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enKonversations - Interactive Marketing


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enKonversations - Interactive Marketing

  1. 1. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh I am the best… I am no.1 Buy me
  2. 2. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  3. 3. …So lets find out • The qualities of good conversation. • How to Start a good conversation? • How to engage your consumers in a great conversation? Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  4. 4. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  5. 5. Appeal to consumer’s Wants Needs Desires Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh Consumer
  6. 6. …because the consumer today Not only consumes Products & services but… Experiences Information Relationships Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  7. 7. Make him aware Get him to TRY And He will advocate Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  8. 8. Control the conversation • How you talk, really counts… • You cant stop what people are thinking and saying about your brand • But you can influence the consumer and can control what’s being said. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  9. 9. And finally you must know… The Best conversation is importantly about Listening & Reciprocating Networking Learning Giving Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  10. 10. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  11. 11. One quality without which you cant be a great storyteller •Ability of creating a different story every time •Narrating a same story differently each time Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  12. 12. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  13. 13. For establishing a conversation you need to reach your consumers. The two ways to reach your TG on one - on - one basis are : On Ground On Line Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  14. 14. Events Social Media Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh Consumer
  15. 15. And the best is… EVENTS On ground SOCIAL MEDIA Online Interactive Marketing Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  16. 16. WHY? Interactive Marketing EVENTS Marketing Touch & Feel experience Sampling opportunity Social Media/Internet Marketing Quick Response Wide Reach One –to-One conversation with the TG Measurable Results Low cost per contact Maintains Long term relations Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  17. 17. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  18. 18. Why Conversations? • Conversations bring a great deal of authenticity and transparency to the brand. • It gives a personal touch, converse in a very humane voice. • Conversations occur between people and are filled with emotion. • No-one will engage in a conversation with a faceless corporation. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  19. 19. We can help You To add value to the multitude of conversations going on across the globe. To better engage in meaningful and relevant conversations. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  20. 20. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh