Organisations of subject, location, costumes and props as


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Organisations of subject, location, costumes and props as

  2. 2.   Within my magazine I am going to use one male Asian model as the artist of my magazine. I will dress them appropriately according to my genre. In my case Bhangra, below are some ideas, these images are the ways in which I intend to position them/ pose as well as the shot type. The shot type is very important as i want to create as much space as possible around the model. I will take a number of shots before choosing the best one. By positioning and dressing them in certain ways, it is likely to attract potential buyers. The artist below include Akshay kumar, Raj patel,Shahruk khan who all have distinctive fashion sense and style which makes them distinguished. I need to ensure that I use inimitable style which will instantly attract attention.
  3. 3.  The clothing and footwear used to dress my models will be similar to those below. I will be taking a range of shots with different costumes, they will vary in colour and design, before the right shot has been chosen. As shown below the extra accessories include sequences and beads and the scarf’s with the sherwanis aswell as the matching sandals.  The purpose of dressing the models in a distinctive way is to show their uniqueness.
  4. 4.  For the cover shots I intend to take, I may not require many props, some props which I may use include shades, chairs and instruments. Below are some ideas which I may consider to use in my own magazine. The use of props gives my magazine an interesting but affecting look to it .The props in my magazine is something which you will not expect in other magazine which will give my magazine a unique look.
  5. 5.  In terms of location I may use the drama studio which is based in Grace Academy Darlaston, depending on the weather conditions I may even take my pictures outside. Other options include external studios  and my own home. The most likely option will be my own home as there is enough space and light which is imperative when taking my pictures as well as this I am able to work closely with the artist.