What to do on the Osa Peninsula


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Some great activities on the Osa Peninsula Area.

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What to do on the Osa Peninsula

  1. 1. Osa Peninsula is one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Costa Rica. The small stretch of remote rugged jungle in the southwestern corner of the country, bounded by the deep blue Pacific Ocean to the west and the placid Golfo Dulce to the east, is renowned by scientists, explorers and nature lovers as an astounding paradise. http://www.nicuesalodge.com/why-is-the-osa-peninsula-costa-rica-such- a-favorite-place-to-visit/
  2. 2.  Several private trails on the preserve connect with trails in the national park. Since access to the park is through private properties accessible by boat only, you can be guaranteed little to no encounters with other people. Hiking tours in Costa Rica
  3. 3.  Explore gorgeous coral reefs and virgin blue waters at Cano Island Full Day Boat Tour. With turquoise blue waters and colorful coral reefs, Cano Island, located near the Osa Peninsula is one of the best Costa Rican snorkeling and scuba diving destinations. Snorkeling tour in Osa Peninsula
  4. 4.  At the very bottom of Costa Rica, the placid blue waters of the Golfo Dulce shine like a mirror most days, reflecting occasional clouds and the immense cerulean sky. Its calm surface is broken by the odd small, local boat cruising along, but the most action is caused by dolphins frolicking or fishing, sea turtles swimming, fish jumping out of the water, and marine birds diving for those fish. Dolphin and whale watching in Golfo Dulce
  5. 5.  The Golfo Dulce is a special place to kayak. Travel along the blue/green waters with the dramatic rainforest canopy in the background. Keep your eyes open for dolphins and other marine life swimming by. Kayak Vacations Packages in Costa Rica
  6. 6.  Go to a point off of Matapalo that is known for its right point break-perfect for any level Surfing in Matapalo
  7. 7.  Located on the Golfo Dulce, one of the deepest gulfs in the world, and minutes from the mouth of the Pacific Ocean, Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is perfectly located to enjoy both world class off-shore (i.e. deep sea) and in- shore fishing adventures! We offer a variety of fishing opportunities -ranging from a casual hour of late afternoon fishing right off our pier for small bonito or snapper to a full day of world class sport fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna and dorado. And… lots of options in between. Costa Rica Fishing Vacations
  8. 8.  http://www.nicuesalodge.com/why-is-the-osa-peninsula-costa- rica-such-a-favorite-place-to-visit/  US Toll-Free: 1-866-504-8116  Costa Rica Sales Office: +506-2258-8250 or +506-2222-0704