The Killers- Columbine FULL


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SLT 2012 - Columbine Project

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The Killers- Columbine FULL

  1. 1. Opening Statement“We are convinced that the only way to truly honor all of thevictims of this and other related tragedies is to move clearly and methodically toward an understanding of why they occur…” – Susan and Tom Klebold Columbine will forever stain history as a tragic and devastating event. The killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboldwere too quickly labeled by the media; taking the easiest andquickest assumption of the “revenge seeking goths”. In orderto comprehend their motives, one must first understand eachboy as an individual. Although both Eric and Dylan committed the same crime, their reasons for murder are traceable through their personalities, past, and are revealed to be starkly different.
  2. 2. Warning Signs The inability for teens to withhold information- showing off, asking for help, Freudian slips Social isolation – confined to their rooms alone Behavioral changes – depression vs psychopathy Outlets of emotion – journal entries
  3. 3. Emily’s Family
  4. 4. “How did you not see it coming?”Loving, normal parents“Dylan had made parenting easy”Eric’s therapyHow much can you expect them to know?83% believe that the parents are responsible- 6 months after the attack
  5. 5. Thirteen Years Later What we now know- depression and psychopathy The parents were always around Sympathy for the parents- What they’ve gone through  “The most lonely people on the planet” The O magazine interview
  6. 6. Dylan’s Motives Loved explosions and the water – …”what a glorious escape.” Uniqueness equated loneliness - …”go to school, be scared & nervous, hoping that people accept me.” Seeker – “one man in search of answers” Attempted to feel superior like Eric – “My wrath for Januarys incident will be godlike.”
  7. 7. Dylan’s Motives Theft showed unscrupulous nature – Eric’s influence Notebook expressed feelings of “alienation”  Contributed to depression  Why he grappled on to Eric
  8. 8. Eric’s Motives Expressed his outrage and frustration towards inferiors Established his lasting superiority Enjoyment, thrill, hate Natural selection  “show them who is god” “I want to leave a lasting impression on the world”
  9. 9. A Friendship No one knows exactly how their friendship started The leader and the follower Why Dylan needed Eric  What Matt Stone has to say about Columbine and about school in general
  10. 10. Eric’s Criminal Development Vandalism o Targeted houses of those he thought were inferior o Oct 21,1997-Broke into lockers at school Petty Theft o Rental Signs Felony Theft o Jan 30, 1998-Broke into van Murder o April 26,1998-Outlined attack on a high school
  11. 11. Psychopathy – What is it? A personality disorder in which a person displays antisocial and impulsive behavior, disregard forsocietal standards, and no signs of fear or guilt.
  12. 12. Psychopathy Psychopaths are not loners. They put forward a confident, “in control” façade. They appear normal They go for the extra-ordinary look
  13. 13. “Charming, but Callous” When someone catches a psychopath doing something reckless, they have the ability to talk their way out of it, and place the blame on someone else. Due to their comfort with lying, they can pass lie detector tests. When caught stealing or doing something violent, many blame it on amnesia, temporary insanity, multiple personality disorder or blackouts to justify the crime.
  14. 14. Psychopathy When someone asks a psychopath a direct question, they might sneakily evade the answer, by providing responses, that don’t directly answer the question and bring the conversation somewhere else. In many instances, when caught, they plead sympathy and promise to change, but use the fragile partner as a means of getting ahead and getting stronger.
  15. 15. Conclusion Eric’s psychopathy and Dylan’sdepression weren’t ignored, they just went unnoticed. As a nation we continue to struggle with the motives behind the killing spree, and we must come to understand that there is no one to blame but the killers themselves for this tragic event.