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Encore Moving and Storage Reviews Long-Distance Moving Tips for the Holidays


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Long-distance moving can be a hassle during the holidays, but it doesn't have to be if you do it right. Learn more here.

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Encore Moving and Storage Reviews Long-Distance Moving Tips for the Holidays

  1. 1. MOVING LONG DISTANCE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? Let us help! As a premier long-distance moving company helping movers bring their belongings interstate for years, people can’t help but write glowing Encore Moving & Storage reviews online. To further their commitment to their customers, Encore Moving & Storage offers some stress-free tips for moving during the holiday season.
  2. 2. TIPS FOR MOVING LONG DISTANCE DURING THE HOLIDAYS Address-Change Notifications: The holidays are a busy time for mail and package delivery. Don’t leave your friends and family in the dark about where to send stuff to you. Be sure to send out address-change notifications to anyone who might need to know. Check Weather: The weather where you’re moving could be much different than where you’re coming from. Make sure you’re prepared for the weather you’re ending up with and don’t try to drive large moving trucks long distances in winter storms. Avoid Holiday Traffic: The holidays are a time for happiness and cheer, but they also bring with some horrific traffic. Moving long-distance is time-consuming enough, you don’t want to spend most of your trip sitting in traffic. Check traffic reports and try to plan your trip accordingly. Prioritize Packing: There’s plenty of stuff to get done during the holidays so you don’t want to procrastinate on packing. Get this done and out of the way so that the only thing left to pack up before you leave your old place is your holiday decorations.
  3. 3. REASONS TO HIRE A MOVING COMPANY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON More Family Time: The holidays are meant to spent with loved ones. Let the experts handle most of the work and spend your time creating holiday memories with your family. Peace of Mind: Long-distance moving companies specialize in these kind of situations and you can rest assured that your belongings are safe as they travel across the country. With plenty to stress about during the holidays, your move doesn’t have to be one of them. All it takes is reading some Encore Moving & Storage reviews to see the benefits of hiring a reliable moving company. When you partner with Encore Moving & Storage, you’re sure to be pleased with your experience and will likely end writing some Encore Moving & Storage reviews of your own just like these ones…
  4. 4. AMANDA SHAPIRO "I usually don't take the time to do this, but, considering my AMAZING experience with Brian M and his team at Encore Movers, I just have to provide a huge THANK YOU! :) From the moment Brian called me to inquire about my move from Chicago to Orlando (1 of nearly 20 cold calls) he immediately stood out with his professionalism and empathy to the extremely stressful situation I was in. Brian was committed to fully understanding what was needed in order for me to have a successful and cost effective move, and went out of his way to make me comfortable with the entire process from start to finish. “He was always available to get on the phone if I had any questions and also extremely responsive via email. The guys who came to wrap & pick up my belongings (1bdrm apt) couldn't have been nicer and more efficient. Same goes for the guys who dropped everything off (about 10 business days later). They did a great job keeping me posted on their location roughly 2 days prior so we could schedule a time that would work best for me. I can't thank Brian M enough for his help and I will only recommend him and Encore Movers to my family, friends and colleagues knowing they will be well taken care of."
  5. 5. DANIEL GARCIA "I was asked to leave a review that described my experience with Encore Moving & Storage. I would say I am very pleased. I was informed from start to finish. Affordable and hard working. I will use them again. Moved from IL to CO."