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Restaurant Management System - eKOT


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eKOT is the most comprehensive Restaurant Management System. Can by synced with both Android and iPhone Tablets.

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Restaurant Management System - eKOT

  1. 1. " l. . /31 ilfw-»'J? “: R . ‘. - fie Le’? ‘ 2 4.3.; l rgéfrrm M? ’ e. l»~
  2. 2. Introduction - e-KOT is a proven system which is running successfully. It has capability to connect all the Restaurant in chain through internet to assimilate data. - e-KOT is a complete Restaurant Management System e N with _ RESTAURANT’ MANAGEMENT’ SYSTEM Faster Execution Better Customer Experience Pilfer Proof System Less Man Power Required Lower Costs Online Management Control corrtdrtlnpemvlqotech tom l www emvlqotech com
  3. 3. eKOT The Customer has different choices for ordering: - Pursue a Physical Menu Card and place the order to a Captain. - Pursue a Interactive Menu on Tablet and Place the order to a Captain. - Pursue a Interactive Menu on Tablet and Place the order himself on Tablet corvldctlrpemvlqotech com l wwwemvlqotecltcorn un ‘A I s ’. “‘“
  4. 4. eKOT - The Tablet Ordering System has the Captain taking the Order on Tablet. 0 The Captain repeats the order to the customer and wait for the confirmation - A Button on the Tablet is pressed and the order is placed to the Kitchen - Till the Order is fulfilled in the Kitchen, the Walter does not need to know anything about the Order. - No Paper or Verbal Communication between the Captain, Waiter and Kitchen and Billing Counter. - The Captain can include remarks like Non — Spicy, less sugar - Orders are placed in the respective Kitchen depending upon the Orders. corrtactlmenlvlqoterh com l www emvlqotech com
  5. 5. eKOT Orders are taken on Smart Pone / Tablet by Captain or directly by customer. The Kitchens are equipped with Monitor where the Barker receives the Order contact@emvigotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com
  6. 6. eKOT On the Smart Phone / Tablet , the Captain or customer has entered 4 items which were ordered on Table Number 1. in the Kitchen the order will display. The Barker will Press BLUE TEXT (Marked with Table Numberl on the Screen) on the Monitor. ERNIE; 8/11/2013 16:18 1 Ramlsh 2 145.0 New Order MMLHQ I/11/2013 15:53 1 motion 5 430.0 Dollvorld L contart viqoterh cum l www er‘rrvlqote<, h com
  7. 7. eKOT Now the Items which were entered by the Captain or Customer will display on the Screen for the Barker. [Vllcllen] Home Show Orders Logout Dtsillsfluhk 8/11/2013 16:1! 1 Rarrlosh 2 Ntwordor Send .7’bc 7BdJJa 3 5c 1 Ramcsh B/11/2013 I CN4O Fruit salad wtth Ice Cream I 5.-aces; - save 2 CN39 Fruit Jelly with ice Cream I New 065' v save contact@emvlgotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com
  8. 8. eKOT The Barker will decide that Soup are to be Served first, and the Main Course followed by dessert later. The dishes that are to be server later are selected. Finally, he presses the delivered Button. v [kitchen] Home Show Order: Logout Zhiflsfliilafis Ilttllotl I6:Il 2 Ramosh 2 New Order Send I CN40 Fruit salad with ice cream I 2 CN39 Fruit Jolly with ice Cream I contact@emvlgotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com
  9. 9. eKOT Now the Screen shows that there are dishes to be called out by the Barker, but there is still time to do it. This is signified by the delivered status. The above screen windows, shows the dishes that are under preparation. After a while, the Waiter assigned to Table no 1 asks the Barker what is ready for Table no i. The Barker depresses the current status. Show Order: lm£lsI.; !&s 8/11/2013 16:15 2 Raine-sh 2 145.0 New Order Ibx; ZM. lJdca I/ II/7.013 I5:53 I rnohan 5 435.0 Delivered Clrckflau .7bc73d. lJdce 1 rnohan llll/2013 1 CN24 Sliced Chicken CHI“ 1 Z20.0/- 220.00/- DHIVOVIG 1 CNS! Special mall I oo. or- so. oo/ - Delivered 1 CNN Com Tlkkt I 75.0I~ 75.00i'~ Delivered 4 CH2! Banana 1 1J.0l- 23.m/ - Dollvorod s cuss veg. spring Rolls 1 oo. or- 6o. oo/ - Daltvorad contact@emvlgotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com
  10. 10. eKOT The Window now shows the two item to be delivered. If the item are ready, the Waiter takes them for delivery and Barker presses the UPDATE button. (If they are not ready. he select "Process" status form drop—down list. ) r [Mzcnew] Home Show Order: Logout 8/H1101! 16:18 1 Runosh 2 NOW Order Sana 1 CN40 Fruit Sllld with ltd Cream 1 I 5.': »cé‘.5 - save 2 CN39 Fruit Jolly with In Cram 1 New One: - save New 0'26! °'otésa ‘us contact@emvigotech. com I www. emvigotech. com
  11. 11. - fl : xi eKOT The Barker checks that the Dishes are ready and the Waiter takes the delivery to the Customer. {_" us "‘z"o_{, = Wig? ‘ . .iv‘ -t-iIIt»l1(1:64:il’i{3i'il= &4u1-iii '. 'a't'i'. 'K'—. ni'i[9t-i(=4in-(-iii
  12. 12. eKOT Now that the Items are delivered, the Barker can now announce that all the dish is to be prepared. Cashier can see all order that is delivered , under-process or delivered with total amount and quantity. It-4; / Y-<1JJ i. ‘. -< ’ 8/11/2013 I6:i3 2 Rlmesh 1 145.0 New Order / bi / l’-«lJJi1e'v> 8/HIZOIS I515} I mohan 5 433,0 Delivered Cl-rt . ‘~lh' 1 1 . i - I CN57. Special Chili I 60 Olt 60.0005 Delivered 3 CN64 Corn Tlkkl I 75 0I- 75.0035 Delivered 4 OH. ) Blunt 1 13 0/ 23.00% Delivered 5 CN51 Veg. Spring Rolls I 60 Ol 60.00i’- Delivered 1-int‘-intilitlliI'iQi-i1:(4u-(viii '. 'a'ri'. 'I4'-1iu'ilg1-il: :Iia--(-in
  13. 13. eKOT Allorders are rapidly fulfilled without the need for a written KOT, this is fully automated system, which can work properly without any Waiter or man-power. All tables are given Equal Precedence for fulfillment of their order ensuring Customer Satisfaction. (0nld(I’K7l(‘l'I'lVl(]0ll, ’l' ii LON) l WWW t’fTlVlql’)lk‘(, h LOT“
  14. 14. eKOT The Takeaway sections work in a similar manner with a slight difference. Here the bills are prepared first, both copies are given to the cashier and Customer. On making the bill, the order is relayed to the Kitchen. . , . 0 . ' < ‘. ‘‘. :.t*. 144. 5;. . Order Information ltwll’-d. i! i, '~r 0/11/2013 16:18 2 Ramesh 2 145.0 New Order . /Dr, /.-‘id»! Jd' : - 8/11/Z01] I515! I mohen 5 433.0 Delivered ‘; |iv. UJ-‘t-: . .; Lg. ‘ . ._': _' I mohan 8/11/2013 1 CN24 Sliced Chicken Chi 1 2Z0.0/- 22°. (X)i’- Delivered 1 CN51 Special Ihali I 60.0/- 60.00/r Delivered 3 CN64 Corn Tikki I 7S.0l- 75 003 Delivered 4 CNZ3 Banana I 23.0I- 23.00i'- Delivered 5 CNSI Veg. Spring Rolls I 60.0I~ 60.0033 Delivered 1-iait-lntila‘4iii'iQi-i1::4uie-iii '. 'a'. 'i'. 'A'-1iii'ilg1-it: -in-l-iii
  15. 15. Special feature in Next version of e-KOT Push Notification Push notifications let your application notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using your application. On Android devices, when a device receives a push notification, your application's icon and a message appear in the status bar. When the user taps the notification, they are sent to your application. Notifications can be broadcast to all users, . such as for a marketing campaign, or sent to just a subset of n55‘rAuRAN1‘ MANAGEMENT 5y§r§M users, to give personalized information. Now a day's all company and organization using Push—Notification to amplify business. -i-iiitain(G3:= iuu'ii: i-’It: i-iiriq-in~ '. '-w. ':i-—iiivllsl-i<= i-iin-i-in~
  16. 16. e-KOT menu list for tablet contact@emvigotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com am: Il'I'.
  17. 17. e-KOT Click on add Button customer can add desire menu item, Here four Category Starters, Today's SPL, Mains, Dessert. ’. l.Illl'V §a= _I: a=_v§’é'§! inalnunnnd 2 contact@emvigotech. com I www. emvlgotech. com
  18. 18. e-KOT The List of Order selected by Customer is now shown by click on my order button on Right Upper comer. Vl31tIvI1 0:: kn 9.. -n ‘. '1I| fit! U1?Lill| 'ibl'llL(4Ill'lIl '. 'i't'i'. 'I('-iiii'ilgt-l: :ii--(-in
  19. 19. - The system is highly efficient and extremely User - Friendly where within few minutes anyone can be trained to operate it. ° Several reports are available for MIS purposes including Sales on Daily, weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. Reports can be generated on Table, Captain, Waiter, Barker and outlets basis. e ° Report can be visible on-the-fly by Manager on , highest "“'“"“"' ”""“°‘"‘"'5""‘“ selling product . least selling product on tablet-wise , waiter- wise , outlet-wise on daily , weekly. monthly , yearly basis for better BI purpose. coritartiipemviqotcth tom 1 www entviqoteciicorn
  20. 20. Contact: Sanjay K Menon +91 9809877777 Emvigo Technologies Pvt Ltd, 4th Floor, Nila Building, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum THANK YOU emvigo contact@emvigotech. com I www. emvigotech. com