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  • Plan of ideas a2

    1. 1. Plan of Ideas
    2. 2. First Idea-Horror• This was the first idea I thought of when choosing the appropriate genre, I decided this because I had number of ideas into how I can create a successful horror trailer, my first thoughts where that the ideas required by a horror trailer where not difficult to collaborate, also I think that various age groups would be interested• Plan- A family of four decided to go away for the weekend at this place where the father was told that it’s a great place for families, little did they know, that it was an isolated place where you are unlikely to see any visitors, when they arrived they can feel the tense atmosphere, the door of the hotel was covered in blood , but they continued to go, as they opened the creaky door, it was evident that not many people would come to visit, at the receptionist they stood gazing around this spooky place
    3. 3. Reasons why I didn’t choose this idea• I decided against this idea as it didn’t appeal or interest me. The storyline itself is rather boring and would not draw attention to its target audience, also the editing techniques involved within the trailer will be difficult to create as it the cuts happen within seconds, moreover the trailer itself
    4. 4. Second idea- romantic comedy• For my second idea I thought of romantic comedy as I had some interest within the genre itself.• Plan-A man gets a chance to meet up with his dream girl from highschool, even though his date with her back then was a complete disaster.• They where both in lessons together, however she did not know that he had a massive crush over her, he always tried things to get closer , but she was a popular girl within the class, so all boys had a crush on her, but he was not willing to give up.
    5. 5. Reasons why I did not choose this idea• decided against this idea as it involves a huge storyline with a range of characters, therefore I am unable to create a trailer where I have not got the right amount of characters to produce a successful trailer, due to these factors I am impotent to produce a trailer of that calibre, Furthermore due to it involving two characters who are in love, I cannot produce a task which my characters are not comfortable in doing.
    6. 6. Third Idea- action/comedyFor my third idea I thought of action /comedy this is due to thefact that I enjoy watching movies of this type. It shows to sides ofa movie, one side being very funny and the other beingserious, this is the reason I chose this idea as it would interestthe viewers.Plan- Two police officers team up to get back a kidnappeddaughter.The triads have kidnapped the chiefs daughter and the two copsare on the mission to getting her back
    7. 7. Reasons why I chose this Idea• My final decision was action/ comedy , I believe this genre is something that I believe I can create, it is exciting and funny at the same times, at times it will you jump out your sits and it will be a movie which you are unable to forget.I also believe that I have the appropriate characters who can produce scenes of a high standard