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Healthy.and Unhealthy Habits ppt lucía


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Healthy and unhealthy habits.Science 4º

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Healthy.and Unhealthy Habits ppt lucía

  2. 2. HEALTHY UNHEALTHY 1-Eat healthy. 1-Infectious diseases. 2-Exercise. 2-Bad eating habits. 3-Sleep. 3-Straing at a screen. 4-Keep clean. 4-Allergies. 5-Have medical check-ups. 5-Alcohol and tobacco.
  4. 4. PYRAMID FOOD A HEALTHY DIET -Iron helps blood carry oxygen around the body. -Potassium helps your heart muscles and nerveswork properiy. -Vitamins helps your body. -Proteins build muscle and help us grow. -Carbohydrates provide fibre, which helps move food through the digestive sistem. -Remember to drink plenty of water.
  5. 5. - It is very importan to do exercise regulary. - Exercise makes our body stronger and it also helps our circulatory and respiratory systems.
  6. 6. - Children have to sleep 10 hours. Adults have to sleep 8 or 9 hours. It is very important that we get enought sleep. Sleep allows our body to rest and grow. Sleep also helps the brain develop so that speech and memory function properly.
  7. 7. -We wash our body to remove dirt, bacteria and sweat. -We should wash our hands before we eat and after going to the toilet. We also need to remove food and plaque from our teeth by brushing them at least twice a day.
  8. 8. -Medical check-ups monitor our health and check that our body systems are working properly. Your doctor will also make sure you have the vaccinations you need to protect you from certain diseases.
  10. 10. -Some diseases, such as colds, are contagious. The germs or pathogens Usually enter the body throu- gh the nose ore the mouth. The body has natural defen- ces,such as white blood cells.
  11. 11. -Eating a lot of food and doing little exercise can cause weight problems. - Try to avoid products that contain more than 22% sugar and more than 15% salt. - Some of these additives are very bad for your body.
  12. 12. Playng video games too ofter can result in weight gain , sleep loss , hedaches , backache and eye strain.
  13. 13. -Some people are aller- gic to dust ,pollen,ani- mal hair and certain foods.
  14. 14. -Smoking can stop you growing,as well as body Affecting your lungs and heart.
  15. 15. LUCIA P. J. 4º