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Introduction of MAGO3D


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One of goal of this project is seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space on top of web browser. This project aims at developing a sort of plugin for WebGL glove(Web World Wind, Cesium) to expand its functionalities and usabilities to indoor space and architectural (BIM) areas. MAGO3D can import IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) data from architecture files. And then MAGO3D can visualise massive indoor data, at least 100k objects, in a single scene seamlessly with traditional outdoor 3D GIS objects. Users can now manage and handle almost every geospatial object from desktop level to space level with MAGO3D. This project will evolve to manage and service more dynamic data such as IoT (Internet of Things), climate and weather data, and transportation.

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Introduction of MAGO3D

  1. 1. A Brand New Live 3D Geo-Platform MAGO3D Sanghee Shin( What Is Next? 2016
  2. 2. <Source: 2014년 5월 8일 중앙일보> <Source:
  3. 3. <Source: 2014년 4월 6일 중앙선데이> <Source: April 22, 2016>
  4. 4. <Source:>
  5. 5. Trends?
  6. 6. Comparing the evolution of ICT and SIT <Source: Sakong, Hosang(2016), Policy Directions of Spatial Information for Hyper-connected Society>
  7. 7. Change Process of Spatial Information <Source: Sakong, Hosang(2007)>
  8. 8. Location Technology Evolution <Source: Steve Liang(2016)>
  9. 9. Location Technology Evolution Source: 이기준, 2012, “공간정보관련 현안 이슈와 대응전략” 발표 자료를 재구성 Size of Space Number of Users 인구수 도시계획 국토건설네이게이션 인터넷 지도 스마트폰 LBS Person -> Things (IoT) 1980 1990 2000 2010 ~ 2020
  10. 10. Location Technology Evolution <Source: Steve Liang(2016)>
  11. 11. Location Technology Evolution <Source: Steve Liang(2016)>
  12. 12. Location Technology Evolution <Source: Steve Liang(2016)> Location is the first class citizen for IoT!
  13. 13. Location Technology Evolution
  14. 14. Location Technology Evolution Size of Space Mobility Small 1980 1990 2000 2010 ~ 2020 Large Static Dynamic <Source: Sakong, Hosang(2016), Policy Directions of Spatial Information for Hyper-connected Society>
  15. 15. Location Technology Evolution <Source: Thomas W. Oestreich(2015), “Location, the Next Champion in Analytics”, Gartner Group.
  16. 16. IoT, Big Data and A.I. 감각 기관 기억 지능 IoT(Internet of Things) Big Data A. I. Smartizen(10Bn) Smart Devices(100Bn) Smart Sensor(100Tn) <Source: 이상훈(2016), ‘ICT 기술 파도와 4차 산업혁명’을 수정, 재편집>
  17. 17. Paradigm Shift of Location Technology Current Future Concept Object Information Context Awareness Data Consumer Prosumer/DIY User Person Things Visualization Real World Cyber-Physical Space Application Base Map Key Factor for Fusion Driving Entity Public Sector Private Sector Space Outdoor Indoor + Outdoor + Update Static Dynamic <Source: Sakong, Hosang(2016), ‘Policy Directions of Spatial Information for Hyper-connected Society’ 수정>
  18. 18. Any Problems? Bottleneck!! BIM Point CloudDrone Image IoT
  19. 19. What MAGO3D is.
  20. 20. A Platform. Goal. Integration from space to desktop in a single platform1 Management/Providing on various type of GIS data including indoor/outdoor and point cloud. 2 For 4D over 2D/3D merging3 Processing/Visualization on real-time massive data such like weather, IOT, and etc 4
  21. 21. Identity? Base Lineup Base Lineup packaging Base Lineup GeoSHAPE GeoGig ?MAGO3D Purely open source based!
  22. 22. Identity. 3D2D operation & analysis IoT Interface Base Lineup Enhancement server service functionality To-Be. Base Lineup 3D FunctionalityMAGO3D
  23. 23. 3D? Cesium MAGO3D WWW MAGO3D whatever MAGO3D A plugin on any web 3D engines based on WebGL. For web 3D geo-spatial application developments. NOT an engine, BUT a plugin. MAGO3D is
  24. 24. 3D visualization with MAGO3D on Cesium Plugin on Cesium(HTML5)
  25. 25. 3D visualization with MAGO3D on WWW Plugin on Web World Wind(HTML5)
  26. 26. Functionality? Geo - Spatial I don’t know about geo stuffs. I just need ‘map’ in my service. A GIS platform should give more general-purpose functions to be used widely, even in non-GIS-specific fields.
  27. 27. Functionality. To offer functionalities which is on or can be coupled with geo-spatial To makes easy approach/handling on function results in 2D/3D environments. &
  28. 28. What we are doing with MAGO3D.
  29. 29. Indoor Handling scene from indoor to outdoor through windows vice versa Seamless integration between indoor and outdoor.
  30. 30. Indoor Handling MAGO3D can handle massive indoor data to the extend that at least 100k objects can be in a scene. power plant and flow system in a camp in Antarctic
  31. 31. Indoor data model invented for indoor handling object 1 object 2 object 3 object 4 object 5 object 6 …raw data indoor data model … mesh 1 mesh 2 mesh 3 model meshes object 1 : mesh 3 + transform matrix + color object 2 : mesh 1 + transform matrix + color object 3 : mesh 2 + transform matrix + color object 4 : mesh 3 + transform matrix + color object 5 : mesh 3 + transform matrix + color object 6 : mesh 2 + transform matrix + color … instances info
  32. 32. LiveDroneMap mosaic pluginFTP server MAGO3D image process with gdal - null value trimming - format conversion (to GeoTiff) - SRS conversion (to EPSG:4326) - building tile pyramid WMS tiled=true, format=image/png Time less than 5 min taken to process from FTP receiving to MAGO3D visualization with 41 drone-captured images. .jpg + .jgw LTE monitoring python
  33. 33. LiveDroneMap LiveDroneMap can be useful in various fields, specially in fields with priority for urgency such like emergency/disaster prevention or monitoring.
  34. 34. LiveDroneMap – Realtime Data Processing <Source: 서울시립대학교 센서 및 모델링 연구실(2016)>
  35. 35. LiveDroneMap – Rapid Post Processing <Source: 서울시립대학교 센서 및 모델링 연구실(2016)>
  36. 36. What we will do with MAGO3D.
  37. 37. Data Type Scope Extension meteorological/weather data real-time data (IOT, sensor/observation data) point cloud MAGO3D will be capable of handling more types of data.
  38. 38. Functionality Enhancement MAGO3D will have more functionalities on operation, analysis, UI, and styling visualization. type items analysis density map, standard ellipse, cost expectation over cost surface data, whisker analysis, detection abnormality from IOT data, etc operation raster operation(filtering, smoothing…), coverage rebuild, etc styling volume rendering, 3D vector/streamline, cubing, etc
  39. 39. Server-side Extension Server structure will be implemented to make MAGO3D an enterprise-level platform. 3D Service/Data Extensions Operation/Analysis Extensions Data Importer/Exporter Data Providing Server Plugins on Web 3D Engines Plugins for styling visualization Default Web Client Web Application Server Server-side
  40. 40. Demonstration
  41. 41. All source codes are available at Thank you!