Enclave, a Cinderella Story


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The once, and popular popular "Cinderella Story". We are re-posting this by request. (September 2008)

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Enclave, a Cinderella Story

  1. 1. enclave Offshore Development Centers Cinderella StoryIn but one short year, enclave became theFastest growing,Lowest Cost ,& Lowest TurnoverIT Outsourcing provider in Vietnam.Can’t seem to find a good fit?Looking for greener pastures? enclave Offshore Development Centers
  2. 2. enclave Offshore Development Centers read_me This presentation was written in 2008 It’s still one of the most widely viewed, and most shared We’ve already passed our 5th anniversary, and understandablythere have been some changes. There’s a new operations center, address, web domain, and the rates have changed @10%.We’ve had to correct some misinformation, but also strived to keep the presentation just as it was first viewed in 2008. Enclave.vn
  3. 3. enclaveAbout us Offshore Development CentersOffshore Development Centers (ODC) forInformation Technology Outsourcing (ITO), withValue, Stability, & Efficiency A mantra-not a motto.Rapid Ramping & Scalability 10 to100+ SW Engineers, now.Secure Dedicated Facilities A room, a floor or more.High Security & IP Protection Client’s are deadly serious about this. So are we.International Standards & Management Nothing else will do.“Keen as Mustard” As an Australian client puts it. “…to clients-they’re a godsend, to detractors, they’re annoying upstarts. Still, they’re the fastest growing, lowest cost, & lowest turnover ITO in Vietnam today.” San Jose Mercury News-May 2008
  4. 4. enclavevision Offshore Development CentersA new venture, by some Seasoned & TrustedHands in Global IT from the USA & UK●Belief in Vietnam as an idyllic venue foroffshore software development centers.●Driven by client & market need for Low Cost,High Stability, Security, & reliability.●Determined to deliver value, stability, andefficiency to our global ODC clients “I was witness to a long procession of great companies who had come to Vietnam looking for an answer. They were looking for relief from rising ● Committed to high standards, providing costs and instability in India, China and elsewhere.secure, reliable, quality offshore development Many left disappointed, unable to find a viable partner. Vietnam was the answer, but no one wascapabilities; and leading edge HR programs. offering a tenable solution. This was the genesis of enclave. A stable, high value ODC solution, & development of a dedicated “… low-cost & efficient yes-but we’re no IT professional corps of young engineers. sweatshop. Enclave is one of Vietnam’s best To accomplish this end, we left Saigon for DaNang employers, and best places to work, period.” in 2007. The results have been no less than a Cinderella story.” Enclave Founder & Chairman Stephen Cook
  5. 5. enclave ●belief Offshore Development CentersVietnam is still an idyllic venue for ODC’s:Demographics: A youthful populace 60% under 30years of age. Educated, ambitious & eager.Character. Earnest, & hard working. Desire to learnimprove, and do-well. Reverence of family, education, andelders. Hope springs eternal.Renaissance: Vietnam has been undergoing not only aboom, but a renaissance that goes far beyond economics &WTO. Vietnam is blooming.Peace of Mind: Excellent public safety, governmentsupport, open & inviting to the world, void of public discord,international tensions, or strife. “The ingredients are all here, but before Enclave no one had been serving up what ODC clients were hungry for”
  6. 6. enclave●challenge Offshore Development CentersVietnams ITO landscape:Saigon may be ground zero for Vietnam’s rapidly growing(40%) IT industry, but it’s also home to rapidly escalatingcosts, and alarming turnover. Hanoi’s not much better.Of some 1200+ IT firms, fewer than 6 have 200 or moreengineers or valid CMMI credentials. Even longstandingfirms are having difficulty keeping their own seats filled.More so with the arrival of the multinational ITO firms fromIndia & elsewhere.The landscape is rapidly changing. Recent acquisitions &strategic investment of some Vietnam ITO’s has beenraising eyebrows.The ‘countryside’ may not be popular with ITO executives, Wheeler dealers, movers and shakers.but its been a hit with our ODC clients. Relative isolationmeans more stability, lower costs, and greater security. Vietnam has rapidly emerged from a generation of post- war isolation. Its success has been largely a matter ofMore than 80% of Vietnam’s populace resides outside luck- being in the right place at the right time.Saigon/Hanoi. Vietnam has a fresh new image and rising appeal abroad; but success has been bittersweet for Vietnam’sWhat’s been a bane to VN ITO’s is in fact a blessing at ITO industry.Enclave. IT graduates are difficult to entice to Saigon-& Photo: National Geographic Magazineeven harder to retain, but Enclave brings jobs home-whichis where many prefer to be.
  7. 7. enclave●value Offshore Development CentersLow Cost/High ROIHow is that possible? Rates: 4th Qtr 2008 $US/MonthCost effective venues. Scale SW1 SW2 SW3 PM Team AvgSaigon may be ground zero for IT in Vietnam, but its also 150home to escalating costs, and rampant turnover. Many 100say Hanoi’s even worse.ODC Only, offshore delivery. 75 50 SEE UPDATE 25Project based firms must constantly re-package and re-sell capacity. It’s inherently inefficient & costly. ODC’s All Inclusive: Personnel, Facilities & Standard HW/SWare long term, high utilization, engineering platforms. It’s Roles Not Titles at Enclavea ready & reliable engineering office abroad-an ODC is •SW-1: Software Engineer 1 (SW engineer)yours and yours alone. •SW-2: SW Engineer 2 (Senior Engineer) •SW-3: SW Engineer 3 (Team Lead)Low Overhead. •PM Project/Group Manager •Team Average (15/6/3/1 proportion)No overseas offices or staff. No sales & marketingdepartment, no jet-set executives, no lavish t&e. We Basic Terms •1-3 Year Terminvest where it counts most: capacity & capabilities. •Annual CPI Adjustment w/ Cap (9%) •Terms: Monthly in Advance (MIA), or Net 15 with Deposit
  8. 8. enclave●stability Offshore Development CentersIsolate ‘Safe Haven’ venuesHigh SecurityStable Regional MarketsStrong Community RelationsExceptional Institutional RelationsLow turnover is the key.Enclave’s the lowest- under 2%Why? DaNang Software Engineering Center 2008: View inside a client ODC. (Courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News)High Job Satisfaction,Progressive Human Relations ProgramExcellent Working Environment Hard to BelieveEsprit & Opportunity Turnover under 2% is incredible for Vietnam, but more fascinating yet... the leading cause of attrition is ‘marriage & romance’.
  9. 9. enclave●efficiency Offshore Development CentersSeasoned ODC client’s will tell you.Vietnam has an efficiency gap.But Enclave is closing it.Efficiency can be trained & instilled.We begin with Bootcamp•A rude Awakening;•12 arduous weeks,•Breaking barriers; A Client ODC in DaNang Vietnam: Collaboration & teamwork are the•Forging diligence & teamwork; cornerstone to efficiency gain in Vietnam.•Instilling professionalism, & responsibility;•Building esprit & mission mindedness.The Engineering Team:A sum greater than its parts
  10. 10. enclave●facilities Offshore Development CentersModern Production FacilitiesCity Center Locales Layout:Reliable Infrastructure DaNang Software Engineering Center #1Single Occupancy Modern Office BuildingsSecure/Contiguous Production SpaceHigh Security-Electronic Access ControlsProfessional Working Environment24/7 access, duty officer, & securityTeam Organization/Structure Enclave: (Venue) Multiple facilities Facility ≈ 250 in multiple clusters Cluster 1 2 3 4 5 Average Team Cost<$1200 The cluster occupies one dedicated & secured area A cluster is 2 or (floor) of an Enclave Unit, with client’s visiting team. more Teams Team 1 [cluster 1] Team 2 [cluster 1] SW1 SW2 SW3 PM SW1 SW2 SW3 PM                     Adjunct Resource & Support: Technical, Security, Training, Maintenance, Communications
  11. 11. enclave●community Offshore Development CentersInstitutional Partnership AccordsMore than 90% of central Vietnams engineeringstudents graduate from IPA universities.SW Engineering Bootcamp is now recognized for Universitycredit towards graduation. Final Semester engineering students cangraduate & begin work months early.Masters Degree in Computer Science: A first in Vietnam. VietnamNational Polytechnic University DaNang (VNPU). One of the threevaunted National Polytechnic Universities (Saigon, Hanoi, &DaNang) is beginning a Master’s Degree program at Enclave-forEnclave engineers.New: Carnegie Mellon & Duy Tan University program inComputer Science. Enclave sponsorship/participation.Direct Assistance: Scholarship Programs, & Student Programs “it’s our policy to support & work withe.g. VNPU Robotics Team Vietnam’s leading institutions, not to openCareer Center at DTU: Placement & Career planning one of our own”.New 2nd Degree Program: Qualified grads (math, science…) are Stephen Cook, Chairmanreturning for a 2nd degree in Computer Science.Language Skills Programs: Teaching teachers, English MEMBERS: Vietnam Polytechnic University Bridging the futureterminology initiative for IPA Universities. A little goes a long way. enclave.ipa Duy Tan University-Hue University- DaNang Education University –University of Foreign Languages DaNang Institutional Partnership Accords
  12. 12. enclave●capability Offshore Development Centers Did You Know? Enclave has the highest proportion of women engineers in Vietnam IT (nearly 40%). The industry norm is 10-15%.
  13. 13. enclave●harmony Offshore Development CentersA sum greater than its parts.Put it all together:•A veritable Oasis•Dedicated & Loyal Workforce•Professionalism & Dedication•Community & institutional support•IPA & Institutional Involvement•High security and IP ProtectionVietnam’s idyllic ODC setting, without Bootcamp #1 DaNang August 2007the chaos We make IT work.
  14. 14. enclave●photo pages Offshore Development Centers Scenes from Enclave’s DaNang Software Engineering Center Enclave’s DaNang Center has 12 ODC Labs, conference rooms, data center, assembly hall, and more. Enclave facilities are secured, city center, sole-occupancy modern office buildings for 200+ engineers.
  15. 15. enclave Offshore Development CentersVisitor Entrance, Danang Software Engineering Center #1 Visit of the US Ambassador to Vietnam, September 2008, with CEO Hung Le, Chairman Steve Cook, and engineers.
  16. 16. enclave ●more info Offshore Development Centers Status & Availability: The Enclave is pleased to current monthly status report and provide the following availability for Enclaves. Includes the current quarterly rates for information to clients & open venues.their referrals on request to: ODC@enclaveIT.com HR Matters! ‘Disillusioned, disaffected engineers don’t work for us, so how could they work for Engineering Success: Our current brochure. you” . The Allure of Vietnam Background on Vietnam’s HR at Enclave: An overview of recruitment, development, emergence, and renaissance. (PDF) compensation & benefits, and Vietnam’s IT Landscape: A current view of Vietnam’s IT culture of Enclave. outsourcing landscape. (PPT) Bootcamp- Rude Why Vietnam? Why Enclave? Why ODC clients pick Awakening: The how’s and Vietnam, Enclave and DaNang. A bird’s eye view of the ITO whys of Enclave’s Bootcamp. landscape. (PDF) Working with Enclave: Information for prospective clients. Guide for Candidates: Our current recruitment brochure & The ODC roadmap & service level standards, and Staging Contract. guide. (Print) (PDF) IPA Quarterly: Activities & News Security & Risk Management: An overview of Enclaves’ from members of Enclave Institutional system of risk assessment, prevention, interdiction, mitigation, and Partnership Accords. recovery.
  17. 17. enclave●Thank you Offshore Development Centers www. enclave.vn F. Stephenson Cook, Sr. (USA) HCMC, Vietnam Chairman of the Board of Directors Please contact us Mobile (+84) 90 893-4440 fscooksr@enclave.vn for more information GoogleTalk: fscooksr Hung Hoang Le (USA) We thank you for your DaNang, Vietnam Chief Executive Officer interest in Enclave. Mobile (+84) 90 302 3099 ceo@enclave.vn Skype:enclaveIT.ceo Rick Yvanovich (UK) TRG International 5th Floor - Central Plaza 17 Le Duan Boulevard District 1, HCMC Vietnam Enclave Vietnam rick@trginternational.com Da Nang Software Engineering Center Tel: (+84) 8 823 6900 453-455 Hoang Dieu  DaNang, VN Fax: (+84) 8 826 6899 Tel +84 (511) 625 3000  Fax: +84 (511) 625 3222 pao@enclave.vn  www.enclave.vn TRG International Global IT- 13 years in Vietnam!
  18. 18. enclave Straight Talk Offshore Development Centers+84 90 302 3099 Skype: enclaveIT.ceo CEO Hung Le, Danang Vietnam GMT-7BS University of California Davis Computer Science & Mathematics MS Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Computer Science National Science Foundation Fellowship-,Korea General Electric Bentley NV United Defense-Mt. View, CA Varian-Palo Alto Ericsson-Menlo Park Global Cybersoft, Vietnam