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42629 - lecture 10 - pitch training


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Pitch training - Venture Cup

Published in: Education, Business
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42629 - lecture 10 - pitch training

  1. 1. THEPITCH DTU – Innovation & Product Development April 10th 2012
  2. 2. AGENDA• Inputs on how to do a pitch - What do you tell them? - How do you tell them?• Pitch session 1: Your 5 min. pitch - Team 1-7• Pitch session 2: Your 5 min. pitch - Team 8-14
  3. 3. WHYBOTHER?The purpose:• Create curiosity and interest• Set up more meetingsSo it should…• Give a clear description of your idea• Tell how you are going to make money• Where are you and what are your next steps?• Sell the idea through a good story
  5. 5. Introduction • Opening slide/logo - Introduce yourself - The essence of your business idea in one sentence
  6. 6. PRODUCT/SERVICE • Background: Problem & customer pain • Business idea: The pain killer - How does your idea address this pain (in a new way)? - Why is this solution better than the competitors’? - Value proposition / Unique selling point • Idea Protection
  7. 7. MARKET&CUSTOMER• Market: - Description and size - Geography - Expected market growth• Customer: - Who is your typical customer? - Is your user your buyer? - What is your segment?
  8. 8. BUSINESSMODEL• How will you make money? - Fixed product price, subscription, after sale and service, device and disposables• Expected price• Expected turnover per year
  9. 9. IMPLEMENTATION&STATUS• Timeline: - Where are you now? - What are your further steps? - Important milestones• Resources needed• Exit strategy?
  10. 10. THETEAM• Your competencies• Responsibilities• Plan to reinforce team in the future?
  12. 12. THREERULESOFTHUMB First tell them what you are going to tell them Tell them Then tell them what you told them
  13. 13. THEINTRODUCTION• The crucial opening: Catch their ATTENTION• Generate INTEREST• Make the listener UNDERSTAND
  14. 14. HOWDOYOUTELL?• Smile, eye contact, enthusiasm• Be prepared• Talk slowly and clearly• Stand still (but not too still…)• Use pictures, quotes, statistics, examples
  15. 15. POWERPOINT• Keep it simple 1: Bullet points etc• Use visuals• Check the quality• Keep it simple 2: Clear visual identity• Rehearse
  16. 16. SUMMARIZE Know your PRODUCT, AUDIENCE and GOAL Make them understand the BUSINESS Generate DESIRE
  18. 18. CONTACTINFO Venture Cup Mikkel Sørensen Copenhagen Office Regional Manager Howitzvej 60, 1st floor T: +45 31321390 2000 Frederiksberg E: