Ability to refer to choices


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Ability to refer to choices

  1. 1. I will now be explaining and justifying the choices I havemade from the design and development of my cover,contents and double page spreadAbility to refer to choices
  2. 2. Where did the ideas come from? Most of my ideas came from existing magazine covers, which I was inspired by when I was doing my research and planning, I have took a lot of inspiration from Q and vibe magazine, these two magazines where two in particular because they used effective techniques to ensure they immediately attract attention, they also follow the standard conventions, following standard conventions correctly will mean your magazine cover will be accurate, in terms of positioning of titles, sub articles, bar code and images. While I was doing my research it was important that I identified key areas of the magazine that I found interesting and will help draw immediate attention. Moreover rather than sticking to one genre I decided to mix magazines and analyse each one, this will help widen my ideas when it comes to producing my own, as well as this having the feedback from fellow class mates and teacher allowed me make changes where necessary, the feedback was important as it allowed me to understand whether it suited my target audience. I also created a poll to see which magazine stood out the most, from then I was able to make key decisions regarding the conventions I followed. Overall I have used some original ideas from existing magazines with my ideas to create a unique magazine.
  3. 3. How did you incorporate or disregardconventions? In terms of conventions, I believe I have incorporated conventions very well within my magazine, I have used standard conventions which match a Bhangra/Asian style magazine, within a Bhangra magazine the standard conventions include having the title which covers the top part of the page as well as having the sub articles along the right and left side of the page and the artist is in the centre, I have used a similar convention. Moreover the colour used in these magazines are red, black and white which are the predominant colours, so this is why I have used a similar convention, it was important to have similar conventions, as it suits the genre of my magazine. However I have disregarded conventions within my magazine, this includes my main artist who is dressed in a formal shirt and tie, in a normal Asian magazine the artist, whether male or female are dressed in traditional Asian clothing known as “Sherwanis” as well as that the barcode, date/issue is often placed at the top of the page, however I have located it to the bottom of the page as it looks more effective.
  4. 4. How successful was the final outcome? Overall, after creating my magazine cover, contents and double spread I believe my outcome was successful, I think I have developed a range of skills and creativity during the creation of my magazine, having gone through the preliminary task my abilities where rather poor in comparison to my music magazine, also I am able to use the software’s required to produce a magazine comfortably. Lastly from the feedback given by peers and teacher I know what was my strong and weak point regarding the magazine.