structure of dna ph acid water soluble vitamins genetic code mutation gene allele trait importance of replication steps of replication dnap criteria of replication definition of replication amino acid pool denaturation of protein buffer base cell cycle difference between dna & rna ribosome function of dna organization of dna nucleotides nucleosides nucleic acids rna lipoprotein phospholipid anion gap parameters to check acid base status acid base balance protein metabolism digestive juices digestion lipid eicosanoids protein amino acid phenotype genome central dogma genotype thyroid function test cretinism myxedema thyroid disorders thyroid hormone synthesis thyroid hormone functions of protein structures of protein properties of protein sources of protein classification of protein peptide bond definition of protein functions of amino acid properties of amino acid classification of amino acid asymmetric carbob nomenclature of amino acid structure of amino acid leading and lagging strand replication bubble reflication fork primer molecular mechanism of replication requirements for replication base excess alkalosis acidosis hhe isotope dialysis suspension colloids crystalloids solvent solute concentration solution efa ketone body cholesterol fatty acid glycolipid tag protein turnover nitrogen balance introduction to vitamins lagging strand leading strand requirements of replication enzyme inhibition enzyme specificity cofactor coenzyme factors affecting enzyme activity classification of enzyme properties of enzyme definition of enzyme isomerism invert sugar polysaccharide oligosaccharide disaccharide monosaccharide properties of carbohydrate classification of carbohydrate definition of carbohydrate urea cycle ammonia : sources & fates deamination transamination digestion & absorption of lipid digestion & absorption of protein digestion & absorption of carbohydrate visual cycle folate trap megaloblastic anemia vs pernicious anemia fat soluble vitamins vitamins h-h equation principles of quality assurance program purpose and aims of quality assurance program quality assurance quality metaphase chromosome chromosome different types of rna hypophosphatemia hyperphosphatemia phosphate homeostasis hypocalcemia hypercalcemia calcium homeostasis hypokalemia hyperkalemia potassium homeostasis acidification of urine plasma clearance gfr hypernatremia hyponatremia sodium homeostasis diuresis volume disorders body fluid volume regulation water balance body fluid karyotype transcription post transcriptional modification translation post translational modification lipids essential fatty acids replication their compensation & correction acid base disorders arterial blood gas analysis buffers acidity bases hmp shunt gluconeogenesis tca cycle conversion of pyruvate to acetyl coa introduction to carbohydrate metabolism glycolysis introduction to metabolism digestion of proteins absorption of carbohydrates absorption of proteins digestion of carbohydrates absorption of lipids digestion of lipids local hormones of git absorption bilirubin metabolism liver function jaundice liver function tests lipoproteins serum cholesterol level metabolic fate of cholesterol cholesterol synthesis ketosis ketone bodies fatty acid oxidation lipolysis lipid's intermediary metabolism lipogenesis codon
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