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Partner in Healthcare Business

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  1. 1. <ul><li>About us
  2. 2. Mission and Values
  3. 3. Business Focus
  4. 4. People
  5. 5. Partners
  6. 6. Contacts</li></ul>YOUR PARTNER IN HEALTHCARE<br /><br />
  7. 7. About us...<br />PHARMAHOUSE.COM is a recent company in healthcare market with activities in Portugal and Spain. We represent and support brands or companies willing to market there products in the Iberia region.<br />PHARMAHOUSE.COM acts in partnerships with companies that want to enter in the Iberian market or others that already in the market and asking for our services : Sales, Marketing and Promotion, Regulatory Affairs and Distribution.<br />PHARMAHOUSE.COM is managed by Ludgero Encarnação, who has one vast professional experience of more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, half of which passed in the F. Hoffman La Roche, Consumer Healthcare division in Portugal. His international career was developed managing several operations in Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, he was General Manager in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. His specialization in the OTC (over the counter) market, pharmaceutical distribution, sales and marketing, his capacity in organization and leadership, his energy, positive attitude and constant search of new challenges, guarantee one of the important pillars for the success of the company.<br />Our people background are resultant of developed activities in different companies, success histories and learnigs, work processes implementation with sight to the growth, performance and results.<br />
  8. 8. Mission and Values<br />Provide excellence and quality services to our partners and costumers.<br />Be innovative, different, creative and to add value in the performance of our activities.<br />Respect and be honest with our partners, clients, colleagues and suppliers.<br />Act with ethic, respecting the good practices of the pharmaceutical industry and the country rules and laws.<br />
  9. 9. Business Focus<br />PHARMAHOUSE.COM, is focused on selling, promotion and marketing activities in the Pharmacy and Drug-Stores channels.<br />We act in different and complementary business areas: OTC&apos;s , Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Vitamins, Herbals, Food Supplements, Wellness and Cosmetics, Orthopedics, Oral Care, NRT ( Nicotine Replacement Therapy), Devices and others...<br />Our principal task is the total satisfaction of our costumers, offering original and innovative products, with high quality and proved efficacy, competitive prices, attractive commercial conditions and fast delivering service.<br />
  10. 10. People<br />Our professionals are originating from the leading companies in pharmaceutical industry with large experiences in different areas of business.<br />We give great priority to the continued training programs to our people in different areas, technical and scientific, providing proper tools for the development of our activities with good performance.<br />Our group is highly motivated and asked to being different, innovative, with an active attitude of initiative and commitment.<br />
  11. 11. Partners<br />Our objective is to establish partnerships with solid bases, looking for the future, in a Win-Win compromise …<br />We are looking for partners who want to enter in the Iberian region (Portugal or Spain) to market his products through a dedicated and committed company, specialized in the Pharmacy channel.<br />We are also looking for partnerships with companies already installed in the market, that want to use our services in promotion, co-promotion projects.<br />We offer a team of professionals in sales and marketing, well prepared and trained for getting results and success.<br />
  12. 12. Contacts<br /><ul><li>Please contact us for Spain or Portugal:
  13. 13. E-mail:
  14. 14.</li>