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Mago3D - An innovative AEC/GIS integration platform that can service millions of 3D objects on a web browser


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This talk was given at the Geospatial World Forum 2018.

This slides introduce a brand new live 3D geo-platform called mago3D that can integrate BIM/AEC(Architecture, Engineering, Construction) and 3D GIS in a web browser. mago3D can manage and visualize millions of 3D objects from different sources in a web browser without installing any plugin or ActiveX. 2 main cores of mago3D are mago3D.js and F4D format. mago3D.js is a set of JavaScript that expands existing WebGL Globe's functionality and usability. mago3D.js increases rendering quality and speed. mago3D.js runs on top of AGI's Cesium.js and NASA Web World Wind at the moment. One of big hurdle to integrate AEC and 3D GIS simultaneously is handling and visualizing the massive 3D objects. To overcome this hurdle, new format called F4D has been devised. F4D is a sort of 3D service format that contains LOD, pre-processed occlusion culling information, and visibility indexes. Currently industry standard IFC(Industry Foundation Classes), JT(Jupiter Tessellation), and popular 3D formats such as OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA DAE can be converted to F4D format. mago3D has been successfully used in several industries including ship building, FM(Facility Management), constructions so far. Real success story of mago3D will be presented during the talk.

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Mago3D - An innovative AEC/GIS integration platform that can service millions of 3D objects on a web browser

  1. 1. An innovative AEC/GIS integration platform that can service millions of 3D objects on a web browser! Sanghee Shin(
  2. 2. <Image Source:>
  3. 3. Geospatial Paradigm Shift Current Future Concept Object Information Context Awareness Data Consumer Prosumer/DIY User Person Things Visualization Real World Digital Twins Application Base Map Key Factor for Fusion Driving Entity Public Sector Private Sector Space Outdoor Indoor + Outdoor + Update Cycle Static Dynamic <Source: Hosang Sagong(2016), ‘Policy Directions of Spatial Information for Hyper-connected Society’ modified>
  4. 4. 3D GIS A system designed for acquisition, storing, processing, analysis, management, or publishing of geo- spatial data in 3D environment
  5. 5. <Image Source: > BIM/AEC A digitalized design data of construction, infrastructure, or large-sized facilities/machineries under CAD(Computer Aided Design) environment
  6. 6. Facility Management GeoBIM Platform Integration Model
  7. 7. GIS CityGML GeospatialInformation GISStandards IFC BIM OutdoorModel IndoorModel BIMStandards Construction DrawingsInfo. In/Outdoor GIModel (GeospatialInformation Model) From Standard,
  8. 8. From Industry,
  9. 9. And From Open Source…
  10. 10. mago3D is a platform for … Visualizing massive and complex 3D objects including BIM on a web browser 1 Seamless integration of BIM/AEC and 3D GIS in a single space2 Web based collaborative issue/process management4 ‘Digital Twin’ that can create parallel worlds in a virtual reality with numerous IoT, sensor data 3
  11. 11. Overall System Architecture Client internet Web Server WAS F4DStorag e mago3D.JS mago Content Management DataBase Cesium / World Wind F4D Converter 2 main cores of mago3D
  12. 12. 2 Main Cores of mago3D… F4D Converter mago3D.js mago3D.js 3D GIS Engines Cesium.js WebWorldWind.js API API service html F4D Converter F4D .ifc .3ds .obj .dae F4D Converter converts 3D formats(IFC, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, JT) to 3D internet service format F4D. It carries out data size reducing and pre-processing for fast rendering. JavaScript that expands existing WebGL Globe’s features to support BIM and indoor space.
  13. 13. BIM Integration Seamless integration of BIM and 3D GIS on the same platform Scene from indoor to outdoor through windows Scene from outdoor to indoor through windows
  14. 14. MEP Integration Integration of large size MEP and 3D GIS on a web browser
  15. 15. AEC Integration Integration of large size AEC and 3D GIS on a web browser
  16. 16. Cultural Heritage in Korea Cultural Heritage in Korea
  17. 17. 6 currently – Visualization of large-sized and highly detailed AEC data Tunnel, Department store, Bridge, Overpass offered by CUG(Civil User Group) in Japan Tunnel, Bridge in Japan
  18. 18. 6 currently – Various API supported APIs are supported for developing application systems(currently 29 APIs) moving/rotating a full building moving objects & viewing attributes registration/monitoring/search of issues OpenAPIs
  19. 19. Geospatial Context Matters!  mago3D can handle all the 3D objects in geospatial context
  20. 20. Future Plan A mago3D Cloud B mago3D B mago3D JT Obj IFC Collada3DS Revit weather data To the Digital Twin Platform
  21. 21. Web Page
  22. 22. Source Code
  23. 23. In Summary • mago3D is a web based 3D objects visualization and management platform that can int egrate BIM/AEC and GIS. • It can visualize massive and complex 3D objects including BIM on a web browser witho ut installing additional program or plugins. • It utilizes open source WebGL Globe - Cesium, World Wind or others to expand those fe atures and functions to indoor level. • mago3D itself is a open source project with Apache and AGPL licenses. • It supports many industry standard formats such as ifc, 3ds, obj, dae, kml, gltf...
  24. 24. For more information, please visit All the source codes are available at Thank you! Acknowledgement : This project is funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, Korea, through R&D number:18NSIP-B080778-04