Packaging• CIP and water preparation• Boiler• CO and natural gas
  3. 3. Malt and grain storageReliable and visible inventory status Silos can be easily mapped for fast commissioning and reliable measurement.Malt/grain inventory silos Energy conservationComplete inventory management Blocked dust filters can be asolutions to address rising inventory safety hazard and can also causecosts are easily realized with complete unnecessary energy consumption.packages from Endress+Hauser. Pressure transmitters withfreespace (FMR50) or guided wave ceramic membrane provideradar (FMP0) provide an option reliable and cleanable option toto select the best-fit to address conventional metal membranes.measurement challenges due to silo The PMC5 offer cost effectiveheight, diameter and amount of dust. solution for dust hazardous area. Continuous level measurement in malt silos Levelflex Micropilot Soliphant M Solicap M FMP0 FMR50 FTM50 FTI55 View of levelflex cable
  4. 4. Inventory and supply chain managementRising commodities drives the need for real-time informationAccounting of bulk inventory kept in tanks and silos has Infrastructure - In Plant Monitoring or Remote Sitestraditionally not had high priority. This is particularly truefor bulk material such as sugar, flour and grains. However, Ethernet/Land line/GSM/GPRS for connection of remote locationwith the rapidly rising value of these commodities it isbecoming more and more important to have a current Intranet/ERP Integrationstatus of inventory levels to allow for planning and Data visibilityadvanced purchasing techniques. for our CUSTOMEREndress+Hauser can provide scalable, turnkey solutionsfor your plant with simple, local monitoring or full Ethernetintegration into your ERP system. Installation costs can bekept to a minimum using wireless solutions or Ethernetconnection. Solutions are available for single or multiplesite applications. Installation at our Customer locationSafety precautions with level alarmsReliable High/Low level alarmsfor silos and hoppers are critical forany application. Chose betweenCapacitance (FTI51) or tuning fork(FTM50) depending on installation point. 5
  5. 5. BrewhouseOptimizing the yield and quality of extract productionMash tun level Wort kettle pressure Lauter tun wortThe Mash tun level is Energy conservation is clarity performancemeasured with highest achieved by applying A critical control point forreliability with the pressure to wort kettle. the Lauter tun is the outflowtemperature compensated The Cerabar M pressure turbidity and density.FMB70 hydrostatic level transmitter is ideal for this Turbidity is monitored by thesensor. Remote electronics application - simple and optical sensor AF1-ER.make access easy. reliable pressure control.Promag H series: great Boilingvalue for the money In-line extract measurementFoundation water for mash with Liquiphant Densitytun need to be metered ensures stable wort quality,accurately. along with optimized energy use during wort boiling.
  6. 6. BrewhouseSteam supply Reliable level in siloAccurate measurement of the Overfilling the spent grain silosteam supply for the mash tun is a big mess. Avoid thisand wort kettle is used to identify situation with reliable levelfouling and can have a direct impact measurement using free spaceon energy cost. Prowirl 7 with radar Micropilot FMR5.steam computer gives you directBTU readings.Mash and foundation water Energy and extract loss reductionpH must be monitored closely to To avoid wasting extract, lauterachieve best yield in mash tun. systems are monitored withNon-glass IsFet pH (CPS1D/ Promass F. Stopping the flushCPS71D) sensor and retractable water at the exact rightholders combined with Memosens moment optimizes ingredientstechnology brings highest and saves energy during the boil.reliability and accuracy.Adjuncts, dextrose Lautertun bed densityand enzymes Differential pressure across theAdjuncts and dextrose must be lautertun bed is commonly usingadded with high accuracy to pressure transmitters with metaloptimize raw material usage. membranes. Due to the abrasiveThe Promass 8S provides the nature of the mash and cleaningbest temperature stability and procedure the membranes areaccurate measurement available often damaged. The PMC71today. Combine this with the ceramic membrane pressurepossibility to ensure performance transmitter provide reliable andbetween calibrations using the highly accurate alternative.FieldCheck verification tool. 7
  7. 7. FermentationConsistent quality batch-after-batchWort aeration Sterile air supplyThe goal in fermentation is to produce Sterile air supply to wort aeration isalcohol. Based on the condition of the best done with a thermal massflowyeast, oxygen supply level is controlled, meter. The t-mass series is capable ofusing COS1D, allowing the yeast to highly accurate measurements with apopulate at an optimal rate. large turndown range.8
  8. 8. FermentationLevel measurement Temperature measurementLevel measurement of fermentation, Reliable temperature measurementaging and bright beer tanks are is key throughout the brewingdone using the highly accurate and process and utilities. Highesttemperature compensated FMB70 quality RTDs combined withhydrostatic level transmitter. fast response tips ensure optimalElectronic differential pressure temperature control.compensate for CO head pressure.Yeast dosing Empty pipe - high/low tank levelThe amount of yeast is measured or detection of foam in CO2 linewith a magnetic flowmeter The Liquiphant M is a universalPromag H combined with switch with no need for calibration oran optical turbidity sensor adjustment throughout the lifecycleOUSAF1-ER to monitor the of the instrument. Version is availablecell concentration. tuned to detect foam in CO line.Extract measurement Level measurementExtract measurement in the CO storage tank level must befermentation vessel with monitored closely to ensure uninterruptedLiquiphant Density ensure a supply. Levelflex M FMP0 guided wavestable fermentation process by radar provides a set-and-forget alternativeallowing continuous adjustment, that eliminates the need for periodicas needed by the actual brew. calibrations. The coaxial probe is ideal. Rod or cable can be used in combination with patented “end-of-probe”function.
  9. 9. FiltrationProduction of a consistent product with minimal beer loss Degassed water pH of the degassed water must be monitored closely. Non glass IsFet pH (CPS71D) sensor and retractable holders, combined with Memosens technology, brings highest reliability and ensures purity of water. Conventional glass electrodes are also available. Flash pasteurizer temperature control Dissolved Oxygen measurement Fast response time is Examples are for trim cooler output, needed for stable control degasser, packaging release and in carbonation stage. The COS1D DO sensor provide reliable measurement with minimal maintenance.High gravity blending Filter performance Liquid storage or transfer tankMinimize beer loss with Differential pressure is a common Point level detection in any liquidcombination of high performance indicator for filter performance. storage or transfer tank is done reliablymetering - Promag 5H on water Conventional DP transmitter FMD78 without the need for any calibrationand Promass 8S for combined flow or electronic DP with PMC5 provide with the tuning fork point level switchincluding extract (Plato°) value. needed reliability. Optical sensors can Liquiphant FTL50H. be used for breakthrough alarm.10
  10. 10. PackagingKeep consumers happy with clean, crisp productBoundary or “taxation meter” Product identification Bottle and keg washingRequire documented prior to packaging Sanitizer concentration musttraceable periodic verification Conductivity is monitored be monitored to ensureof performance. FieldCheck throughput the process. A optimal cleaning efficiency.verification tool is easily used key measurement is on the Endress+Hauser offers a full lineto ensure performance and generate packaging release tank. of analytical sensors (for example,documentation that meet 7CFR Conductivity sensor CLS5 is for chlorine dioxide the CCS0part 5 for the Promag 5 magnetic used to verify that the expected chlorine dioxide sensor worksflowmeter between calibrations. product is in the line. This at low flow rate, require no zero can be combined with optical color point calibration and is not affected measurement for added safety. by conductivity fluctuations.Fillerbowl level Washdown Bright beer tankTo ensure complete fills To ensure sterility and food Highest accuracy is neededand avoid beer losses the safety during filling the to plan for bottling linefillerbowl level must be whole area is often washed free space radar FMR5measured accurately. The down with strong or hydrostatic level sensorFMI51 capacitance level sensor detergents/sanitizer. FMB70 provide this keyprovide best accuracy under All instruments are IP7 information.the fast moving conditions. or better to ensure life in washdown environment. 11
  11. 11. CIP optimizationKey process for quality, safety and yieldSecure records CIP make-up and chemicalCIP records are kept secure in tank inventoryvideo graphic recorders capable Level measurement for inventory orof meeting 1CFRpart 11. process control of aggressive chemicals is solved by multiple options depending on tank size and user preference - capacitance, ultrasonic or freespace radar are most common.Beer loss reduction CIP concentrationFast and effective interface/phase CIP concentration is critical to the foodseparation is key for reducing beer safety but also have big impact on use ofand water losses. The AF11 can help detergent and energy cost for heatingyou save large amounts from going CIP circuit. The CLD1 conductivitydown the drain. Saving you not only transmitter have the fastest temperaturein product losses but also in water compensation on the market and offertreatment costs. dual range capability. Ultrafast temperature compensation ensures best-in-class performance.1
  12. 12. WAGES – Water, Air, Gas Electricity SteamMake a difference to theenvironment and the bottom lineThe starting point for any conservation They now, for example, measure and Compressed air – a ¼” leak will costprogram is to know where you stand recover over 0% of all CO and have over $8000 in energy losses. Monitoringtoday and then identify potential areas reduced overall water consumption and of pressure or flow using thermal massfor improvement. For example; do you natural gas usage. flow or Vortex flow meters can helpreally need a larger air compressor identify leaks and usage during activeor can you reduce the air usage? By Typical WAGES monitoring in a brewery and idle periods.applying simple permanent or temporary involve steam measurement to monitormeasurements you can make qualified overall efficiency and to detect problems CO and natural can both be measureddecisions based on facts. with steam traps. Vortex flowmeter with DP flow or Vortex but more and more combined with steam computer gives you opt for entry level Coriolis flowmetersEndress+Hauser is in a position to direct energy readout. that provide highest accuracy and directhelp you monitor your resources to reading in massflow without the need forensure success of your conservation Water consumption is a big issue in the additional compensationinitiatives. One of our clients in the brewing industry, way too much waterbrewing industry, have reduced overall is wasted in inefficient cleaning and Measurement information is collectedenergy consumption (WAGES) by over washdown procedures, a simple magnetic and presented in easy to use program00% since implementing a monitoring flowmeter or a temporary clamp-on for trending and planning purpose.program in 00. ultrasonic flowmeter will help you keep Immediately see the result of your track while making improvements. conservation programs and identify where the next opportunity is. Setting energy targets Activity – 1
  13. 13. Wastewater treatmentReduced production losses = reduced cost of wastewater treatmentBy implementing in-line quality Step 1 Step 2control with checks and balances the Identify when and what is coming down pH balance, depending on the size of thebeer losses can be kept at a minimum. the drain. A simple optical sensor CUS1 plant and the local arrangement with yourHowever, even in the best conditions mounted in the drainpipe can immediately municipal treatment plant you may onlythere will be wastewater generated. identify a spill and the amount of solids need to monitor and balance the pH value.By applying simple measurement and (nutrients). Use this to implement a plan to pH sensors in conventional glass or non-glasscontrols the cost of water treatment reduce accidental spills and feed forward combined with the Endress+Hauser patentedcan be minimized. control for treatment plant. Memosens technology ensure maximum reliability and low maintenance. Step 3 Step 4 The wastewater in a brewery has very high Final effluent, depending on your level nutrient content (BOD) due to the alcohol, of environmental consciousness and the yeast and fermentable solids. By monitoring city/state regulations you need to monitor dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity and possibly and keep records of outgoing volume and TOC the treatment process can be optimized. residual nutrients. Electromagnetic or Example is use of DO in aeration tanks to ultrasonic flowmeters are commonly used effectively reduce BOD levels while only in combination with pH, DO, Chlorine and running the blowers at most energy efficient at times a TOC analyzer, all captured in an levels. Blower air is easily monitored with electronic record such as the videographic thermal or vortex shedding flowmeters. recorder Memograph M. Records can be managed in accordance with 1CFR part 11 and is easily shared with authorities.1
  14. 14. Calibration and instrumentation maintenanceFocus on your core competence - outsource the rest to the expertsPredictive maintenance and properly executed calibrationsare becoming more important as tools to maintain beerquality, reduce downtime and to be in compliance withconsumer driven as well as regulatory demands.Verification of Taxation metersDepending on the country and size of annual productionthere are requirement to document how much beer is Discussion around the SOPs, calibration certificates,produced. To ensure accuracy of reported production metrology plan labels and electronic recordingsvolume, calibration or verification documentation of theflowmeter is required. For example, in USA, the AlcoholTaxation is governed by the US Department of TreasuryAlcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). The TTBrequirements are defined in 1CFRpart 5. On-site calibration of Laboratory calibration of pressure devices level instrumentsEndress+Hauser provides the option to do a wet calibrationor a flowmeter verification that meets the TTB documentrequirements. Using the FieldCheck verification tool whichis traceable to NIST standards a fast on-site verification is On-site calibration of On-site calibration ofdone without removing the meter from service, reducing temperature instruments analysis devicesdowntime and labor costs. Instrumentation today offers a wide range of onboard diagnostics that can tell you if a device is in need of a check-up. Unfortunately, many times these functions are not used to their full capability. Let Endress+Hauser help you reach the full potential. Calibration or Verification and diagnostics, terms often misunderstood • Calibration = Comparison of performance parameter against a traceable reference • Verification = Test of electronics or sensor with signal simulator. Simulator should be traceable to recognized standard • Diagnostics = Onboard or external self check of key performance parameters and signal values that show health of sensor and transmitterOn-site calibration of flowmetersusing mobile flow rig 15
  15. 15. Endress+Hauser’s product portfolioLevel Pressure Flow• Capacitance (RF) • Gauge/absolute • Electromagnetic• Conductive • Differential pressure • Vortex shedding• Mechanical • Hydrostatic • Coriolis mass flow• Vibration • Ultrasonic• Ultrasonic • Open channel• Radar • D/P flow• Guided radar (TDR) • Thermal mass flow• HydrostaticTemperature Liquid Analysis Recorders• Temperature transmitters • Conductivity • Paperless recorders• RTDs/thermocouples • pH/ORP • Visual data managers• Sensors • Chlorine • Safety data managers • Dissolved oxygen • Displays • Turbidity • Barriers • Chemical analyzers • Power supplies • Nitrate/organic sensors • Sludge level • Sampling stationsSolutions Service• Wireless networks • Start-up• Inventory control • Training • Shop on-line for low-cost• Energy monitoring • Calibration instruments, devices and• Tank farm monitoring • Maintenance contracts components• Life cycle management • Installed base audit• Plant asset management• Flow management solutions• Wastewater treatment optimization ISO 001:000 Certified 0.10/SC USAUSA Canada Mexico InternationalEndress+Hauser, Inc. Endress+Hauser Canada Endress+Hauser México S.A. de C.V. For international locations50 Endress Place 1075 Sutton Drive Fernando Montes de Oca 1 Edificio A Piso visit:, IN 1 Burlington, ON L7L 5Z8 Fracc. Industrial San NicolásTel: 17-55-718 Tel: 05-81- 500 Tlalnepantla de BazSales: 888-ENDRESS (888--777) 800-8-1 Estado de MéxicoService: 800--877 Fax: 05-81- MéxicoFax: 17-55-88 Tel: +5 55 51 Fax: +5 55 51 CS