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Mixed	  Mobility	  in	  the	  City	  Gus	  	     	     	  Ian	   	      	     	  Ross	     	     	  Uni	   	     	     	  ...
Who	  is	  Gus?	    Gus:	  	     Early	  30s,	  journalist,	  works	    	             at	  home.	  Goes	  to	  local	     ...
Going	  out:	  	                   have	  to	  plan	  day	                   and	  reach	  staging	                       ...
1.	     2.	  3.	     4.	  
Mixed	  Mobility	  Device	  	  Saves	  Energy	  	  Longer	  Distances	  	  Access	  buildings	  	  MulPple	  uses	  
Mixed Mobility Presentation
Mixed Mobility Presentation
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Mixed Mobility Presentation


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Enabled by Design-athon 2012: Mixed Mobility

Published in: Design
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Mixed Mobility Presentation

  1. 1. Mixed  Mobility  in  the  City  Gus        Ian        Ross      Uni        Becky    Rachel      Larissa  
  2. 2. Who  is  Gus?   Gus:     Early  30s,  journalist,  works     at  home.  Goes  to  local   shops.  Orders  main  shop   online.  Loves  Chelsea  and   football.    Has  MS   prime  of  life  disease  (20  –  50)   affects  the  central  nervous  system  (such  as   coordinaPon,  motor  and  sight  ability)     Fluctuates  with  variable  condiPon   Variable  –  affects  people  differently   FluctuaPng  –  condiPon  changes  during  the  day  
  3. 3. Going  out:     have  to  plan  day   and  reach  staging   10  –  15  minute   posts   walk  to  staPon   Go  up  stairs  to   plaVorm  Use  of  exisPng  aids   Walking  sPck:   Wheelchair:   Only  provides  balance   Not  portable.   aid.     Added  layer  of   Not  good  for  faPgue.   disability.   FluctuaPng  faPguing  health  condiPon  
  4. 4. 1.   2.  3.   4.  
  5. 5. Mixed  Mobility  Device    Saves  Energy    Longer  Distances    Access  buildings    MulPple  uses