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Prepositions of-time


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Prepositions of-time

  1. 1.  For exact time – “At nine o´clock.” Meal times. – “ at breakfast.” Specific parts of the day.- “ at night” Festivals. – “at Christmas” Some time expressions.- “ at the moment, at the weekend…”
  2. 2. For days of the week. - On Tuesday.” For dates. “ On June 23rd.” For aniversaries. – “ On my birthday” For special days. – “ on Christmas day.”
  3. 3. For months of the year. . –”In July.”.” For seasons. –”In Autumn.” For years. –”In 1971.” For parts of the day ( but AT night). –”In the evening.”
  4. 4. Common expressions with: This... Last… Next... Every…
  5. 5. Common expressions with: This... Last… Next... Every…