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If you missed our info session, or just wanted to get a recap of what went down, here's a copy of our power point!

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  • Mention that Enactus Edmonton is a young chapter compared to other countries! We are still in the development stages!
  • Enactus InfoSession PowerPoint

    1. 1. Agenda  What is Enactus?  What can an Enactus Project look like? • Healing Camp • Financial Literacy  Competitions  Student Success Initiative  Positions Available  Our Faculty Advisors!
    2. 2. What is Enactus? Entrepreneurial Action Us Our Purpose To enable progress through entrepreneurial action. Our Commitment Commit to apply our passions and talents and ideas to impact as many lives as we can.
    3. 3. Who are We? • Worldwide network of 57,000 students in 37 countries • Community of student, academic and business leaders that uses entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. • Create and manage local and global projects
    4. 4. What can an Enactus Project look like?
    5. 5. Our Projects – Healing Camp
    6. 6. Our Projects – Financial Literacy
    7. 7. Competitions • National Competition – Showcase of how our organization is impacting communities, and enabling progress – Teams will compete across 36 cities where quality and impact of the projects will be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges – Encourage creativity and rewards results – Dynamic and Inspiring
    8. 8. World Cup • Present the results of their community outreach projects to prestigious panel of international business leaders • Done through written annual report and live audio visual presentation • International network of students, academic and business leaders
    9. 9. Student Success Program • Assist student and alumni with their professional development • Create meaningful connections with industry partners • Exclusive Student Success opportunities opening through our network of donors
    10. 10. Partners and Donors
    11. 11. Student Success Program • Awards, scholarships, and bursaries available within our network • Information sessions, workshops, networking sessions and other activities hosted by our corporate partners • "It is rare to find a program in school that gives ongoing support towards marketing yourself, as well as making crucial connections in the business community. The Student Success Initiative at ACE did exactly that and resulted in securing a challenging and rewarding career with Scotiabank." – Ransleigh Baird, Royal Roads University Alumni
    12. 12. Currently recruiting for… • Executive Leadership Positions – VP AND DIRECTOR POSITIONS • Financial Literacy – PROJECT MANAGERS – PROJECT LEADRES • Healing Camp – PROJECT MANAGERS – PROJECT LEADRES • Competitions
    13. 13. Executive Positions • VP External
    14. 14. Director Positions • Communications Director • Finance Director • Internal Director • Competitions Director • Student Success Ambassador
    15. 15. Healing Camp Positions – Project Manager – Project Members • Public Relations • Strategy Development/Implementation • Program Development
    16. 16. Financial Literacy Positions – Project Manager – Project Member • Research/Content Development • Presentations • Public Relations/Logistics – Boot Camp Committee – Logistics/Planning – Volunteers
    17. 17. Matthew Grimes • Assistant professor of Sustainability and social entrepreneurship at the University of Alberta • Completed PhD at Vanderbilt University in the field of Organizational studies with a focus on Entrepreneurship • Attended Said Business School in Oxford
    18. 18. Roy Suddaby • In the department of Strategic Management and Organization • Incoming Editor of the Academy of Management Review • On the board of advisors for the Canadian Centre of Corporate Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship
    19. 19. Why join Us? • Challenge your entrepreneurial skills • Get hands on project management experience  Writing business proposals  Getting sponsorship  Marketing your project  much more…limitless opportunities! • Participate in provincial and national competitions (This year both in Calgary!) • A better resume
    20. 20. How to Apply • Must complete this simple online form • Send in your resume to enactus@ualberta.ca • Applications and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, so it is in your best interest to apply early! – please apply by September 28th!
    21. 21. Connect with us! Enactus University of Alberta @EnactusUofA Enactus-Alberta.com Enactus@uAlberta.ca