Graphic of analysis ii


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Graphic of analysis ii

  1. 1. Introduction section Audiences Conclusion section Topics of “conversation” University directives Methodological issues are Faculty members brought to the fore Researchers in HE Topics of “conversation”Audiences Deferred responses “pursued” The importance of researching -More scientific writing and scholar and institutional movements in teaching disciplinary assumptions (expectations?) of writingResearchers in HE writing university teachers and -Problematize the pedagogical project of this institution in which has been published to, students and its impacts in among other issues, advocating in developing argumentative writing through theThose scholars conceive writing teaching practices, especially in curriculumas a sharp phenomenon the writing assignments -The current composition curriculum of the Institution is adequate in the first years, butinvolved in transforming and what is achieved in those courses seem to be vanished in the actual disciplinarymeaning-making of the reality. curriculum. Deferred responses “pursued” - Including more reading and writing in the disciplinary subjects - Including in teaching writing the use of written prompts for writing assignments Further research - Changing teaching practices: more writing in the courses/using textual formats as part University teachers should of what is demanded and assessed in the students’ texts change their teaching practices - Faculty members should be more consistent between what they say, what they expect, and what they do in their teaching practices - Researching on actual expectations of the disciplinary faculty, given the problematic Authors context in which they are proposing the writing assignments. Authors Strategies Theoretical frameworks Strategies Theoretical frameworks -Direct quotations (Carlino quoted Bogel - Adequate feedback affects and Hjortshop and Bojacá) of theoretical positively the student writing Indirect quotations without overt University teachers frameworks to point out the claim - Conducting research projects reference to authors, theories or dates of assumptions (expectations?) involving analyzing teaching practices -Indirect quotation without a specific publication (illustration below) upon writing affect writing author but claiming that reading and is difficult because it creates assignments; and, writing resistance in the professors. writing is important in disciplines. assignments involved cognitive - Indirect quotation using italic to make - an evidence of the student growth and discursive challenges as writer might appear in textual reference to a conceptual framework - A explicit and direct quotation are used qualities that the text actually to define how the authors conceive deploys and the textual qualities "conception" in teaching practices that the student is able to declare as important features in her/his writing when s/he talk about it. - In upper division, students seem to be more aware of their own qualities as writers as well as their teachers’ expectations - recognizing superestructural features (formats) in a text is part of becoming a writer in HE - Writing is an epistemology tool in HE