Actors, location, costumes, props


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Actors, location, costumes, props

  2. 2. Actors Actors will be required in order to make a film trailer. After my audition I have throughouly assessed each actor and have decided the actor chosen are appropriate for the roles they will undertake, as my genre will be comedy/ action it requires confident actors who are able to perform the roles without hesitation. I will need a total of 3 character for my trailer, the two main characters are two detectives/police officers, the first character Kenroy gray(detective ken) and Reece bahia(detective carter)they are both put together as a team due to the fact that Bahias uncles daughter gets kidnapped by the triads. The triad leader Chota lunn is another main character. Following the assessment of each character I believe the performed exactly how it was written.
  3. 3. location  For my trailer, it was crucial to perform my act at the right the location, so I decided to try out few locations before I made my final decision, it was all part of trial and testing review so I can ensure my trailer is to my liking.My main location will be at Grace Academy Darlaston, I have chosen this place as they offer areas which will suit my genre, not only that they have appropriate regions which will have good effect to my trailer, after surveying each location I think this is the best in terms of making my trailer more realisitic. Other areas didn’t imapct as much so this is why I made that decision.
  4. 4. Costumes For my trailer costumes will be imperative, as the detectives will require to be smartly dressed I.e.formal suits to make them look authoritative, my other two charcters will also be smartly dressed, the costumes are important because if the costumes where casual clothing then we as a audience are unable to tell the difference between a normal person and a police officer. Money being a big part, it was necessary to use formal suits to ensure that it stay within the idea of the film. If the officers where dressed in casual clothing, it will affect the overall look of the trailer, also it will look unprofessional and it would not make sense once the trailer has been completed, so it is key to ensure that the viewer can understand who the main actors are and who other characters are who are dressed informally
  5. 5. Props As my trailer is action/ comedy My trailer will consist of many props this includes briefcases to carry money,phones and weapons such as sticks , it is important to provide the actors with the appropriate props to make it as effective as possible. All these props will be included within my trailer to ensure that it is successfully created. I will be using a stick whilst the two detectives are surrounded by the triad gang. The props included are used to ensure that the trailer looks effective as possible, the props will instantly attract attention, the props add drama, thrill and excitement, this in turn will ensure that my trailer is usccessful