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Healthy and unhealthy habits.ppt hugo


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Healthy and Unhealthy habits

Published in: Education
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Healthy and unhealthy habits.ppt hugo

  1. 1. Healthy and Unhealthy habits
  2. 2. Different nutrients help our body systems A healthy diet is a balanced diet
  3. 3. Exercise makes our body stronger and it also helps our circulatory and respiratory systems
  4. 4. Sleep allows our body to rest and grow
  5. 5. We wash our body to remove dirt
  6. 6. We wash our hands before we eat
  7. 7. We brush our teeth after we eat
  8. 8. Medical check-ups monitor our health and check that our body systems are working properly
  9. 9. Unhealthy habits
  10. 10. Some diseases, such as colds, are contagious
  11. 11. Eating a lot of fast food and doing little exercise can cause weight problems
  12. 12. Playing video games can result in weight gain, sleep loss, headaches, backache and eye strain
  13. 13. Some people are allergic to dust, pollen, animal hair and certain foods
  14. 14. Alcohol and tobacco cause serious health problems