Dr. Carmel Martin MBBS, PhD is an Australian medical graduate from the University ofQueensland. She completed a Masters in...
funded project under the Advanced Informatics in Medicine program. He establishedAustralias first massively parallel compu...
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PaJR Founder bios


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PaJR Founder bios

  1. 1. Dr. Carmel Martin MBBS, PhD is an Australian medical graduate from the University ofQueensland. She completed a Masters in Community Medicine at the London School ofHygiene, University of London and a PhD at the Australian National University. Herresearch in Australia, Canada and Ireland has focused on reforms related to primaryhealth care and chronic care, the nature of health in body, mind, society and theenvironment and meaning and sensemaking about personal health. Her PhD on the careof chronic illness in general practice, explored the nature of the experience of illness andcare associated with multi-morbidity from the perspectives of those afflicted and theirgeneral practitioner/primary care physician as the key „users‟ of care. This PhD led to awide range of systems based interventions, underpinned by complex adaptive systemstheory and social constructionist perspectives in Australia, Canada and Ireland. She is anAssociate Professor of Family Medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine inCanada and a Visiting Academic at Trinity College Dublin. Carmel is active in clinicalgeneral practice with a particular interest in chronic disease and illness and patientcentred care and complex systems.Dr. Carl Vogel has been an active researcher in artificial intelligence and cognitivescience for over 20 years, his first academic publication in 1988 about a rule-basedencoding of DSM diagnosis constraints. He was a Marshall Scholar 1991-1994, andsuccessfully defended a PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh in 1995.He has been a visiting scientist in labs in the Netherlands and Germany. He is at presenta Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Director of the Centre for Computing and LanguageStudies, and Director of Research for the School of Computer Science and Statistics atTCD. Linguistic anomaly is the theme which unifies the various strands of his research.Published works address synchronic analyses of natural language syntax and semanticsand also aspects of linguistic innovation such as through creative metaphorical languageand non-standard syntax which lead to diachronic effects, beginning with uptake indialogue. He has published on models (including simulations) of natural languageevolution and language change, as well as works on the idiolects language of individuals.His basic research in text classification and machine learning has been funded by ScienceFoundation Ireland. Applications of this research have proven useful in forensic, medical,political and literary analysis. One application, in document translation quality analysis,has recently been patented, registered with the European Patent Office.Dr Lucy Hederman is Director of the Centre for Health Informatics, and a lecturer, inthe School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. She has beeninvolved in Health Informatics research since 2000 when she joined, and subsequentlycoordinated, the HEA funded MediLink programme of research into linking clinicalknowledge to patient records. Since 2008 she is associated with the HRB funded Centrefor Primary Care Research led by Tom Fahy at RCSI. Her main research interest isclinical decision support systems, with applications primarily in primary care. She isdirector of the MSc in Health Informatics at Trinity College and lectures on healthinformatics, especially clinical decision support, on that MSc programme and on the HRBHealth Services Research PhD Scholars programme.Lucy graduated as a Computer Engineer from Trinity College Dublin in 1985, and thencompleted an MSc at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She completed her PhD back atTrinity College in 1998, with a thesis in the area of information extraction from text.Kevin A Smith MPhil brings over 30 years of advanced ICT research experience,including 14 years of research management at CSIRO – the Australian Government‟smain research agency. In the 1980s, he pioneered the application of massively parallelcomputing to a wide range of fields, co-founded a company researching and developingnatural language processing for Chinese, and was a Principal Investigator on an EU
  2. 2. funded project under the Advanced Informatics in Medicine program. He establishedAustralias first massively parallel computing facility in 1990. Then, in 1997, he setupthe joint Australian National University - CSIRO Virtual Environments Laboratory thatpioneered the development of collaborative hapto-visual environments for surgicaltraining. Later in 2000-01, he was the founding Director of the Western AustralianInteractive Virtual Environments Centre (www.ivec.org). In 2003-04, he was a StrategicAdvisor to the National Research Council of Canada in the setting up of the NationalInstitute for Nanotechnology. For the last 3 years, Kevin was a Translational ResearchLeader at the National Digital Research Centre (Ireland). Kevin has a BSc (Hons) inmathematics from the University of Tasmania and an MPhil in pure mathematics fromMurdoch University.Enda Madden, M.Sc. has a background in software engineering and computationallinguistics. With 10 years technology and technical sales experience in industries rangingfrom automotive, biotechnology and healthcare. He also holds industry qualifications inLean/Six Sigma process improvement methodologies. An established blogger andcommentator in the Health 2.0 community he is also deeply engaged in the debate onthe direction of semantic web and mobile technologies in healthcare. Endas previouscompany GroupNos was featured as “one to watch” in Business and Finance for 2010and was regional winner of the InterTradeIreland All Ireland Seedcorn competition 2009.