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Gradle by Example


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An introduction to core concepts in Gradle by writing a small Java project. Repo:

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Gradle by Example

  1. 1. Gradle by example Desert Code Camp 2016.1 Eric Wendelin
  2. 2. Eric Wendelin @eriwen
  3. 3. About Gradle Live Coding Next Steps Q & A Agenda
  4. 4. About Gradle
  5. 5. Build Automation Tool
  6. 6. Build Automation Tool Compiles code Runs tests Assembles docs Packages and runs applications Performs Deployments ... among other things
  7. 7. Fast, flexible build automation tool Build scripts are code Convention-based Projects and Tasks Gradle In Brief
  8. 8. How Gradle is familiar
  9. 9. How Gradle is familiar Build Scripts are code Task based Project based Convention over configuration Plugins
  10. 10. How Gradle is unique
  11. 11. How Gradle is unique Flexible conventions Gradle Daemon Gradle Wrapper Composite Builds Build Scans
  12. 12. Gradle Daemon
  13. 13. Live Coding
  14. 14. But wait! There's more!
  15. 15. Bundled Plugins Platforms Java, Groovy, Scala, Play!, Native Analysis Checkstyle, JaCoCo, PMD, FindBugs and more...
  16. 16. Community Plugins Languages Python, JS, Go, Clojure, ... Tools Bintray, Docker, Git, ... and more...
  17. 17. Next Steps
  18. 18. Next Steps
  19. 19. Q & A
  20. 20. @eriwen Thank You Eric Wendelin