Enabling Evolution - Twelve Coaching Myths


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Are you thinking about coaching but don't know where to start?

International coach Danielle Marchant shares the twelve myths that will stop you getting started!

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Enabling Evolution - Twelve Coaching Myths

  1. 1. Title pageChoosing a coach Sub Heading goes here… Are  you  interested  in  coaching  but  don’t  know   where  to  start?       Interna7onal  coach  Danielle  Marchant  shares   the  top  twelve  myths  that  will  stop  you  ge>ng   started!      
  2. 2. Life  is  becoming  ever  more  complex.  The  more  you   achieve,  the  more  you  want,  and  the  more  you   know  is  possible  both  at  home  and  at  work.       Yet  as  the  demands  and  rewards  of  life  grow,  it   Title page becomes  increasingly  necessary  to  have  strong   support  structures  around  you  that  enable  you  to   flourish.    Those  around  you,  your  bosses,  your   peers,  your  family,  and  your  friends  are  equally   striving  and  surviving  the  modern  era.    Whilst  they   do  their  best  to  offer  advice  and  a  listening  ear,  all   too  oKen  they  need  this  as  well.       More  and  more  people  are  turning  to  professionals  Danielle’s  coaching  skills  are  excep2onal,  she  does   Sub Heading goes here… her  work  with  such  humanity  that  I  can  trust  her   to  get  the  personal,  individualised  support  that  they   need.    As  a  result  there  are  a  myriad  of  mentors,  with  anything.     counsellors,  therapists  and  coaches  offering  a  huge     range  of  services.  I  have  been  on  an  incredible  journey  and  I  would      not  have  succeeded  without  her   Making  a  decision  can  be  overwhelming.    In  this  support. short  document  I  dispel  the  top  twelve  myths  that     may  prevent  you  from  ge>ng  started  with  a  coach.     Jane  Craig   I  hope  that  by  reading  this  you  will  be  informed  and   Custom  Learning,  Mars  University   feel  confident  to  go  out  and  choose  a  coach       who  can  help  you  to  thrive.     Enjoy! Danielle x  
  3. 3. As  a  board  level  execu7ve  coach  Danielle  has   worked  with  leaders  in  twenty  different  countries,   delivering  large  scale  transforma7onal  change   programmes  across  mul7ple  sectors.    She  was  the   MD  of  a  successful  interna7onal  coaching  company   Title page in  Asia  where  she  lived  for  three  years.         Danielle’s  style  is  warm  and  engaging  with  a   challenging  edge.    Within  the  coaching  rela7onship   she  creates  a  safe  environment  and  builds  trust   easily.    Her  natural  talent  of  understanding  what   makes  you  who  you  are  allows  Danielle  to  quickly   build  rapport  and  work  with  you  at  both  a  prac7cal   and  emo7onal  level.    Danielle  will  coach  you  beyond  Danielle  seems  to  have  a  6th  sense  in  her  coaching  which  is  very  authen2c.   Sub Heading goes here… the  boundaries  of  your  comfort  zone,  sensi7vely     suppor7ng  you  to  be  daring.    She  will  facilitate  you   to  challenge  and  stretch  yourself  whilst  connec7ng  I  came  out  with  a  far  deeper  resolu2on  to  my   you  to  yourself  more  fully.      enquiry  than  I  expected,  and  felt  more  whole  as  a      result  of  the  understanding  I  gained.       Through  deep  listening,  powerful  ques7oning  and   thoughSul  challenge  she  will  help  you  gain  clarity  of   Helen  Sanderson   purpose  and  vision,  and  support  you  to  follow  the   Design  Director,  Quiet  Room  Designs   steps  needed  to  get  there.            
  4. 4. It  certainly  is  possible  to  work  many  things  out  by   yourself  and  having  a  coach  does  not  mean  that   your  capability,  intelligence  or  ability  to  work  things   out  are  in  ques7on.    AKer  all  it  is  very  likely  you  “I should be able have  reached  this  point  in  your  life  successfully   without  having  a  coach!   Title page     to work That  said,  the  way  humans  are  designed  means  it  is   impossible  to  see  yourself  en7rely.    Whilst  you  will   everything out see  some  aspects  of  yourself,  or  a  new  challenge  or   even  a  problem  it  is  difficult  to  achieve  a  360  degree   myself” view  without  help.         Having  a  coach  is  like  having  a  living  mirror  held  up   ~ Myth One ~ to  you.    The  ques7ons  your  coach  asks  will  allow   Sub Heading goes here… you  to  generate  greater  insights  than  you  could  by   yourself.    Coaching  by  its  design  accelerates  your   ability  to  work  things  out  by  helping  you  see   yourself  and  situa7ons  more  clearly.       ~ Tip One~   Working  with  another  person  to  explore  what  you   cannot  see  is  an  insighSul  process.    It  is  also  meant   to  be  fun!    When  choosing  your  coach  consider  if   they  are  someone  who  you  would  enjoy     spending  7me  with.    
  5. 5. On  the  contrary!    Sports  people  have  been  using   coaches  for  years  to  enhance  brilliant  performance   to  enable  them  to  be  champions.       “I must have a     Whilst  it  is  human  nature  to  focus  on  weaknesses,   Title pageproblem before I coaching  does  not  have  to  be  about  “fault  fixing”.           hire a coach” Coaching  for  peak  performance  is  designed  to  help   you  understand  what  makes  you  shine  and  to   leverage  these  strengths.           ~ Myth Two ~ The  star7ng  point  for  coaching  therefore  does  not   have  to  be  a  problem  or  an  issue,  but  can  be   exploring  something  you  excel  in  and  want  to   Sub Heading goes here… extend  even  further.     ~ Tip Two ~   When  choosing  your  coach  discuss  with  them  how   they  will  support  you  to  uncover  and  enhance  your   areas  of  strength.    
  6. 6. You  may  have  a  nagging  feeling  about  something,  a   vague  sense  that  you  want  to  explore,  or  a  definite   idea  of  something  you  wish  to  change.    Whatever   “I must know your  star7ng  point  is  OK!           Title page what I want to Not  everyone  who  starts  a  coaching  rela7onship   does  so  with  the  end  in  mind,  or  with  a  clear  picture  achieve before I of  what  they  want  to  change.    This  is  where  your   coach  comes  in!           start” Your  coach’s  role  is  to  help  you  understand  the   current  landscape  and  in  partnership  with  you   explore  your  focus  for  your  7me  together.    OKen   ~ Myth Three ~ not  knowing  and  having  a  blank  canvas  is  far  more   Sub Heading goes here… fun  than  being  really  clear  at  the  start.    I  oKen  coach   people  who  are  amazed  at  how  different  the  result   was  from  the  place  they  thought  they  were  heading.     ~ Tip Three ~     Stay  curious  and  be  relaxed  with  not  knowing  where   you  are  going.    Discuss  with  your  coach  the  sense  or   feeling  you  have  -­‐  this  will  be  enough  for  you  to   begin.  
  7. 7. Living  in  this  genera7on,  in  this  7me  affords  you   many  great  privileges.    Your  life  is  undoubtedly  rich   and  full  as  a  result  of  this.    It  is  also  likely  that  you  “I don’t have time feel  squeezed  and  oKen  overwhelmed  to  fit  in  your   current  commitments,  desires  and  dreams.   Title page for coaching”     It  is  easy  to  think  that  coaching  is  just  another  thing   to  fit  in,  and  that  you  really  don’t  have  the  7me  to   do  it.    In  fact  this  mindset  is  not  uncommon.    What   ~ Myth Four ~ gets  missed  is  that  coaching  can  help  and  support   you  to  really  connect  you  to  your  desires,  help  you   focus  on  your  goals  and  enable  you  to  bring  your   dreams  to  reality.       Sub Heading goes here… Viewed  like  that  who  wouldn’t  want  a  coach!     ~ Tip Four ~     When  exploring  coaching  talk  honestly  to  your   coach  about  the  7me  commitment  that  works  for   you.    The  structure  of  your  coaching  can  be  flexible  -­‐   ask  for  what  you  want.  
  8. 8. Sadly  this  is  not  always  the  case.    Being  qualified   simply  means  that  a  person  has  done  what  is   needed  to  fulfill  certain  criteria  or  standards.    Whilst   this  can  be  useful  it  is  not  really  what  will  make  a  “A good coach is great  coach.           I  have  recruited  a  hundred  coaches  around  the   Title page a qualified globe  and  there  are  two  things  I  always  want  to   know.    The  first  is  what  has  been  their  journey  to   coach” become  a  coach.    The  second  is  what  do  they  stand   for.       ~ Myth Five ~ What  does  this  really  mean?    For  me  the  journey  is   about  their  dedica7on  and  responsibility  for  their   own  personal  growth  and  development.    What  have   they  done  to  support  their  emo7onal  growth?    Who   Sub Heading goes here… is  their  coach  or  supervisor?    What  they  stand  for  is   about  their  purpose  in  life,  their  vision  for   themselves  in  the  world  and  their  connec7on  to   their  values.    I  want  to  know  who  they  are  beyond   their  cer7fica7on  and  so  should  you!     ~ Tip Five~  In  your  chemistry  mee7ng  go  beyond  the   qualifica7on  and  explore  what  personal   development  has  your  coach  completed.    What   supervision  do  they  have,  and  what  do  they  really   stand  for?  
  9. 9. Vulnerability  builds  trust  and  trust  creates  peak   performance.    It  is  easy  to  see  why  again  and  again   if  you  ask  someone  what  the  cri7cal  element  of   their  coaching  rela7onship  was  they  will  say  trust.  “I must meet my     You  may  be  the  kind  of  person  who  trusts  easily;   Title page alterna7vely  you  may  be  someone  who  believes  coach in person trust  is  to  be  earned.    Either  way  there  is  no  ge>ng   away  from  it,  trust  is  crucial  to  successful  coaching.   to build trust”     As  a  result  I  hear  people  worldwide  say  again  and   again  that  they  must  meet  their  coach  in  person.     ~ Myth Six ~ Fundamentally  this  is  not  true.    It  is  equally  possible   to  build  trust  with  a  person  on  the  telephone  or  via   Skype.    I  have  global  clients  in  far  flung  corners  of   the  world  who  I  never  meet.    One  client  worked   Sub Heading goes here… with  me  for  over  two  years  before  we  met.    Trust   and  rapport  are  essen7al  and  a  masterful  coach  will   be  able  to  partner  you  to  create  safety  through   mul7ple  mediums.     ~ Tip Six ~ If  you  have  found  a  coach  in  a  different  geography   to  yours,  don’t  let  this  stop  you  have  a  remote   chemistry  mee7ng.    Who  knows  your  ins7nct  could   be  leading  you  to  just  the  right  coach  for  you!  
  10. 10. If  you  want  to  select  a  mentor  then  industry  or  role   experience  would  be  essen7al  as  a  mentor  will  need   to  bring  this  to  the  rela7onship.    In  coaching  where   “A coach must you  are  partnering  with  another  person  to  draw  out   new  insights  industry  experience  is  not  necessary.   Title pagehave experience     A  coach’s  role  is  to  work  with  the  individual  on  the  in my industry” areas  and  topics  of  their  coach.    As  such  a  coach   needs  to  be  flexible,  responsive  and  adaptable  to   whatever  the  client  wants  to  discuss.    That  is  their   job!       ~ Myth Seven ~ I  believe  people  want  to  select  coaches  who  have   similar  industry  experience  as  it  helps  them  believe   Sub Heading goes here… that  they  are  understood  by  their  coach.    A  good   coach  will  be  able  to  understand  you  whatever  their   background  or  experience.     ~ Tip Seven ~ Don’t  be  afraid  to  branch  out  when  choosing  a   coach!    Building  a  partnership  where  you  bring  two   different  backgrounds  and  industries  can  lead  to   really  exci7ng  and  innova7ve  coaching   conversa7ons.  
  11. 11.  Above  all  else  I  believe  it  is  essen7al  for  you  to   choose  a  coach  who  you  feel  connected  with.         There  are  many  types  of  coaches  available,  “I need to choose execu7ve  coaches,  life  coaches,  career  coaches,   business  coaches,  wri7ng  coaches  the  list  is  endless.     Title page When  you  are  searching  for  a  coach  I  would  suggest   the right type of you  cast  your  net  widely.    Talk  to  friends  who  have   had  coaching,  ask  your  peers  about  their   coach” experiences  and  spend  some  7me  on  Google.           At  this  stage  having  a  list  of  “right”  criteria  such  as:   similar  industry  background,  lives  in  your  town,  is   ~ Myth Eight ~ senior  to  you  or  younger  than  you,  male,  female  is   really  restric7ng.    Instead  let  your  ins7ncts  guide   you  and  then  set  up  several  chemistry  mee7ngs.     Sub Heading goes here… You  won’t  know  if  you  connect  un7l  you  have   spoken  to  them  either  on  the  phone,  on  Skype  or   met  in  person.     ~ Tip Eight ~ Coaches  are  used  to  being  in  a  “pool”  when  people   are  choosing  a  new  coach  to  work  with.    Be  open   and  let  them  know  you  are  talking  to  several   people.    This  will  make  it  easier  for  you  to  tell  them   if  they  weren’t  the  coach  you  decided  to  work  with.  
  12. 12. Simply  put  coaching  is  a  dialogue  between  two   people.    It  isn’t  any  more  complicated  than  that.     Remember  that  your  coach  is  a  “living  mirror”  help   “I need to you  obtain  a  360  degree  view  of  yourself,  a  new   challenge  or  a  problem  that  you  face.    It  is  a   Title pageunderstand the partnership  between  two  people  where  the  coach   will  use  their  experience  to  help  you  draw  out  science behind insights  and  new  understanding.       There  isn’t  a  science  behind  the  coaching  process  coaching first” although  some  coaches  may  draw  upon  different   methodologies  such  as  Transac7onal  Analysis,   Neuro-­‐Linguis7c  Programme  (NLP)  or  Cogni7ve   ~ Myth Nine ~ Behavioural  therapy  (CBT)  for  instance,  you  won’t   Sub Heading goes here… even  no7ce  that  this  is  happening.    For  you  the   experience  will  be  of  a  thought  provoking,   interes7ng,  some7mes  challenging  conversa7on   that  stretches  you  to  see  and  understand  things   differently.         ~ Tip Nine ~   When  choosing  a  new  coach  do  ask  them  about   their  preferred  methodology  and  what  this  means   for  the  way  in  which  you  will  work  together.    
  13. 13. As  a  coach  myself  I  tend  to  steer  clear  of  coaching   people  who  are  very  close  to  me!    Generally   speaking  your  friends  and  family  are  not  the  best  “My family and people  to  coach  you.    They  hold  views,  stories  and   perspec7ves  about  you  that  will  colour  or  cloud  the   Title page friends can way  they  respond  to  you.    Addi7onally  they  may   have  an  agenda  (consciously  or  unconsciously)  that   coach me” can  unduly  influence  their  posi7on.       Having  a  coach  gives  you  a  completely  safe,   confiden7al  space  where  you  are  free  to  discuss  the   ~ Myth Ten ~ important  things  in  your  life  in  a  focused  way.         Remember  coaching  is  designed  to  draw  out   Sub Heading goes here… insights  and  help  you  understand  yourself  or  a   situa7on  more  clearly.    Unless  they  are  a  coach  (in   which  case  I  suggest  you  set  clear  boundaries  about   the  coaching  process)  most  of  your  friends  and   family  are  unlikely  to  have  honed  the  skills  required   to  do  this  gracefully!     ~ Tip Ten~ For  clarity  and  objec7ve  perspec7ves  find  a  coach   who  is  outside  of  your  circle  of  friends  and  family.  
  14. 14. This  is  a  surprisingly  big  worry  for  a  lot  of  people.    In   par7cular  people  who  really  want  the  coaching   process  to  work  and  are  afraid  of  le>ng  their  coach   down  or  somehow  failing  with  their  coaching   “I am experience.       In  my  view  (and  I  have  worked  with  hundreds  of   Title pageun-coachable” people)  no-­‐one  is  uncoachable  and  that  includes   you.      You  may  be  afraid  or  unsure  but  you  are  not   uncoachable.       ~ Myth Eleven ~ It  is  a  joint  responsibility  between  you  and  your   coach  to  build  a  partnership  that  enables  the   coaching  process  to  be  successful.    Of  course  if  you   don’t  turn  up  to  your  coaching  sessions  then  you   are  going  to  be  difficult  to  coach.       Sub Heading goes here…   Apart  from  that  all  that  is  needed  is  to  show  up  and   hold  a  degree  of  curiousity  and  interest  in  your   session.    The  rest  will  take  care  of  itself.     ~ Tip Eleven~   Give  yourself  and  coaching  a  chance  -­‐  you  might   surprise  yourself!  
  15. 15. The  American  Society  for  Training  and  Development   states  that:       “Coaching The  probability  of  achieving  a  goal  is:       Title page doesn’t 10%  if  you  hear  an  idea       work” 40%  if  you  decide  you  will  do  it       50%  if  you  make  a  plan  to  do  it       65%  if  you  commit  to  someone  else  you  will  do  it  ~ Myth Twelve ~     95%  if  you  have  a  specific  accountability   Sub Heading goes here… appointment  with  the  person  you  have  commi9ed   to.     ~ Tip Twelve ~ Get  a  coach  and  enjoy  the  journey!  
  16. 16. Danielle  is  an  intui7ve  coach  and  has  been  working   with  individuals,  organisa7ons  and  coaches  around   the  world  for  nearly  twenty  years.         Her  talent  lies  in  helping  you  connect  more  deeply   Title page with  your  life  purpose.    Danielle  provides  an  oasis  of   calm  in  an  ever  increasingly  fast-­‐paced  world.    She   offers  a  place  for  you  to  be  s7ll,  to  dream  and  to   create.         Danielle  is  passionate  about  helping  you  restore   your  rela7onship  to  yourself  and  others.    She   believes  that  coaching  is  a  unique  and  in7mate   journey  that  you  take  with  yourself,  the  des7na7on   Ive  had  many  coaches  over  the  years,  both   Sub Heading goes here… business  and  personal  and  I  can  say  Danielle  is   unknown.     one  of  the  most  professional,  present,  giving  and   She  works  using  her  intui7on,  feelings  and  felt  sense   nurturing  coaches  Ive  ever  worked  with.     rather  than  goals,  models  and  theories.    She  helps       you  to  explore  your  inner  world  as  you  weave  an   Russell  James   in7mate  pathway  back  to  your  deeper  self.       Owner,  The  Raw  Chef          
  17. 17. www.enablingevolution.com