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Msg Viewer - Open Outlook .msg files


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Outlook .msg files can be viewed, searched and converted with Msg Viewer Pro software. This presentation gives an overview of the features and useability of Msg Viewer Pro. A Free trial can be downloaded from

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Msg Viewer - Open Outlook .msg files

  1. 1. Outlook Msg Viewer SoftwareOverview of operations ofMsg Viewer Pro Outlook.msg file email viewer.
  2. 2. Msg Viewer ProMsg Viewer supports these email formats forviewing and searching Outlook .msg files: .msg files (rich text, text, html)) .eml files  Outlook Express, Winmail, Thunderbird, Others… Outlook .pst Outlook .ost winmail.dat .mht /.mhtml files
  3. 3. Msg Viewer Pro Functions Quick search .msg file search (find string) Advanced search  Search by subject, string text, sent/received dates, sender or receive email address Save .MSG files as PDF  Bulk or individual export to .pdf  Embed Email File Attachments within a .pdf  Convert File Attachments into the PDF image Extract file attachments from .msg files and save them to a folder Convert .msg files into image files (gif/tif/etc)
  4. 4. Msg Viewer ProIncludes menu support for the following languages:  English (US/UK)  Spanish  French  German  Russian  Filipino  Hindi  Italian  Chinese (traditional/simplified)  Polish  Others by request
  5. 5. Msg Viewer ProEnterprise Deployment .MSI installer Silent install Software activation by command line Single serial code for multiple activations Uninstalling software resets activation key Protection-free build for site license customers
  6. 6. Msg Viewer Main Screen
  7. 7. Msg Viewer Menu1. View MSG files2. Reply to .msg files3. Reply All4. Forward message and file attachments5. Search .msg files6. Print (single or batch of emails)7. Export/convert .msg email messages
  8. 8. Pst File StructureMsg Viewer also opensOutlook .pst filesChoose PST file in foldnavExpand PST file to revealfolder structureClick on folder to reademail in that folderRight click, choose“Scan with subfolders” toread email in sub-folders
  9. 9. Msg Viewer Pro - Free Trial 15 days 30 day money back guarantee Trial limitation: exports limited to 50 emails per batch operation (this restriction is removed after purchase). Download Msg Viewer Pro free trial Buy Msg Viewer Pro Speak to a sales rep at +1-651-815-4902 x1
  10. 10. Msg Viewer Pro Developer Encryptomatic LLC Based in Minnesota USA Email viewing products since 2006 Clients: Fortune 500, Governments, small businesses, professional offices, individuals 1-651-815-4902