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Yoga stretches for surfers


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Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa Costa Rica fr improve surfer's skills.

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Yoga stretches for surfers

  1. 1. Yoga Stretches for Surfers Most surfers are probably already aware that the practice of Yoga results in great benefits for the physical body and beyond. Yoga Retreat Santa Teresa Costa Rica
  2. 2. 3 legged downward dog w/ bent knee Begin in downward-facing dog pose with your hands outer shoulder distance apart and feet parallel to each other, at least hip width apart
  3. 3. Standing Pigeon w/ Eagle arms Begin standing upright and cross your right ankle over your left lower thigh (right above the knee), keeping the foot active and flexed to protect the knee joint.
  4. 4. Forearm plank w/ a "twist" Begin with your knees and forearms on the ground, making sure that your forearms are parallel to each other and shoulder distance apart.
  5. 5. Dynamic "Shalabasana" w/opposite arm and leg Lay down on your stomach with your legs hip distance apart and arms extended out in front of you (shoulder distance apart). Keeping your gaze facing the floor, turn the palms of the hands to face each other, and as you inhale lift your right arm, chest, and left leg up off the earth. T
  6. 6. Navasana prayer Begin seated on the ground with your knees drawn into your chest, grabbing the backs of the thighs with your hands. With the knees bent, first lift up along the spine moving the crown of the head toward the sky and the tailbone firmly down to the earth
  7. 7. Yoga Stretches for Surfers ... Practice in Costa Rica! • Read more : • Contact Us: • Costa Rica Ph: (506)2640-0852 SKYPE: pranamarvillas EMAIL: