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Appropriate digital-technology-and-ict3

  1. 1. Appropriate digitaltechnology and ICT
  2. 2. Storage device-Memory stick- I will be using a memory stick to save my workas a back up, as the school system is not reliable, this way Iam unable to lose any of the work which I have produced.Alternatively I will be using my personal blog and documentto keep my work updated. However a disadvantage ofmemory sticks is that they can be easily lost or dropped.
  3. 3. SlideShareI have used this software to showcasemy work in a more creative way which iseasier to view and understand. It makesmy blog page look more effective andnot so cramped of overloaded. It shows Ihave used my imagination to this ofmore useful ways of showing my work.
  4. 4. Camera- I will be using a camera to take all the imagesof my artist. I will ensure that my camera produces goodpictures, making good use of the lighting. I may eventake my pictures outside in a different setting so it isessential that the quality of the images are clear. If thecamera is not of a good quality the pictures will not beclear and will have a bad effect on the model.
  5. 5. Adobe PhotoshopI will be using this software toproduce my own magazine, aswell as this I will be editing mypictures to make my magazinemore effective. The software offersa variety of features which i amable to use to enhance the qualityof the images. However thesoftware takes time to get use towhich can be a problem to thosewho have never used thesoftware. As a new user has tounderstand which tools are usedin different circumstancesPhotoshop has been a challengeto work with as at first it was hardto know what tools to used andwhat they did, however afterconsistently using it and getting togrips with the effects and tools ithelped me drastically with thecreation of my work.
  6. 6. Microsoft excelI will be using this to completemy time management, this willbe based on how long I take tocomplete each element of mymagazine. The software issimple to use but can bedifficult and complex becauseof the formatting which willaffect those who struggle touse the software. This willmake me aware of how muchtime I use on different projects.
  7. 7. Adobe illustratorI will be using this software tocombine the text with the images,the use of vectors will give theimage a fancy look, it really helpsadd movement to the image. It canbe difficult to use because of thevariety of the tools they provide.
  8. 8. Microsoft Word & PowerPointComputers will be useful for thebackup of my work. It will preventthe loss of documents, pictureand PowerPoint. I have beenusing Microsoft PowerPoint toshowcase my work, idea’s andinspirations. Examples of this is aPowerPoint on costumes for mycostumes/ props and aPowerPoint to show my idea’s ofpossible designs of my Frontcover, Contents page and Doublepage spread. I have been usingMicrosoft word to check spellingand grammar when uploadingand updating my written work.Desk top computer, this involvesa key board and a mouse.