Development of magazine


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Development of magazine

  1. 1. Development of Magazine
  2. 2. Front coverMy magazine cover was successful in terms of conforming to the drawn planswhich I created and did not differ in terms of the final outcome, the plansoutlined where each element of the page would go, and I have followed this as aguide throughout, I have placed the image, the sub-articles, main title and barcodewhich can be seen clearly drawn out on the plans, I have executed the planeffectively . I believe the drawn out plans did not require any major changes, this isbecause it was positioned and located in appropriate places, it followed theconventions of existing magazines. The only minor tweak which was slightlydifferent is the “katrina kaif” was written in smaller letters, I decided to expand thisto a larger size, as this would make it clearer for the viewer and make the frontcover stand out even more. I did not need to make any other adjustments to myfront cover, as all the elements on the drawn out plans where pretty much exact
  3. 3. As you can seethe title ispositionedcentrally at thetop of thepage, as thiswas my originalplansThe barcode requiredslightly changing as itwas a bit up the pageand I adjusted bymoving it downThe sub-articleson both sides ofthe page are alsoaccording to myoriginal plans, thiswas I expected itto beI wanted to makethe model themain focus and Ibelieve I amsuccessful indoing so as thesub-articles areeither aligned tothe left or theright
  4. 4. Contents pageI will comment on the contents page and whether my final outcome differedfrom my original hand drawn plans. The element which was different wasthe actual ‘contents’ title, originally I located it in the middle as I thought itwould be more clearer to see, however on second thoughts I changed it andplaced it aligned to the left,this was mainly because it looked more attractivewhen it was placed on the left. Apart from this element, I stuck to theoriginal plans which I had created by placing the features on the left handside of the page, as well as whats in the magazine, to make the contentspage I also added an image which I situated on the top right hand side of thepage, this again is found in the original plans, I also placed ‘Lomattic special’on the right hand bottom corner to ensure that the content page has beenused effectively.
  5. 5. As you can see Ihave placed the‘contents titletowards the left ofthe pageThe featuring articlesand numbers whereaccording to mydrawn plans, so I didnot change or addanythingLomattic special isplaced in thebottom corner andhas a black boxwhich makes it lookconsistent andprofessional
  6. 6. Double page spreadI will now talk about the how I went about developing my double pagespread, the first component which differed from my original plans was thequote which I ended up locating it in the left hand page, at first I thought itwould look more appropriate in the bottom corner, however this element has tostand out as it is an inspirational quote, within my plans I had the right handside which consisted of an image, this element was originally in my drawn plansso I did not need to change this, I wanted the image to fill one whole pagebecause I wanted the viewers to be inspired and reflect on the modelscareer, the interview is another element which I decided to input into mydouble page spread, but the red and black combination was not in my originalplans, so I added to make sure that the viewer does not get confused on whichis the question and the answer.
  7. 7. As you can see I havelocated the quotecentrally on the lefthand side of the page,this ensures that it canbe seen easilyThe interview itself iswritten in two differentcolours, this separates themfrom the question andanswerThe main image takesup the space on theright hand side of thepage, this was theoriginal plans.